2012 Archive

December 2012
Date Title
Dec 31 Out With The Old
Dec 28 A young volcano, moon, bacteria, and DNA
Dec 27 The Anatomy of a Temptation
Dec 26 Keep God Out of the Gov't Schools
Dec 25 The Christmas Story
Dec 24 The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 21 The Trouble with Chalk (for evolutionists)
Dec 20 Where Was Jesus After the Cross? 1 Peter 3
Dec 19 Wikipedia Founder and Porn Trafficker Jimmy Wales
Dec 18 Porn Trafficker and Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales
Dec 17 Sandy Hook Massacre: Why & What to Do
Dec 14 RSR Spat with Jerry Coyne, Fruit Fly Expert
Dec 13 Theology Thursday: Cities of Refuge
Dec 12 Where's Bob Costas When You Need Him?
Dec 11 Immediatist T Russell Hunter on BEL
Dec 10 NFL: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Dec 7 Feature creep, poison frogs, & whaddya say?
Dec 6 Theology Thursday: John 1:1
Dec 5 Off air, Rebecca, Bob & Gregg talk on
Dec 4 Rebecca Kiessling talks strategy on BEL
Dec 3 Bob Goes Soft on the Denver Post
November 2012
Date Title
Nov 30 An Animator's Perspective on the Global Flood
Nov 29 Theology Thursday: When Did Adam Sin?
Nov 28 Apology Tour Begins
Nov 27 Bob & Doug in Trademark Dispute
Nov 26 Back To Work at BEL
Nov 23 Creationist Interviews Lawrence Krauss: Rerun
Nov 22 Theology Thursday: Reversing Babel's Curse
Nov 21 Lawsuit Threatens Bob Enyart's Ministry
Nov 20 BEL Friend Indirectly Helps Apprehend Pro-Abort Rapist
Nov 19 McBurney By the Numbers
Nov 16 A Bird, a Quadrillion Bacteria, and a Bible Tour
Nov 15 Theology Thursday: Language and Babel
Nov 14 Stages of Grief, Stages of War
Nov 13 Ken on CBN; Tony on BEL; Bob on VoC
Nov 12 Adultery, Legislating Morality, and Petraeous
Nov 9 The Real Science Radio Mercury Report
Nov 8 Theology Thursday: Ananias and Sapphira
Nov 7 Republican Party: We Don't Need the Social Issues
Nov 6 Obama's Bad, Mitt'd Be Worse
Nov 5 Don't Waste It: THROW Your Vote Away!
Nov 2 RSR Fact Checks with Jonathan Sarfati
Nov 1 Theology Thursday: Jacob's Fraud Pays Off
October 2012
Date Title
Oct 31 The Ultimate Anti-Romney Show Pt. 2
Oct 30 The Ultimate Anti-Romney Show
Oct 29 Rusty Thomas and the States of Refuge
Oct 26 The Creation Science Hall of Fame
Oct 25 Theology Thursday: Colossians Overview
Oct 24 Justice for Jessica
Oct 23 Reasons #513, 514, 515, 516, 517, & 518
Oct 22 Foreign Policy and Local Insanity Debates
Oct 19 University of California Prof. of Ophthalmology on RSR
Oct 18 DBC Sermon: The One That Got Away
Oct 17 Lost in Space vs. Star Trek
Oct 16 The Three Places In Which Men Live
Oct 15 If you can't say anything nice about the dead...
