Bob Enyart Interviews and BEL Interviewees

Bob Enyart on his TV programBEL Interviewees: Bob has interviewed hundreds of prominent advocates of many controversial issues including atheists, physicists, homosexuals, biologists, abortionists, geologists, astronomers, libertarians, journalists, and Christian leaders such as:
- Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss
- Discovery Institute founder Stephen Meyer on Darwin's Doubt
- NCSE’s Eugenie Scott on evolution
- Scientific American’s Michael Shermer on God
- Outstanding creation scientist Jonathan Sarfati
- Ann Coulter, who has yet to apologize
- Apologist Frank Turek
- Homosexual Wayne Besen
- British theistic evolutionist James Hannam
- 'Jurassic Park' paleontologist and soft-tissue discoverer Jack Horner
- World exclusive interview with Clinton victim Juanita Broaddrick
- Fraudulent LifeNews' moral relativist Steve Ertelt
- Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai on Israel's wall
- Anti-creationist Aron Ra
- Congressman Bob Barr of Clinton Impeachment fame
- Juanita Broaddrick friend nurse Norma Rogers
- Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris
- Evangelist Ray Comfort
- Brannon Howse on David Barton and Glenn Beck
- Apologist but moral relativist Greg Koukl
- Philosopher of Science Paul Nelson on bird flight
- William Dembski co-author Jonathan Witt on ID Uncensored
- Fired Jet Propulsion Lab Administrator David Coppedge
- Fired Smithsonian Scientist Richard Sternberg on junk DNA
- University of California Prof. of Ophthalmology Gary Aguilar on eye evolution
- Republican Prof. Paul Kengor on the political Christian conversion of George W. Bush
- Mad Money's Jim Cramer on economics and mad politician Tom Tancredo
- Inventor of the MRI Raymond Damadian
- Astronaut Alan Bean who walked on the Moon
- Reagan Ambassador and stellar orator Alan Keyes
- Columbine parents and students (Rohrbough, Brown, Petrone, Todd)
- Infamous late-term abortionist Warren Hern
- Neal Boortz doing a poor job arguing for a national sales tax
- Liberal U.S. Representative from Ohio Dennis Kucinich
- Newsweek's alleged journalist Lisa Miller caught red-handed
- Truth Truck Driver Ron Brock 
- Ken Timmerman, agreeing with Bob, mostly, on Israel
- World's most prolific origins author (with 6 PhDs) Dr. Jerry Bergman
- Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Barry Lynn
- Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore who apologized for his comments regarding the PBA fiasco
- End Times author Jonathan Cahn 
- Theologian Thomas Jay Oord on open theism
- Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice on "pro-life" laws keeping abortion legal
- Bob's favorite scientist Dr. Walt Brown (MIT PhD) and scores of other creation scientists
- And many others including Juan Williams and Hal Lindsey. Bob also enjoys occasional spats like with evolutionists PZ Myers and Jerry Coyne, and astronomer Phil Plait. For many more, check out!

Bob Enyart in Indiana

Bob Enyart Interviews: Bob has been interviewed hundreds of times by U.S. TV and radio hosts, and by the BBC and Al Jazeera. Bob’s work has been reported on by leading outlets including USA Today and People magazine. Many stories about the program and its host from the Associated Press and Reuters have been put out by the wire services. Atheist and women-abuser Bill Maher has repeatedly featured Bob Enyart on ABC's Politically Correct sparring with stars like Martin Short, crotch-humorist Jimmy Kimmel, and admitted farm animal rapist Larry Flynt. The Times-Warner nationally-syndicated TV program XTRA has profiled Enyart, and he appears in E!'s biography of O.J. Simpson regarding Bob's burning of  O.J. Simpson's memorabilia on the steps of the L.A. courthouse (to propose fundamental reforms to America's criminal justice system, which is one of the BEL themes). Tramp Nina Burleigh interviewed Bob for a 2015 Newsweek cover story and Enyart has appeared on Court TV discussing the death penalty for Scott Peterson, and on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor defending spanking, and has been interviewed by Sean Hannity, and has appeared for hour-after-hour on air over at MSNBC (although there is no hard evidence that anyone ever saw any of it :).

* Additional Interviews Of and By Bob
- Ken Hamblin in 1990 interviews Bob Enyart on KBX radio about our anti-abortion Operation Rescue arrests
- Sean Hannity in 2001 (before 9/11) on spanking
- Donna Ballentine, the cousin of a boy molested by Denver archdiocese priest Neil Hewitt
- Time magazine in 2007 "Embryos are living human beings with eternal souls and spirits. You just have to refrain from killing one to see what a precious child it is." Etc.
- Michael, another boy, now grown, also molested by Fr. Neil Hewitt
- Christopher Schlect, the author of Critique of Modern Youth Ministry
- Scott Lively, The Pink Swastika, on the leading NAZI homosexuals
- Texas radio host in 2001 interviews Bob about spanking just a few weeks after a similar WABC interview
- National Public Radio in 2008 about Mitt Romney lying about being opposed to abortion (If you can find a working link or the audio itself, please email that to Thanks!)
- TOL's Jefferson George interviews Bob Enyart in 2004 about the development of his views over 15 years of broadcasting.
- Infamous Boulder abortionist Warren Hern appeared on BEL
- If you recall an interview that you think we should add to this list, or if you have a recording of one that you could send to us, please email Thanks! 

