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Scott Klusendorf posts on FB against the abolition approach. Bob Enyart PMs him with a challenge
See Bob's full PM, left 

* Southern Baptists Vote Down Jesus? Hear audio from Pastor Bill Ascol, as he petitions the SBC to vote to abolish abortion (and hear the embarrassing response of the committee running the show). After well-known pro-lifer Scott Klusendorf posted on Facebook his opposition to Pastor Ascol's effort, Bob Enyart private-msg'd Scott with the following question... 

Scott, though we disagree on regulations, thankfully you oppose those who advocate anti-abortion violence. But let me know if I'm wrong on the following. The regulations & exceptions camp inherently SUPPORTS those who actually advocate for some abortion violence. For examplle Nat'l RTL (and you, as I recall) support "pro-lifers" like GW Bush who by their OWN POSITIONS advocate exceptions, that is, not as concessions to Democrats but they themselves actually support abortion violence against some kids, the "exceptions" they deem unworthy of protection. So in the name of eventually ending the abortion holocaust, you and the "exceptions & regulations" pro-lifers support politicians who intentionally kill some innocent people. You support those who advocate such violence in the name of eventually ending abortion. That is, you support some anti-abortion violence, the violence committed by the "pro-lifers" you deem anti-abortion enough to support. So, those who murder abortionists, and those who defend "pro-life" politicians who authorize the killing of some innocent children, both share a similar false justification. You all claim that supporting those who commit some abortion violence, whether the killing of guilty abortionists or the killing of innocent "exceptions," will save some babies and lead to a sooner pro-life victory. See this on Tier 2 at prolifeprofiles.com.

* Quantum Mechanics Prove God Exists: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney lay out Bob’s developing observations regarding the growing evidence that matter is actually made of information, and how that informs the book of Revelation, and belief in a divine creator.

* The Death of Me: Bob points out that there are times when giving one’s life must be chosen over committing a sin.

* Critical Race Tyranny: Hear about Doug’s neighbor being abused at work with Critical Race Theory, and what to do when it comes to your workplace.

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Today's Resource: Focus on the Strategy Trilogy

Focus-Trilogy-01.jpgIn Focus on the Strategy #1, using audio and video clips of Christian leaders, Bob Enyart presents seven lines of evidence that our national ministries have endorsed legal positivism, elevating man's rules and the Constitution above God, and giving them precedence above eternal laws such as Thou shall not murder.

Focus on the Strategy #2 not only documents the political sell-out of the pro-life movement, it answers the question of how to restore the movement and end America's 'legalized' child killing. Focus II stands alone, preferably viewed before Focus #I, and documents that:

  • Colorado's Republican Governor John Love signed the nation's first permissive abortion law in 1967.
  • Republican U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun wrote Roe v. Wade.
  • The 7-to-2 Roe v. Wade ruling was approved with five a Republican majority of five votes.
  • The Republican Justices now on the Court (including Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts) oppose personhood.
  • All six Republican judges on the 11th circuit (nominated by Reagan, Bush Sr. & George W. Bush) voted to kill Terri Schiavo.
  • Republican "pro-life" heroine Priscilla Owen voted to abort "Baby 10" as a Texas Supreme Court judge.
  • Republican "pro-life" hero Samuel Alito sided with Planned Parenthood in repeated 3rd-circuit rulings, including ruling to keep partial birth abortion legal.
  • Republican George W. Bush refused to support South Dakota's total ban on abortion.
  • Hundreds of pro-life laws that regulate abortion that will actually keep abortion legal after Roe is overturned such as the Informed Consent laws.

In Focus on the Strategy #3 Bob Enyart presents the 3-pronged strategy to end abortion in America.

Three-fold Strategy:

1. Criminalize: recriminalize the intentional killing of the unborn and other innocents through state and national personhood efforts.
2. Demoralize: create unbearable social tension and ensure that there is no child killing with tranquility in order to coerce the government to correct the injustice of shedding innocent blood.
3. Evangelize: persuade individuals by education and evangelism to honor the God-given right to life.