2008 Archive

December 2008
Date Title
Dec 31 Ken Timmerman: Israel Defending Herself
Dec 30 Democrats Turning on their Own
Dec 29 Sir Douglas and Sir Robert
Dec 26 RSR: Saturn's Rings & Jellyfish Layers
Dec 25 Rerun: Colleena's Story
Dec 24 Newsweek's Lisa Miller Confronted on BEL
Dec 23 Evangelist on BEL re Rick Warren
Dec 22 Talkers Mag Editor Michael Harrison on BEL
Dec 19 Original: Miller on BEL
Dec 18 Two Debates: Open Theism & Entropy
Dec 17 Colleena's Story
Dec 16 After Arrest at Focus on the Family, Enyart Headed to Court
Dec 15 Slaughter of the Hedge Hogs
Dec 12 RSR's PZ Myers Trochlea Challenge
Dec 11 RSR: Atheist Dan Barker Exists, He Thinks
Dec 10 To Mike the Canadian Atheist: That Rock is Dead
Dec 9 It's the Sun, Not Your SUV
Dec 8 RSR: Entropy and Evolution Debate
Dec 5 Who Did Bob Burn This Week?
Dec 4 Dolly Llama opposes his own and Obama births
Dec 3 10th Circuit Would Deport BEL Guest
Dec 2 Pro-Choice Ilana Goldman on BEL
Dec 1 Hewitt & Reynolds Focus on Gay Marriage
November 2008
Date Title
Nov 26 Who's a Liberal to Thank?
Nov 25 Michael Pearl on BEL re Good and Evil
Nov 24 Aliens, Samurais, and Scientology
Nov 21 Fighting Pirates, Bullies, and Scurvy
Nov 20 Stanek- Both ends against the middle
Nov 19 Sherri Williams on BEL
Nov 18 Was God Ever Creative? Part II
Nov 17 Was God Ever Creative?
Nov 14 Real Science Radio Plant Dimmers
Nov 13 7 News Tonight, Fox 31 Tomorrow
Nov 12 Christians Still Against Gay Marriage, tick, tock
Nov 11 Shannon's Hope, Cindy's Treasure
Nov 10 Save Detroit, Destroy the Earth
Nov 7 RSR: 2008 List of Not So Old Things
Nov 6 Human Events Editor Dancing on BEL
Nov 5 550,000 Voters Said YES to Personhood!
Nov 4 Chris- I AM the standard, God is the Problem
Nov 3 Last Five Pre-Election Callers
October 2008
Date Title
Oct 31 Bob on Truth Talk Live about the Election
Oct 30 Rerun: Simpsons More Reliable than Schaffer
Oct 29 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pro States Rights
Oct 28 ARTL McCain Explanation Confirmed by Politico
Oct 27 ABC News quotes American RTL on McCain
Oct 24 Joe the Plumber Plugs Alan Keyes
Oct 23 Bob on C-SPAN re Amendment 48
Oct 22 Why Black America Should Doubt Obama
Oct 21 Simpsons- Throw Away Your Vote
Oct 20 Madonna You Hypocritical Pig
Oct 17 Simpsons More Reliable than Schaffer
Oct 16 Stunning McCain Debate II
Oct 15 Bob Enyart Stuck on a Glacier - Really
Oct 14 Stunning TOL Debate on McCain
Oct 13 Tennesse Banker Talks About Crisis
Oct 10 Michelle McIntyre Debates States' Rights
Oct 9 Peter Heck on BEL
Oct 8 National Right To Life on BEL Pt 2
Oct 7 2008 Broadcast of Otherwise Banned List
Oct 6 National Right To Life on BEL
Oct 3 Fireproof's Erin Bethea on BEL
Oct 2 Our Meeting with Komen Goes Badly
Oct 1 Non-Christians: "Jump!" Palin: "How High?"
September 2008
Date Title
Sep 30 Callers Coming to Bob's Rescue!
Sep 29 How High Is Your IQ? 700 Billion?
