2006 Archive

December 2006
Date Title
Dec 29 Quick, What's Genesis About?
Dec 28 Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
Dec 27 Lovemeorhateme at TOL
Dec 26 Driver Kenny Wallace on BEL about NASCAR's America
Dec 25 Rerun: The Clue that Breaks the Case
Dec 22 Ringing in a Merry Christmas Tree
Dec 21 Rerun: Caller Dave Has Compassion on Dirt, Not People
Dec 20 Rerun: Three Mountains
Dec 19 What's Happened Since the Banquet Pt. 2
Dec 18 What's Happened Since the Banquet
Dec 15 Real Science Radio: Challenge of Folding Proteins
Dec 14 Colo Pastors Debate the Earth's Age Pt. 2
Dec 13 Colorado Pastors John Stocker and Bob Enyart Debate the Earth's Age
Dec 12 Notre Dame Law Professor on Problems with Pro-life Laws
Dec 11 Looking Back at the Debate and Taco Bell
Dec 8 CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill - Pt. 3
Dec 7 CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill - Pt. 2
Dec 6 Re-run: CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain
Dec 5 CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill
Dec 4 Two Pastors Discuss Forgiveness Excess
Dec 1 RSR: Carbon 14 Everywhere No Longer an Anomaly
November 2006
Date Title
Nov 30 Hawking to Earthlings: Warp Drive Needed
Nov 29 Shout Allah to Deplane
Nov 27 Hurricanes Disappoint Global Warming Advocates
Nov 22 Unwed Moms Explode on Bush Watch
Nov 21 Rapist Behind Bars with Pro-Lifers' Help
Nov 20 Ten Reasons Liberals Hate Holidays
Nov 17 Anonymous Caller: Kill the baby, not the rapist; Bible: Kill the rapist, love the baby
Nov 16 Jo Scott Discusses Dave's Call
Nov 15 Caller Dave: Compassion on Dirt, Not for Handicapped or Babies
Nov 14 CRTL's Director In Studio
Nov 13 Delaware Pastor Criticizes BEL
Nov 10 Three Mountains
Nov 9 Broad and Bent is the Way
Nov 8 BEL Election Meltdown Debrief
Nov 7 Biblical and Political Arguments Against Democracy
Nov 6 Church Overseer Board Functioned Perfectly
Nov 3 It's The Pastor: Haggard's the One Who Must Go
Nov 2 One Man Must Go: Peter Boyles or the Pastor
Nov 1 LauraAndLinda.com: The Anti Schiavo Story
October 2006
Date Title
Oct 31 The Ever-Despicable Nat'l Right to Life
Oct 30 BEL Voters Guide: Unequal Pay for Equal Work!
Oct 20 Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics & Colorado's Government Help Child Rapists
Oct 19 RSR: Pain is NOT Physical
Oct 18 People are Not Basically Good, They're Basically Like the Beatles
Oct 17 Norman'sNuts.com
Oct 16 The Wife of a BEL Hero Calls In
Oct 13 Alito's Wife Raising Funds for Pro-Abortion Candidate
Oct 12 Misrepresenting God to KOA's Mike Rosen
Oct 11 Not: "A Real Lawyer," but "A Real Liar"
Oct 10 "STOP ME!! Before I Forgive Again..."
Oct 9 Brent Rooney and the Abortion Preterm Birth Link
Oct 6 No Parking in the Twilight Zone
Oct 5 Now Rohrbough's in the Washington Post
Oct 4 Rohrbough Appears on Fox; CRTL Meets with Komen
Oct 3 Fallout from Brian Rohrbough's CBS Appearance
Oct 2 Brian Rohrbough Tonight on CBS News with Katie Couric
September 2006
Date Title
Sep 29 Nurse Maria is in j... in ja... in WHERE?