Oct 12 Best 10 Evidences from Answers Magazine
Oct 11 BEL Predictions Updated with Tom Tancredo
Oct 10 Campbell: The Difference Between Night and Day
Oct 9 Tom Tancredo on Pot
Oct 8 Romney to Bob: "Dear Mr. Bible"
Oct 5 "Nature" Confirms Creationist Rejection of Junk DNA
Oct 4 J.C. Watts with Bob Enyart & Gregg Jackson
Oct 3 A Dobson Who Doesn't Compromise
Oct 2 Dark Matter Descends on Denver
Oct 1 Iowa's Mark Moe on BEL
September 2012
Date Title
Sep 28 Krauss vs. Evidence from Astronomy and RSR Pt. 2
Sep 27 Jackson & Hanks Host a Humbling BEL Show
Sep 26 Alaska to the Rescue
Sep 25 McBurney's Piers Morgan in the BEL Studio
Sep 24 Public School Gives Rat Drug to Kids
Sep 21 A Creationist Interviews Lawrence Krauss
Sep 20 The Dark Side of Theoretical Physics & Islam
Sep 19 The Kid, The Plot, and Beatrice
Sep 18 ACLU & Islam Against America
Sep 17 GOP Spends Like a Drunken Socialist
Sep 15 Roe v. McCorvey on Bob Enyart Live
Sep 14 Carbon 14 and Dinosaur Bones
Sep 13 Rerun: Family Policy Institute of Washington on BEL
Sep 12 A Very Special Guest Coming to the Banquet
Sep 11 BEL Reviews Our 9-11 Policies, 11 Years Later
Sep 10 Deace, Tebow, Manning, Mitt & Other Persons.
Sep 7 RSR: 128 Computers to Simulate Simplest Known Cell
Sep 6 IVoteProLifeFirst! But That Website Doesn't
Sep 5 Doing September's TO DOs
Sep 4 Bob's To-Do List for September
Sep 3 Rerun: Dr. Werner and the Living Fossils
August 2012
Date Title
Aug 31 RSR: Moon Landing Conspiracy Hoax Rebutted (and other Moon fun)
Aug 30 Mitt Romney Hates Abortion!
Aug 29 J.D. Ellis for Vice-President
Aug 28 A RE-publican Cry for Help
Aug 27 American Right To Life Press Release on Akin
Aug 24 Many Modern Birds Found in Dinosaur Layers
Aug 23 Remembering the Sign on the Mountain
Aug 22 Rebecca Kiesling Straight from Confronting Gloria Alred
Aug 21 Twins, Aborted Late in Orlando, Florida
Aug 20 Bob's Advice for U.S. Senate Candidate Akin
Aug 17 RSR: List of the Living Fossils with Dr. Carl Werner
Aug 15 Cardiologist in Studio about Hearts and a Home Test Kit
Aug 14 Recalling the U.S. Senate Hindu Prayer Interrupted
Aug 13 The Man Who Baptized Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade
Aug 10 RSR's YoungEarth.com
Aug 9 An UN-holy AIDS Report
Aug 8 Abortionist Still Killing "Ugly Black Babies"
Aug 7 Tebow, Boomer & Personhood's Latest Victory
Aug 6 Personhood Petitions All Turned In
Aug 3 Walter ReMine on Haldane's Dilemma
Aug 2 The Bible and Abortion Pt. 2
Aug 1 The Bible and Abortion
July 2012
Date Title
Jul 31 Baking with Chef Bob
Jul 30 Abortionist Kills "Ugly Black Babies"
Jul 27 Walter ReMine on the Origin of Sexual Reproduction
Jul 26 Daddy Look!
Jul 25 Hollywood Directors Agree on Violent Movies
Jul 24 NCAA Hits Penn State Hard
Jul 23 Causes and Solutions to U.S. Epidemic Pt. 2
Jul 20 America's Murder Epidemic: Causes and Solutions
Jul 19 Bob Declares His Independence
Jul 18 Calvary Chapel Pastor Dave on BEL
Jul 17 Paterno, Penney's, Sandusky, Unleashed on USA
Jul 16 Jo & Leslie Make the Case, Bob Gets Signatures
Jul 13 RSR Interviews Walter ReMine Pt. 2
Jul 12 Re-Run: AUL Lawyer Paul Linton Opposes Personhood on BEL
Jul 11 Pot, the Plot, & Whatnot
Jul 10 A Godly Political Process
Jul 9 Bob Debates AUL Lawyer Paul Linton On Personhood
Jul 6 RSR's List of Evidence Against the Theory of Evolution
Jul 5 Can Win for Losing
Jul 4 Rerun: National RTL's John Roberts Upholds Obamacare
Jul 3 Unauthorized Recording: NRTL 5 Years Later
Jul 2 Romneycare Upheld & Abe Lincoln Felled
June 2012
Date Title
Jun 29 Geneticist re: Christianity Today Denying Adam
Jun 28 Nat'l RTL's John Roberts Upholds Obamacare
Jun 27 Colorado is Falling to Pieces
Jun 26 Penn State's Sandusky. GUILTY!