* Spats: Outside of debates and interviews, here are a few of Bob's interactions and challenges that were interesting as far as they went...
- Jurassic Park's real-world paleontologist Jack Horner
- NASA astrobiologist Dr. Mary Voytek at
- KOA radio's Stump the Professor Fred Ebert who at first said he'd debate Bob...
- Colorado's former governor Dick Lamm on his support for killing the innocent
- KHOW's Ross Kaminski about the evidence for God in an eclipse
- YouTube's Professor Stick
- Newsweek's 99.86%, Lisa Miller, and Nina Burleigh
- Filthy evolutionist PZ Myers
- Fruit fly expert Jerry Coyne
- And by honorable mention Stephen Hawking
- See dissed below and find more lists at and /threads 
- Recommend a spat! Just email the link to Thanks!

* Discovery Institute Scientists: From, here's a handy list of Intelligent Design scientists and DI associates interviewed here on Real Science Radio:
Philosopher of Science Paul Nelson on Bird Flight
Dr. Stephen Meyer on Darwin's Doubt and Rebutting Critics of Darwin's Doubt
Intelligent Design Uncensored Co-Author Jonathan Witt
Illustra Media Producer Lad Allen on Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans
Walter ReMine on the Biotic Message 
Fired Jet Propulsion Lab Administrator David Coppedge on RSR
John West on Darwin Day in America
Renowned Scientist Richard Sternberg on Junk DNA
Illustra's Lad Allen on ORIGIN (and honoring James F. Coppedge)
Scientist Who Helped Explain Protein on RSR: Doug Axe

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* List of When We've Been Dissed: "Bob Enyart Live was deplorable before deplorable was cool!" Here at is a partial list of when we've been dissed including by the IRS, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, YouTube, and Ann Coulter.
- In 1999, long before the Lois Lerner scandal broke, the IRS harassed and finally refused to designate BEL as a non-profit broadcaster (even though Bob had been broadcasting on exempt stations for almost a decade. So, we realized the blessing in disguise, praised God, and were as freely political as we wanted to be. (As a result though, while donations to DBC are deductible, donations to BEL are not.)
Amazon sells pro-pedophile book: Paedophilia: The Radical Case-  In 2000, while Amazon was selling (and still is selling) homosexual materials including even the Alyson Publications book, Pedophilia: The Radical Case, advocating that it should be legal to have sex with young children, they canceled the Bob Enyart Live account for selling The Plot along with all of our traditional Bible studies which highlight the Scripture's warning against homosexuality and all sexual immorality.
- In January 2008 Fox News Channel promoted a segment with Ann Coulter coming on air to answer criticisms from Bob Enyart, but she canceled with FNC and never rescheduled.
- In September 2008 Focus on the Family's James Dobson, after publicly inviting "anyone who has questions" to come and visit us in Colorado Springs, had Bob arrested, along with a few friends, instead of addressing American Right To Life's concern about Dr. Dobson openly breaking his pledge to God.
- In 2010 Colorado's Fox 31 News gives Bob five seconds, "You don't stamp out birth defects by killing the kids who have them", in an entire segment about screening embryos to find which ones to abort.
- In March 2016, Facebook took down Bob's page claiming that he was impersonating Bob Enyart. Sheesh!
- In September 2016, Denver's Troubleshooter Tom Martino was going to help Bob get an arrest warrant executed against someone publishing death threats until a listener called in and told Tom that Bob taught against homosexuality. Martino then told the audience he wouldn't help, apparently being less concerned about death threats against traditional Christians.
- In 2017, Airbnb canceled the account of Bob Enyart, and the editor of World Magazine Marvin Olasky, and thousands of other conservative Christians, because we would not affirm homosexuality.
YouTube screenshot warning not to visit BEL's kgov website...- In June 2018, YouTube began telling their users that " may include disturbing content. BACK TO SAFETY." Also, back in March, YouTube removed our new science video, overruling our fair use of the kind of footage that atheist and evolutionary content creators constantly use on YouTube without harassment.
- In August 2018, we're still seeing death threats on Facebook and YouTube and even this month we've reported examples of each to both. We'll see if FB does anything but so far after repeated reports over months, YouTube has done nothing even though three channels have videos containing graphics saying "Bob Enyart Wanted Dead or Alive", and that's even on one of their YouTube channel icons.

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