Sep 28 Former Komen Foundation Advisor: Abortion Breast Cancer
Sep 27 Another Colorado High School Shooting Unfolds
Sep 26 18-year Veteran of CBS Affiliate Tells of BEL Influence
Sep 25 Pastor Indulgently Forgives Unrepentant Vandal
Sep 22 Endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind in Studio on ABC Link
Sep 21 "My 6th-Grader Was Harassed Like the Girls in Indiana"
Sep 20 Three of This Past Week's School Shootings
Sep 19 Talking Points re Abortion for Rape and Incest
Sep 18 South Dakota to Vote to Outlaw ALL Abortions!
Sep 15 Good Night Iowa, Good Night
Sep 14 JonBenet Ramsey Murder Was An Inside Job
Sep 13 Another Son-of-Ham Sham
Sep 12 The Adventures of Les and Jo
Sep 11 9-11 Five-Year Anniversary Scorecard
Sep 8 Meet Bob's Old Friend, A Repentant Homosexual
Sep 7 RSR's First Fathers Show
Sep 6 Attention, Shoplifters (& Liberals)
Sep 5 Bob Goes to... CANADA? TOLers Go to Denver!
Sep 1 Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks interview Eve Silver
August 2006
Date Title
Aug 31 Jo Scott on the Contradiction between DNA and Mormonism
Aug 30 Jo Scott Discuss New Gay Advertising in Colo. Spgs.
Aug 29 Jo Scott on Katrina Anniversary
Aug 28 Knight and Lion From Theologyonline.com Are Back To Answer Your Questions
Aug 25 Guest Host Jo Scott on Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling
Aug 24 Jason Troyer and Jo Scott Sit In for Bob Part 3 of 3
Aug 23 Jo Sits In for Bob Part 2 of 3
Aug 22 Jason Troyer and Jo Scott Sit In for Bob Part 1 of 3
Aug 21 Knight and Lion From Theologyonline.com Answer Your Questions
Aug 17 Columbus Talk Show Host Interviews Bob on Legal Positivism Pt 2 of 2
Aug 16 Columbus Talk Show Host Interviews Bob on Legal Positivism Pt 1 of 2
Aug 10 Brits Arrest Suspected Muslims in Jihadist Airplane Plot
Aug 9 Neal Boortz Debates a Nat'l Sales Tax with Bob Enyart
Aug 8 KGOV Response Plan for an Islamic Nuclear Attack
Aug 7 T. rex SOFT TISSUE! YESsss!
Aug 4 Incestuous Tomatoes
Aug 3 Nurse Maria Issues Advisory on Medical Manslaughter Law
Aug 2 Ben challenges Bob on Law vs. Grace
Aug 1 Photos: Hezbollah Hides Behinds Kids and Skirts
July 2006
Date Title
Jul 31 Protesting the Protester
Jul 28 Don't Tell Kids Thomas Jefferson was a Godly Man
Jul 27 Remote Sensing Expert Dr. Holroyd on Noah's Ark
Jul 26 Voice of the Martyrs re: Muslim Persecutors
Jul 25 The Five Screams
Jul 24 OSA Debrief 2006
Jul 21 ABCs & 123s of Christianity and OSA Debrief 2005
Jul 20 Prayer Pt 3 of 3 and If the Son had Not Risen
Jul 19 Prayer Part 2 of 3 and Humility
Jul 18 Prayer Pt 1 of 3 and Witnessing Strategies
Jul 17 Israel the Bride and Christmas Tsunamis
Jul 14 Bob and Terri Herring Strategize for Mississippi
Jul 13 Bob Asks Bob Cornuke If He Found Noah's Ark
Jul 12 1980s Mt St Helens Flow: Dated Millions of Years Old
Jul 11 Debating a Conservative Federalist Society Lawyer
Jul 10 Son of Ham
Jul 7 Bob and NPR's Juan Williams Agree on Entering Iraq
Jul 6 Bob and Tom Tancredo re: Illegal Aliens
Jul 5 Christians buy abortion clinic, and CLOSE IT DOWN!