Jun 25 Don't Worship Democracy
Jun 22 University of South Carolina Astronomer on RSR
Jun 21 Rerun: AFA's Bryan Fisher on Romney on BEL
Jun 20 David Bote Baseball Career Highlights (including BEL Draft Interview)
Jun 19 No, We Can't All Just Get Along
Jun 18 Bob & Doug on Barry's Body Count
Jun 15 RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson on Epigenetics
Jun 14 Beware of Boy Scout Board Member Jim Turley
Jun 13 Tony Massey and the Voice of Choice Sting
Jun 12 Mormon Underwear Expected at Parade
Jun 11 Cal Zastrow Sues Montana for Censorship Law
Jun 8 Electron Microscope Lab Dir. Brings Dino Tissue to RSR
Jun 7 Homosexual Teachers Kiss in Kindergarten Class
Jun 6 Public School Worker Retires, Calls BEL
Jun 5 Fox News Gets Wrong Sex Selection Answer
Jun 4 Personhood USA's Jonathan Sutherland in Studio
Jun 1 RSR Risks Neck on Whale-of-an-Eel Story
May 2012
Date Title
May 31 You ask amiss, you get John Roberts
May 30 Reasons #472 through #478
May 29 Vatican Launching Europe's Personhood Petition Drive
May 28 Rerun: Tom Hoefling for President--2012
May 25 The Real Science Radio Caveman Show
May 24 AFA's Bryan Fischer on Romney on BEL
May 23 Dump Starbucks Falls in Wayne Besen's Lap Pt. 2
May 22 Dump Starbucks Falls in Wayne Besen's Lap
May 21 Anti-abortion Victory: Pepsi Stops Stem Cell Taste Testing
May 18 RSR: List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
May 17 The Robomney Effect
May 16 Dead Men Rising
May 15 Falling Backwards into "Right"
May 14 An Equal Opportunity Basher
May 11 RSR: Good Little Rat, Bad Little Bat
May 10 What Romney's Mormon Relative Says
May 9 Marriage: Now Romney Pulls Obama To The Left
May 8 Go ahead! Throw away your vote!
May 7 Tom Hoefling for President -- 2012
May 4 RSR: Does Stephen Hawking Exist?
May 3 Praying for Chen Guangcheng
May 2 What Do Cows Think About Freedom?
May 1 Interview With Dr. Klingenschmitt
April 2012
Date Title
Apr 30 Osteen, Gaga and MacAuther
Apr 27 RSR: Best Cell Biology DVD Ever Made!
Apr 26 Meet the New Colorado Right To Life President
Apr 25 2007-2012 Five Year Review
Apr 24 Update from OK's Abolition Society
Apr 23 Republicans Blocking Personhood in Oklahoma
Apr 20 RSR: ASU Agrees 90% of Marine Species Killed
Apr 19 The Huffington Pots
Apr 18 ADD: Adult Discipline Disorder
Apr 17 Orfa Gives Us a Ring
Apr 16 Colorado Republicans Disappear Romney
Apr 13 RSR: Now, Two Million Year-Old Leaves?
