The Key to Understanding the Bible: Circumcision Pt. 2

Plot_Cover.jpgDo you remember that God sought to kill Moses? Why was this? Well, remember from Part 1, that circumcision is You'll recall that the Old Testament only references circumcision 32 times while the New Testament mentions it 76 times, far more than it references adultery (35x), hell (25x), repentance (66x), Sabbaths (64x), speaking in tongues (29x), confession (29x), and even being born again (3x). Bob begins today's program first, listing the titles of the baby books sold at the despicable Barnes and Noble (see also, and second, praising Israel's retaliation against the terrorists who have fired 3200 rockets at Israel's citizens. Then, he describes why God almost killed Moses, and what had to happen for the future deliverer to survive.

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