June 2006
Date Title
Jun 29 Audience Debrief of Coulter Interview
Jun 28 Bob Asks Ann Coulter About Conservative Godlessness
Jun 27 Stephen Hawking's Big Chance
Jun 23 Focus on the Process
Jun 22 Bob: Bernard Goldberg, YOU'RE Ruining the Country!
Jun 21 DNR?? Dorothy, You're Not in Kansas Anymore!
Jun 20 Marital Strife and A Girly Bishop
Jun 19 Protesting in Clinton's Backyard
Jun 16 Posh Clinton Fundraiser Turned Into a Junaita Rape Protest
Jun 15 Atheist Admits Assumptions About Evil
Jun 14 The Tale of the Two Counselors
Jun 13 Enyart Hangs Stephen Hawking Out to Freeze
Jun 12 Typical Old-fashioned BEL Show
Jun 9 Real Science Radio: CRSQ March 2006
Jun 8 Numerology: Zarqawi + 72, etc.
Jun 7 Hangin' Around with CabinentMaker
Jun 6 666 and the Anti-Gay
Jun 5 Homeschoolers vs Public Schoolers
May 2006
Date Title
May 22 Randy Brown and Brian Rohrbough Expose Columbine Pt. III
May 19 Randy Brown and Brian Rohrbough Expose Columbine Pt. II
May 18 Randy Brown and Brian Rohrbough Expose Columbine Pt. I
May 17 Immigration: Canada to Mexico to Alaska!
May 16 Public School Exit: Ward, to Home, to the World
May 15 NASA Feared Deep Moon Dust
May 12 Jill Stanek tells of evidence for modern day vampires
May 11 Long-term Global Cooling and Atheist Warming
May 10 Jim's Brother the Adulterer
May 9 Dr. Burke: Dylan Is the First Boy Starved to Death...
May 8 The Devil Made Me Do It (or was it The Decree?)
May 5 Bob Debates Atheist Dr. John Henderson
May 4 Dick Cheney to Lesbian Mary: I just want you to be happy!
May 3 Dr. Holroyd to the Rescue: Dinosaurs, Coal, and Coins
May 2 Meet the Girl Who Survived Being Aborted!
May 1 TOL's James Hilston Agrees: Yes, God Can Change!!
April 2006
Date Title
Apr 28 A Little Lesson from the ACLJ
Apr 27 BEL Medical Analyst, Nurse Maria: Liberal Values Destroy Lives
Apr 24 Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings Pt. III
Apr 21 Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings Pt. II
Apr 20 Never Before Heard Columbine Recordings
Apr 19 Meet Greg from Columbia, A Former Atheist
Apr 18 Read Bob's Classic Editorial in the Rocky Mtn News
Apr 17 Mary: "No, I'm Not There; and No, I'm Not Your Mother!"
Apr 14 Only Support the Troops If You Support the War!
Apr 13 Skeleton Poster Girl for Government Care
Apr 12 Fighting the Culture War with Daniel
Apr 11 New Clues on Galaxy Evolution! Clues? Clues??
Apr 10 Terri Schiavo's Brother Bobby Schindler Agrees
Apr 7 Republican Official Helps Kids Disrespect Grandma
Apr 6 An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob: IV (Final Episode)
Apr 5 Caller Debate: Is God Free to Alter the Pre-scripted Future
Apr 4 An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob: III
Apr 3 Nikki's Close Call: Six Months Later
March 2006
Date Title
Mar 31 Dr. Dobson Personally Responds to KGOV Criticism
Mar 30 An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob on God's Rights: II
Mar 29 Two Shows in One: 1) KGOV Immigration Solution; 2) ABC
Mar 28 An Atheist (Fool) Debates Bob on God's Rights
Mar 27 Wal-Mart's Plan A: #1 Retailer; Plan B: #1 Abortion Provider
Mar 24 Constitutional Mustard Gas at Wal-Mart: Always Low! Always
Mar 23 Caller Answers: God Cannot Increase Tomorrow's Rain!
