2021 Archive

December 2021
Date Title
Dec 31 The Painful Truth about the Emancipation Proclamation
Dec 30 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt.5
Dec 29 How the Flesh is like Gravity
Dec 28 Which of These Things is Not Like the Other
Dec 27 Leftys, Lawyers & Loons
Dec 24 The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 23 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt.4
Dec 22 10 Reasons Why Libs Hate the Holidays - From SUVs to Christmas Trees
Dec 21 Ray Comfort: The Atheist Delusion on RSR
Dec 20 Bob Debates Pro-Abort Peggy Loonan Pt. 3
Dec 17 Atheists Can’t Sink Noah’s Ark
Dec 16 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt.6
Dec 15 Student Loan Debt and Non-Prophecies
Dec 14 Destroying Feminism Pt. 1: Feminists Hate Men
Dec 13 Bob Debates Pro-Abort Peggy Loonan Pt. 2
Dec 10 Dinosaurs as Carnivores, No Problem!
Dec 9 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt.5
Dec 8 Pain is Healthy
Dec 7 Yes Peggy, the Bible DOES Condemn Abortion… Obviously…
Dec 6 Bob Debates Pro-Abort Peggy Loonan
Dec 3 Time is Absolute Pt 2
Dec 2 ThThurs: Ruth Pt. 6
Dec 1 The Four Loves
November 2021
Date Title
Nov 30 Don’t Let Notre-Dame be Woker-Dame
Nov 29 CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill - Pt. 3
Nov 26 Time is Absolute
Nov 24 Thankful for Open Theism!
Nov 23 Don’t Let the Media Insult Your Intelligence
Nov 22 CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill - Pt. 2
Nov 19 The God-Is-Now-Here Ministry, Part II - How to Prove God with One Word
Nov 18 Bob Enyart: What is a Church?
Nov 17 Rittenhouse Trial: Binger is a Great Defense Attorney (Yes, You Read That Right)
Nov 16 CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill Pt 1
Nov 15 Rittenhouse the Hero, & Lebron the Cry Baby
Nov 12 The God-Is-Now-Here Ministry
Nov 11 Bob Enyart: Spare God Another Whine Machine
Nov 10 Seven Spiritual Disciplines
Nov 9 DEBATE: Enyart Claims "Truth Matters" - Goldman Disagrees
Nov 8 Clowns Are Scary - Especially if You’re a Baby in the Womb
Nov 5 Diamonds again disappoint evolutionists, and Multicellular animal from flood revived!
Nov 4 ThThurs: Ruth Pt. 5
Nov 3 Self Improvement > Self Acceptance.
Nov 2 Secrets & Epidemics
Nov 1 The Committee for Children
October 2021
Date Title
Oct 29 The ex-JW-ex-odus Part II: Fred interviews former Jehovah Witness Perry Little
Oct 28 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 6
Oct 27 Murder isn’t Surprising when we live in a Culture of Death
Oct 26 Abortion Tainted Vaccines
Oct 25 Richard Levine is a Man, not an Admiral
Oct 22 The ex-JW-ex-odus: Fred interviews former Jehovah Witness Perry Little
Oct 21 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 5
Oct 20 Is God Brilliant? Not According to Calvinists…
Oct 19 Superman, Pronouns & Paternity
Oct 18 Domino
Oct 15 The Shared Properties of Jesus and Light
Oct 14 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 10
Oct 13 Robert Enyart Eulogy by Will Duffy
Oct 12 Fighting Fire
Oct 11 Criminal Regulation
Oct 8 Bob’s Final Science Prediction (Pt. #2)
Oct 7 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 9
Oct 5 Witchcraft
Oct 4 Bend Don’t Break
Oct 1 Bob’s Final Science Prediction (Pt. #1)
September 2021
Date Title
Sep 30 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 8
Sep 29 Did Our Dad Die in Vain?
Sep 28 The Weekly Worldview- in for Bob! (pt 2)
Sep 27 The Weekly Worldview- in for Bob!
Sep 24 Farewell Bob!
Sep 23 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 7
Sep 22 Traitors and the Just-a-System
Sep 21 Beat the Press
Sep 20 Thank God for Bob!
Sep 17 *Archaeologist Titus Kennedy on the New Testament on RSR!
