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Research Team: Bob Enyart Live does not offer celery or car parts, but information! Knowledge is the stock and trade of BEL. And you can help research and fact check the information Bob uses, to produce his talk shows, prepare his Bible Studies, present his seminars, preach his sermons, and write his books! Our BEL Research Team helps, mostly via email, to find and check information. If you might enjoy occasionally searching (via Google, Yahoo, etc.) for a piece of important information as part of our Research Team, then please read on...!

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Estate Planning: Over the years, people have asked how they can support Bob Enyart Live through their wills. BEL is partnering with an estate planner who will be happy to talk to you about your affairs, and you can consider leaving a small donation in your will to BEL. Bob Enyart has always reminded people that the Bible approves of the man who leaves an inheritance to his children.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children! ... Proverbs 13:22

No one would want to provoke their children by neglecting them in order to leave funds to any organization. So, first consider the needs of your own family, and how best to bless them! And then, if you appreciate our work, consider a gift to BEL!

Own a Piece of The Plot! Because of the nature of Bob Enyart Live, each listener, reader, and friend comes through great effort and expense. We don't preach a feel-good message, and our teachings conflict with political correctness in society, AND in the church. Yet, we have about 5,000 people who listen to each BEL program, and we've had about 60,000 teaching resources go out into the hands of people around America and the world. But each family we influence comes at a dear price, and we find it extremely difficult to maintain our outreach financially. In an effort to find a creative way to help sustain this work, Bob Enyart is looking for an investment partner, just one person, who will purchase a 49% ownership in The Plot manuscript for $99,000, which will include the current and all future versions of the book. If past experience predicts future outcomes, this will NOT be a money-making investment. Rather, it will be a way to partner with BEL. Such a partner would own about half of The Plot, and would be involved with Bob (and his heirs) in decisions regarding publishing and distribution of The Plot. But more importantly, such a partner's investment would help keep Bob's attention to the work at hand. Signed, Bob E. and the KGOV Staff