Laying Down the Law

* Excuse Me? Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney breaks up a game of Mahjong when he’s asked whether or not he’s been vaccinated.

On the Lighter Side: Funny image of a flat earth lunar eclipse* And on the Lighter Side: A flat earth lunar eclipse would be pretty fun to see! Instead though, last night, in grand fashion, the laws that govern the solar system again debunked the flat earth!

* Real Law: Bob points out that real laws are discovered, not written.

* The Science of the Bible: Doug recounts an episode of John Mangopolis’ “The Battle of Ideas” where Bob debated an Atheist using the scientific statements of the Bible.

* Evil, Selfish Suicide: the latest massacre at the San Joe Railyard is another example of how tolerance, and now advocacy of suicide destabilizes people who then do awful things to others, then themselves.