Sep 16 *ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 6
Sep 15 *#MeToo Movement Gives Pass to the Many Abortionists Raping Women
Sep 14 *Socially Transmitted Diseases
Sep 13 *A View from the Edge of the Cliff
Sep 10 *Quantum biology does what standard chemistry and physics can't
Sep 9 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 5
Sep 8 *Bob & Dom Enyart Make the Case Against Abortion Regulations
Sep 7 *KGOV's List of Gay Mass Murderers
Sep 6 *Infinite wealth in heaven yes, but how about here? It's like this...
Sep 3 *The 360-Day Year on Real Science Radio
Sep 2 ThThurs: Exodus Code Pt. 9
Sep 1 *Bill Gates, Shep Smith, and the Hellbound Lot of 'Em
August 2021
Date Title
Aug 31 *2021's Nicer than God Pt. 2
Aug 30 *2021's Nicer than God (aka BethanyChristian & GracePointe ShortCuts To Hell)
Aug 27 *RSR's List of Doubts Christians Have
Aug 26 ThThurs: Exodus Code Pt. 8
Aug 25 Recording of Bob Enyart and Jehovah's Witnesses Pt 3
Aug 24 Recording of Bob Enyart and Jehovah's Witnesses Pt 2
Aug 23 Secret Recording of Bob Enyart talking to Jehovah's Witnesses
Aug 20 RSR Prediction: Asteroid Florence May Have 2 Moons. Confirmed!
Aug 19 ThThurs: Exodus Code Pt. 7
Aug 18 From "all of them" to We Are Paul Revere's grandstands
Aug 17 How Many Afghan Jihadis Would You Kill to Protect One Woman?
Aug 16 Warren McGrew's Journey Out of Calvinism
Aug 13 NO-BEL Prize? (Nobel ain't worthy of creationist hypothesis :)
Aug 12 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 14
Aug 11 The problem with bile; Olympic gals vs. high school boys; Rand Paul's great "resist rant"; and is the vaccine and Wal-Mart a sin?
Aug 10 Pro-Christ, Anti-Calvinist Warren McGrew on BEL
Aug 9 Did the Filth of these Six US Women's Basketball Players Enter God's Mind?
Aug 6 RSR Solves 2-Slit Experiment (Hey, where's our Nobel Prize?)
Aug 5 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 13
Aug 4 Cuomo Serenades Staffer / What We Christians Should Do
Aug 3 Cuomo, MeToo History, and Not the Brightest Audience Member
Aug 2 Abraham's Marriage and the Earth's age, an Idaho Worker, and a Questionable Quote
July 2021
Date Title
Jul 30 RSR's One-Way Speed of Light Experiment Proposal
Jul 29 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 12
Jul 28 The Chosen's Dallas Jenkins renews Bob's Anti-Mormonism
Jul 27 Luther & Calvin Wrong about Augustine Being Orthodox Pt. 2
Jul 26 Luther and Calvin Wrong about Augustine Being Orthodox
Jul 23 RSR on Veritasium, Jason Lisle, and the One-Way Speed of Light
Jul 22 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 11
Jul 21 Bob Talks to Canceled Arthur Goldberg
Jul 20 Bob thanks Ken Ham for Rebuking Major Christian Adoption Agencies
Jul 19 Conclusion of Bob on C-SPAN vs. Planned Parenthood
Jul 16 RSR's Behind-the-Scenes Guy Brian Lauer in for Fred Williams
Jul 15 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 10
Jul 14 How the Flesh is like Gravity
Jul 13 Never Before Aired: Bob on C-SPAN vs. Planned Parenthood
Jul 12 This means YOU! (Bob goes nuclear on YOU, if you are one of those who...)
Jul 9 Stretch Cosmology to the One-Way Speed of Light
Jul 8 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 9
Jul 7 Former Fox Reporter Ivory Hecker to the Rescue!
Jul 6 Pro-Choice Ilana Goldman on BEL
Jul 5 Jo: Scotts Update, SBC, OSA, Preborn Sanctuaries & The Chosen BEL Project
Jul 2 A dinosaur sitting on her preserved 24 eggs gets fossilized FAST!
Jul 1 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 8
June 2021
Date Title
Jun 30 France's Revolution is Evil; America's Independence is Just. Why?
Jun 29 The Chosen's fabulous review by the secular mag The Atlantic
Jun 28 How to read conservative headlines without losing your soul
Jun 25 RSR's List of Not So Old Things
Jun 24 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 7
Jun 23 WHY did the left flip on lab leak possibility?
