2021 Archive

April 2021
Date Title
Apr 8 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 10
Apr 7 Sanders' open theism historical considerations Pt. 2
Apr 6 John Sanders on open theism's historical considerations
Apr 5 Canadian Polish pastor kicks out the covid cops
Apr 2 Microscopy Today: Still-soft blood clots from six dinosaurs!
Apr 1 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 9
March 2021
Date Title
Mar 31 Homosexual child molester Michael Jackson is guilty, and so are all his fans
Mar 30 Secret Recording of Bob Enyart talking to Mormons
Mar 29 An Edouard Tahmizian dialogs with Bob Enyart
Mar 26 Alan Bunning: Liberals and Atheists No Longer Control Our Greek Text
Mar 25 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 8
Mar 24 The Muslim who Murdered Ten in Boulder's King Soopers
Mar 23 Linda the Anthropologist Supports Killing
Mar 22 A Hero to Conservatives Brought to Tears Considering Christ
Mar 19 the covid, a molecular biologist, and an rna vaccine
Mar 18 ThThurs: Epistle to the Colossians Pt 11
Mar 17 2021's Nicer than God Pt. 2
Mar 16 New Book By Leading Social Justice Warrior Pope Francis
Mar 15 Dr. Michael Brown on the Absurdity of Sex-Change
Mar 12 Dr. Paul Giem Grades the RSR 14c Report
Mar 11 ThThurs: Epistle to the Colossians Pt 10
Mar 10 Will Duffy's God & Time Debate Debrief
Mar 9 2021's Nicer than God (aka BethanyChristian & GracePointe ShortCuts ToHell)
Mar 8 KGOV Gender Commission Issues Final Report
Mar 5 RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 4
Mar 4 ThThurs: The Book of Daniel Pt 6
Mar 3 LifeSiteNews reports on DBC's 95 covid theses; CNN reports on Mr. Potato Head
Mar 2 Bob's Criticism Sent to Hyatt; and Will Duffy's Debate Next Tuesday!
Mar 1 Will Duffy to Debate & Bob Thanks All for the Telethon!
February 2021
Date Title
Feb 26 RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 3
Feb 25 Did BEL Kill a Nat'l Conservative Movement in 2010?
Feb 25 ThThurs: The Book of Daniel Pt 5
Feb 24 Bad bad news for the Dems, and good news for us...
Feb 23 Standing Bear is a person says God and DBC's Attorney
Feb 22 95 Theses Nailed to the DBC Doors to Jeffco Health Dept
Feb 19 RSR's List of 14c Everywhere It's Not Supposed to Be Pt. 2
Feb 18 Using Google Against Google (They left their backdoor open!)
Feb 18 ThThurs: 1 John Pt. 7
Feb 17 All "Hell-on-Earth" Rejoicing Over Rush's Death
Feb 16 Reminder: It's Not Always Wrong to Criminalize Opposition
Feb 15 What Should Ravi Zacharias' Board Members Do Now?
Feb 12 Carbon-14 Everywhere It Shouldn't Be = Young Earth
Feb 11 LifeSiteNews canceled, Larry Flynt canceled
Feb 11 ThThurs: 1 John Pt. 6
Feb 10 Impeachment, the Declaration, and the Bible Too
Feb 9 Impeachment, the Declaration, and the Bible
Feb 8 Did Bob just do a Super Bowl LV show without mentioning Brady?
Feb 5 Yet Another Squeeze: Animal Intelligence Squeezes Darwinism
Feb 4 Boomerang: Bob's atty returns a complaint to the Jeffco health dept
Feb 4 ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 9
Feb 3 State police respond to Abolitionist riot and insurrection at Idaho capitol. Or maybe not....
Feb 2 Why's iHeartRadio interested in BEL Burning OJ's Memorabilia?
Feb 1 "Required Guidelines" says the State of Colorado
January 2021
Date Title
Jan 29 RSR Meets a Platypus
Jan 28 ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 8
Jan 27 Former VP Joe Biden on Equity; Dennis Prager on 'omos
Jan 26 National Guardsmen in D.C. are Props of the Dems
Jan 25 Dom Enyart at the March: Let's Give the Pro-aborts Something to Cry About
Jan 22 Population Genetics Expert Explains the Darwin-Slaying Science
Jan 21 ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 7
Jan 20 Slow News Day... No, No News Day... No, Dead News Day
Jan 19 "Heretic" guy Pt. 2
Jan 18 Hearing out the guy who called Bob a heretic
Jan 15 Cancel Culture at NIH and their Target on RSR
Jan 14 ThThursday - Deuteronomy Pt. 7
Jan 13 Bob Puts BEL in QAnon Sights
Jan 12 Cancel Culture at NIH and their Troublemaker on BEL
Jan 11 Second-hand Cancel Culture
Jan 8 Major creation group extends olive branch to Walt Brown's supporters
Jan 7 ThThursday - Deuteronomy Pt. 6
Jan 6 Trump and Bob Make the Case for Election Fraud
Jan 5 "Can I get an Amen?" Enyart starts where Shapiro and Walsh end.
Jan 4 Does God Have Time for Crazy Theologians?
Jan 1 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation