Dinosaurs as Carnivores, No Problem!

RSR host Fred Williams is joined by Perry Little to review a video titled "The #1 Reason I Left Jehovah's Witnesses: Dinosaurs & Carnivores" by Harrison Cother, a popular ex-Jehovah Witness YouTuber turned atheist. Fred & Perry go through the video piece by piece and counter various claims that are at odds with the Bible and Christianity. Perry brings an especially relevant perspective given his past as a former pioneer for the Jehovah Witnesses.  The Watchtower argues that the earth was here for billions of years and that the creative days consisted of perhaps millions of years each. When an ex-JW such as this popular YouTuber discovers fossils of animals eating each other, that he is told predates the Garden of Eden, naturally he assumes that the Bible must be just as false as the Watchtower has proved to be with all of their false prophecies and doctrinal flip-flops. Biblical Creationists, on the other hand argue that the observable evidence perfectly fits a literal interpretation of Genesis, with the Flood as the catalyst for the rapid burial of fossils.