Jun 22 thefauci, the neurologist, and the gvt agent at dbc
Jun 21 Public Radio vs Georgia Star News' Laura Baigert (who's on BEL)
Jun 18 A proton's data record points to a data table or God's memory?
Jun 17 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 10
Jun 16 Quantum Baptist Theory
Jun 15 UNSHACKLED: Lon Gregg, from Pacific Garden Mission to BEL
Jun 14 Blue's Clues on Homos in Twos: The Pope would be Proud!
Jun 11 Neanderthal Burial: Another Nail in Darwin's Coffin
Jun 10 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 9
Jun 9 FBI Knocks It Outta The Park! And Here's Your Part...
Jun 8 Matt Walsh's Romans 12:20 Abuela Fundraiser
Jun 7 Taking the KGOV Home COVID Test
Jun 4 Trees Talk. Really! (Well, not REALLY, but... Really!)
Jun 3 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 8
Jun 2 School of Shred and Key.5 to Understanding the Bible
Jun 1 I woke and ate Kellogg's; now they're woke and I don't
May 2021
Date Title
May 31 The Key 4 & How to best honor those who died
May 28 God, Science, and Savants Pt. 2
May 27 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 7
May 26 Laying Down the Law
May 25 Inoculated from getting BLM-type syndrome by Rom. 13
May 24 During the ceasefire, Bob asks, How much should we love Israel?
May 21 The fall of Darwin's Arch heralds the collapse of his theory
May 20 ThThurs: The Book of Isaiah Pt. 8
May 19 DBC files US Supreme Court brief to preemptively oppose vaccine passports
May 18 Fiery Canadian Polish Pastor on BEL
May 17 The Key to Understanding the Bible: Circumcision Pt. 2
May 14 Steak-Umm, Steph, a Call for (fun) Help, and...
May 13 ThThurs: The Book of Isaiah Pt. 7
May 12 Not so Civil War
May 11 Denver Bible Church: Mother’s Day Message
May 10 The Tearing Asunder
May 7 Rescuing Mark's last 12 verses with James Snapp Jr
May 6 ThThurs: The Book of Isaiah Pt. 6
May 5 BLM Activists Are Morons. #IncreaseThePolice
May 4 Radicalization: How to Win the Culture
May 3 The KEY to the Bible: Jesus Christ was circumcised!
April 2021
Date Title
Apr 30 God, Science, and Savants
Apr 29 ThThurs: The Book of Isaiah Pt. 5
Apr 28 On Bob Enyart Live: The Mystery of the Savant
Apr 27 SHUT UP shut-up-and-sing. SHUT UP shut-up-and-dribble.
Apr 26 Bob has a session with a public school counselor
Apr 23 Krauss vs. Evidence from Astronomy and RSR Pt. 2
Apr 22 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 12
Apr 21 Minneapolis Man-on-the-Street BEL Interview
Apr 20 420 for kgov.com/pot and for kgov.com/columbine
Apr 19 Judith Reisman, Bain of the Left, Now with the Lord!
Apr 16 A Creationist Interviews Lawrence Krauss
Apr 15 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 11
Apr 14 WSJ frustrating creation compromise author Pt. 2
Apr 13 The Wall Street Journal's creation compromise author on RSR
Apr 12 Microscopy Today: Still-soft blood clots from six dinosaurs!
Apr 8 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 10
Apr 7 Sanders' open theism historical considerations Pt. 2
Apr 6 John Sanders on open theism's historical considerations
Apr 5 Canadian Polish pastor kicks out the covid cops
Apr 2 Paleontology Breakthrough! Now, dinosaur nerve bundles!