Mar 22 OK to Eat in Idol's Temple Restaurant. But Wal-Mart?
Mar 21 Immoral China Sells the Organs of Executed Prisoners
Mar 20 Republicans have Upped the Nat'l Debt to $9 Trillion
Mar 17 Flying Cows, Pigs in Robes, and St Patty's Parade Rout
Mar 16 Fun with Gas & Dust: How to Make a DNA Nebula
Mar 15 Ford Breaks Promise to Christians, Funds Homosexuals
Mar 14 A Third of Conservative Christian Kids Believe in the Occult
Mar 13 Darwinists Still Wonder If They Made Life 50 Years Ago
Mar 10 America is Less Safe Without the Dubai Port Deal
Mar 9 Does Rudi Giuliani Burp by Eternal Decree?
Mar 8 Christian Argument for OUTsourcing and IMmigrants
Mar 7 Desperate Evolutionists Find Hope in Disabled Turks. Really.
Mar 6 Bible: Adultery with a Man's Wife is a Capital Crime
Mar 3 Bush Indicates His Judges Might Reject S.D. Abortion Ban
Mar 2 Dennis from Colorado Doesn't Want a Theocracy
Mar 1 Maria is Going as a Missionary to a Muslim Country!
February 2006
Date Title
Feb 28 Joe Scheidler: His Win Today at the U.S. Supreme Court
Feb 27 The ABCs of Conservative Christianity for Iowa!
Feb 24 Meet Bob's Brother, Brian Enyart
Feb 23 Dr. Paul Cameron addresses Dr. Dobson's Criticism
Feb 22 Andrew Longman with Bob: Rightly Apologetic, Yet Critical
Feb 21 Justice John Roberts Permits Illegal Drugs in Church!
Feb 20 Sheriff Punishing Deputies for Adultery!
Feb 17 Bob and Sen. Mitchell re Partner Benefits
Feb 16 Jay Sekulow and Will from Denver
Feb 15 Willie Nelson Secretly Desires Brokebacks
Feb 14 Put the Saint back into Valentine's Day
Feb 13 RSR: Denver Museum Curator Says He Might Not Exist
Feb 10 Deconstructing the DeBates - IV
Feb 9 Deconstructing the DeBates - IIII
Feb 8 Deconstructing the DeBates - III
Feb 7 Deconstructing the DeBates - II
Feb 6 Deconstructing the DeBates - I
Feb 3 Larry Bates Debates Bob on Do Not Murder
Feb 2 Alito Stays Rapist-Murderer Execution
Feb 1 Larry Bates Disagrees with Bob
January 2006
Date Title
Jan 31 Robert's Back!
Jan 30 Focus Takes Exception to...
Jan 27 O'Reilly: Marriage is NOT a Right
Jan 26 Jay Sekulow Rejects (Enyart's) Alito Report
Jan 25 Christians Globally Warming to Execution
Jan 24 Peters Denied Jo Three Times
Jan 23 Jilted by Judge John Jones
Jan 20 Calls About Our Immoral Christian Leaders
Jan 19 James Dobson Abandons His Pledge
Jan 18 Moral Decline of Our Christian Leaders
Jan 17 Pro-Life AUL President Calls Partial-Birth Ruling "Moral"
Jan 16 The Colorado March-for-Life Speaker
Jan 13 Do You Have Eyes But Fail to See
Jan 12 Alito Deserves More than 60 Days
Jan 11 Victory Church Vindicated re Dylan Walborn
Jan 10 20/20 Special: Are America's Kids Stupid?
Jan 9 Pastor Trent Cole Makes My Day
Jan 6 The French Fixation
Jan 5 On the Matter of Food
Jan 4 Miners - Confusion & Miracle Not From God
Jan 3 Where Does Dylan Fit Into the Euthanasia Stages