Apr 12 Finally! A Shovel Ready (Manure) Project
Apr 11 Socialism and When God Changes the Law
Apr 10 Bob Dreams Santorum Endorses Mitt
Apr 9 Attorney General, Meet the SBC President
Apr 6 Stars in Galaxy Bulges "Look Too Perfect"
Apr 5 Strong Delusion
Apr 4 Bill, Hillary, and Obama All on BEL
Apr 3 Russ Haas: A Wealth of History
Apr 2 Jason Burkey star of October Baby on BEL
March 2012
Date Title
Mar 30 Dinosaurs, Fossils & Montana's Best Museum
Mar 29 Ken Goes Scott Free
Mar 28 Strong Delusion
Mar 27 Nothing Says Love Like...
Mar 26 The Hunger Games and October Baby
Mar 23 RSR: Remember the Nautiloids!
Mar 22 Christian Clich├ęs Debunked
Mar 21 Friday's Nationwide Rally Against Obamacare
Mar 20 Stupid is as stupid does
Mar 19 It's a Girl = 37 Million Dead
Mar 16 RSR: The Origin of Earth's Radioactivity
Mar 15 Mark Crutcher on Abortion Violence Against Women
Mar 14 Somebody Has To Be in the Closet
Mar 13 Trading Tim Tebow
Mar 12 DBC's Nick Morgan on Bible Languages
Mar 9 RSR: Good Mutations Occurring On Demand
Mar 8 The Gospel, Justice & Ethics
Mar 7 Bob Says: Bleach Nurse, Press Paul
Mar 6 CO Supreme Court OKs Personhood Initiative
Mar 5 It's Not a Miracle
Mar 2 RSR Predicts: Two-mile Deep Lake To Surprise Evolutionists
Mar 1 Gone Gaga
February 2012
Date Title
Feb 29 Senator Catches Fire: Dies
Feb 28 The Man in the Home is the Man in the Booth
Feb 27 Beware of the Public School
Feb 24 RSR: Bob Has a Great Weight on His Shoulders
Feb 23 Government Schools & Waterloo
Feb 22 A Day In Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas
Feb 21 Romney & Satan: A Brief Review
Feb 20 Colorado's 2012 Unborn Victims of Crime Act
Feb 17 League of Reason's AronRa in Round Two
Feb 16 Doug & Gregg: Send $20k to End this Telethon!
Feb 15 SensaHeart and Stem Cells Repairing Hearts
Feb 14 Mr. Santorum: Please Re-Think Abortion Regulations
Feb 13 Limbaugh Cites Abortion Breast Cancer Link
Feb 10 RSR: Adipose Fins and the Dinosaur Death Pose
Feb 9 Bob and Leslie's Big Adventure
Feb 8 Colorado Shocks the World
Feb 7 Bush's Solicitor General Fights for Homosexual Marriage
Feb 6 Komen, Khamenei & the Caucuses
Feb 3 RSR: Portuguese Man-of-War Made of Four Animals
Feb 2 Mitt Fumbles the Base
Feb 1 Komen Pulls Planned Parenthood Funding
January 2012
Date Title
Jan 31 Missionary to Burma
Jan 27 RSR: List of Not So Old Things Pt. 2
Jan 26 Don't Get Fooled, Buy This Book!
Jan 25 Prisoners Pull Tooth, Taunt Town
Jan 24 Moving the Lexicon Right
Jan 23 Randall Terry's in the Democratic Primary
Jan 20 RSR's 2012 List of Not So Old Things
Jan 19 Haley Barbour Offends Jesus
Jan 18 Meet Townhall's Mike Adams on Saturday
Jan 17 How to Tebow Right!
Jan 16 What's Not Happening This Week
Jan 13 Preview of Our List of Not So Old Things
Jan 12 Tim Tebow's NFL Records, Baseball Records, Life Records, etc.
Jan 11 No Need To Tithe
Jan 10 Please Join Bob in Ft. Morgan on Jan. 26
Jan 9 Did We Mention He Was a Homeschooled Christian?
Jan 6 Evolutionist admits ape-to-man fossils an "illusion"
Jan 5 Tebow, Jefferson & Guns for Christmas
Jan 4 Personhood Pledgers Get 75% of Iowa Vote
Jan 3 For Once, A Righteous Political Calculation
Jan 2 Episcopal Church Member Gets Saved!