Apr 1 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 9
March 2021
Date Title
Mar 31 Homosexual child molester Michael Jackson is guilty, and so are all his fans
Mar 30 Secret Recording of Bob Enyart talking to Mormons
Mar 29 An Edouard Tahmizian dialogs with Bob Enyart
Mar 26 Alan Bunning: Liberals and Atheists No Longer Control Our Greek Text
Mar 25 ThThurs: Epistle to the Galatians Pt 8
Mar 24 The Muslim who Murdered Ten in Boulder's King Soopers
Mar 23 Linda the Anthropologist Supports Killing
Mar 22 A Hero to Conservatives Brought to Tears Considering Christ
Mar 19 the covid, a molecular biologist, and an rna vaccine
Mar 18 ThThurs: Epistle to the Colossians Pt 11
Mar 17 2021's Nicer than God Pt. 2
Mar 16 New Book By Leading Social Justice Warrior Pope Francis
Mar 15 Dr. Michael Brown on the Absurdity of Sex-Change
Mar 12 Dr. Paul Giem Grades the RSR 14c Report
Mar 11 ThThurs: Epistle to the Colossians Pt 10
Mar 10 Will Duffy's God & Time Debate Debrief
Mar 9 2021's Nicer than God (aka BethanyChristian & GracePointe ShortCuts ToHell)
Mar 8 KGOV Gender Commission Issues Final Report
Mar 5 RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 4
Mar 4 ThThurs: The Book of Daniel Pt 6
Mar 3 LifeSiteNews reports on DBC's 95 covid theses; CNN reports on Mr. Potato Head
Mar 2 Bob's Criticism Sent to Hyatt; and Will Duffy's Debate Next Tuesday!
Mar 1 Will Duffy to Debate & Bob Thanks All for the Telethon!
February 2021
Date Title
Feb 26 RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 3
Feb 25 Did BEL Kill a Nat'l Conservative Movement in 2010?
Feb 25 ThThurs: The Book of Daniel Pt 5
Feb 24 Bad bad news for the Dems, and good news for us...
Feb 23 Standing Bear is a person says God and DBC's Attorney
Feb 22 95 Theses Nailed to the DBC Doors to Jeffco Health Dept
Feb 19 RSR's List of 14c Everywhere It's Not Supposed to Be Pt. 2
Feb 18 Using Google Against Google (They left their backdoor open!)
Feb 18 ThThurs: 1 John Pt. 7
Feb 17 All "Hell-on-Earth" Rejoicing Over Rush's Death
Feb 16 Reminder: It's Not Always Wrong to Criminalize Opposition
Feb 15 What Should Ravi Zacharias' Board Members Do Now?
Feb 12 Carbon-14 Everywhere It Shouldn't Be = Young Earth
Feb 11 LifeSiteNews canceled, Larry Flynt canceled
Feb 11 ThThurs: 1 John Pt. 6
Feb 10 Impeachment, the Declaration, and the Bible Too
Feb 9 Impeachment, the Declaration, and the Bible
Feb 8 Did Bob just do a Super Bowl LV show without mentioning Brady?
Feb 5 Yet Another Squeeze: Animal Intelligence Squeezes Darwinism
Feb 4 Boomerang: Bob's atty returns a complaint to the Jeffco health dept
Feb 4 ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 9
Feb 3 State police respond to Abolitionist riot and insurrection at Idaho capitol. Or maybe not....
Feb 2 Why's iHeartRadio interested in BEL Burning OJ's Memorabilia?
Feb 1 "Required Guidelines" says the State of Colorado
January 2021
Date Title
Jan 29 RSR Meets a Platypus
Jan 28 ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 8
Jan 27 Former VP Joe Biden on Equity; Dennis Prager on 'omos
Jan 26 National Guardsmen in D.C. are Props of the Dems
Jan 25 Dom Enyart at the March: Let's Give the Pro-aborts Something to Cry About
Jan 22 Population Genetics Expert Explains the Darwin-Slaying Science
Jan 21 ThThurs: Genesis Creation Pt. 7
Jan 20 Slow News Day... No, No News Day... No, Dead News Day
Jan 19 "Heretic" guy Pt. 2
Jan 18 Hearing out the guy who called Bob a heretic
Jan 15 Cancel Culture at NIH and their Target on RSR
Jan 14 ThThursday - Deuteronomy Pt. 7
Jan 13 Bob Puts BEL in QAnon Sights
Jan 12 Cancel Culture at NIH and their Troublemaker on BEL
Jan 11 Second-hand Cancel Culture
Jan 8 Major creation group extends olive branch to Walt Brown's supporters
Jan 7 ThThursday - Deuteronomy Pt. 6
Jan 6 Trump and Bob Make the Case for Election Fraud
Jan 5 "Can I get an Amen?" Enyart starts where Shapiro and Walsh end.
Jan 4 Does God Have Time for Crazy Theologians?
Jan 1 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation