WHY did the left flip on lab leak possibility?

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Bob Enyart considers the suggestions of conservatives such as Tucker Carlson that regarding the covid, the Dems have flipped, along with the media and academia, on investigating the lab leak theory. Carlson notes evidence surfacing and a defector, and supposes that former vice president Joe Biden and leading leftists switched on a dime because the truth is coming out. However, Bob asks, since when does the left correct themselves after being contradicted by the evidence, or facts, or by the truth, or even by the truth becoming widely known? Answer: Since never. The truth is utterly irrelevant to them. They hate Jesus Christ and He is the Truth, so they don't have a welcome nor even tolerate truth. Did they admit the overwhelmingly clear truth about their Trump/Russia collusion hoax? How about on BLM, or on the trillions of welfare dollars that ended up hurting the poor in America and around the world? Nope. How about their adult big bang and darwinism fairytales. Has dinosaur soft tissue and all the overwhelming evidence brought them around on those? Or on their "river did it" theory of the origin of the Grand Canyon? Nope! That leaves Bob's explanation standing, and it has to do with the left's obsession with social justice, wealth transfer, and their hatred of America.