Fighting Fire

*Drawing Fire:  KGOV guest host Doug McBurney is dismayed at the reality of firemen in America needing bullet proof vests.

*Drawing Blood: When George Soros started installing prosecutors across the land the result could only be blood on his hands. Now we know it’s Regina Lollobrigido’s blood…

*Targets of the Board: The school board that is… Targeting anyone who notices their indoctrination and molestation of children with the label of terrorist, and prosecution by the feds!

*School Shooter Bails: A school shooter in Texas was out on bail less than a day after shooting the place (and at least 3 other people) up.

*Reason # 668: to get, (or keep) your kids out of the government schools? They might get stabbed in the library.

*To Live & Die at CU: The University of Colorado is denying Leilani Lutali a kidney transplant unless she & donor Jaimee Fougner, (who she met at Bible Study), take the abortion tainted COVID shot.