Did Bob just do a Super Bowl LV show without mentioning Brady?

Men in Women's Sports Poster: calling all mediocre men[If you're joining us from the Denver radio broadcast, start at 28:20.] The 2021 Super Bowl made history with yesterday being the first time in NFL history that a player on the field ________. [Today's show fills in the blank!] Today's program is another tour de force, this time on the BEL's Contribution #11, Morality. Observations include that feminism is man worship; female reporters shouldn't be allowed in men's locker rooms; former vice president Joe Biden is happy destroying women's sports; women are worse than men at a thousand things but better at those that matter most; gender is more fundamental even than marriage regarding sexual morality; Tebow didn't run backwards nearly as much as Mahomes; iHeart Radio sports show cancels Bob; you need to be an expert on right and wrong; Study shows girls are better at reading than boys which journalists ignore to report that girls do worse than boys in math. Also, see our kgov.com/about page for our Morality resources, on gender, marriage, immorality, good deception, and exposing practical moral relativism with our warnings about  public schools, marijuana, liberals supporting pedophiles, pornography, no-fault divorce, homosexuality and Christian leaders going gay, and of course five of the Ten Commandments are for criminal justice (with murder, stealing, adultery, perjury, and covetousness all being foundational to morality), and our promotion of homeschooling and see kgov.com/Gospel. Finally, February is our annual telethon month and we're at $4,200 of our vital goal of $50,000! We can really use your help. If you can, please check out kgov.com/store or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) to purchase materials, sign up for a subscription, or to make a one-time or monthly donation. Thanks so much!

Morality: Why God Forbids sexual immoralityToday's Resource: Morality: Why God Forbids Sexual Immorality

A Testimony with Bob Enyart: Why does God forbid sexual immorality? This is Bob's most heart-rending video. He tells the sad part of the story of his own life. Learn about the effects of pornography on men and on children and how porn can pervade a young life, in school, at camp, and sometimes even in little league.