Cancel Culture at NIH and their Target on RSR

J.C. Sanford, Ph.D. Genetic Entropy* Dr. John Sanford: Hear Real Science Radio's interview of one of the world's leading geneticists, Dr. John Sanford, including about the cancel culture that occurred at the National Institutes of Health after his recent lecture. Please email to a friend or post on social media or, both of which link to this important RSR program! Please also consider and Dr. Sanford's paper, The waiting time problem in a model hominin population.

* For Biology, Use 'Entropy' Not 'Second Law': Bob has long urged that when arguing against biological evolution creationists should use the term entropy, as Sanford does, rather than the term second law (of thermodynamics). An American Journal of Physics paper on evolution and thermodynamics prompted Bob Enyart and TheologyOnline's Johnny to debate Entropy & Evolution. Kindly, Prof. Dan Styer himself, the author of the AJP paper, joined in while Bob was arguing that it is not possible to translate information entropy into heat entropy. Bob urges creationists to refrain from that sloppy argument, and if he's correct, then Bob has shown that Styer failed to refute the entropy argument against Darwin. (And interestingly, at the end of the debate, Styer revealed that He Himself believes in Jesus Christ as creator and savior!)

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