Sep 26 Bush: If I Can’t Kill One, then Kill 'em All
Sep 25 Jo Scott Tells Story of Baby Joseph
Sep 24 Ray Cordova Rapping for the Lord
Sep 23 Brian Enyart Jr Hosts BEL Telethon
Sep 22 Bob & Des Moines' Steve Deace on WHO
Sep 19 A Taste of BEL...for $100
Sep 18 Joseph Farah Slams Pro-Abortion McCains
Sep 17 Summer Wonderland at BEL
Sep 16 Russell Johnson of Family Policy Institute Pt 2
Sep 15 WND's Joseph Farah Exposing John McCain
Sep 12 Family Policy Institute of Washington on BEL
Sep 11 Abortion Down: Despite Regulations
Sep 10 Michelle McIntyre- the LIFE of the Party
Sep 9 Bill Keller, Bill... Oh, THAT Bill Keller
Sep 8 Cindy McCain- John is Pro-Roe
Sep 5 ARTL Protests James Dobson's Broken Pledge
Sep 4 Dobson's View of McCain is Out of Focus
Sep 3 ARTL Action Confronts Dr. Dobson
Sep 2 Goodbye DNC, Now It's The RNC
Sep 1 Rerun: ARTL DNC Sheets of Shame
August 2008
Date Title
Aug 29 McCain's Pick is Not Mitt Romney
Aug 28 Go Tell It On the Mountain!
Aug 27 Sheets of Shame News Spreads
Aug 26 ARTL DNC Sheets of Shame!
Aug 25 Alan Keyes & BEL Simulcast with Stu Epperson
Aug 22 Keyes on the Ballot - Terry on the Dockett
Aug 21 Michelle Malkin Promotes Power in the Park
Aug 20 Trewhella's Colorado Personhood Tour
Aug 19 Power in the Park and MAJOR Weitz Protest
Aug 18 Power in the Park During the 2008 DNC
Aug 15 Russia Bombs Georgia-- Atlanta Spared
Aug 14 Randall Terry in Studio
Aug 13 Focus Raining on Obama's Parade
Aug 12 How Do You Answer the DNC's CEO?
Aug 11 Marital Affairs- Edwards vs Gingrich
Aug 8 Bob Schaffer Opposes Personhood Amendment
Aug 7 Bob Interviews Bill Owens
Aug 6 5280 Magazine: DNC and Abortion
Aug 5 Dobson Endorses Colorado Personhood Amendment!
Aug 4 Colorado's 5280 Magazine on Our Battle
Aug 1 How would you answer Manny's email?
July 2008
Date Title
Jul 31 Reason 432 to Pull Her Out of Public School
Jul 30 Top Secret DNC Sheets of Shame Update
Jul 29 Collaborators Project Plumber Refuses Job!
Jul 28 Vote for WHO If Obama Will Win
Jul 25 Darwinist Wildlife Officials Fish Blunder
Jul 24 Auschweitz Update - One dead, One wounded
Jul 23 Dr. Dobson Set to Violate Pledge To God
Jul 22 Georgetown Professor Replies to Colo RTL
Jul 21 Operation Rescue Nat'l -OSA- Report
Jul 18 RSR: Einstein's Is and Ought
Jul 17 Annie Gillespie and Will Discuss Upcoming Personhood Day
Jul 16 $5 $10 $15 Deal Available Until Midnight
Jul 15 John Lofton Hosts BEL!
Jul 14 $600,000 Life Prizes Award Offered
Jul 11 Dick Morris Advises Bob Schaffer
Jul 10 Please Send Seven Sheets
Jul 9 Creation Museum Summer Update
Jul 8 Meeting Hostility with Hospitality 2008
Jul 7 National RTL Tries to Pull the Plug
Jul 4 Bob with Janet Folger on Faith2Action
Jul 3 General Contractor Quits Abortion Clinic Job
Jul 2 Barry Lynn and Enyart Debate Free Speech
Jul 1 Press Conference Against Colorado Censorship
June 2008
Date Title
Jun 30 Press Conference & Rocky Mtn News Article
Jun 27 The Conclusion to Megan's Call
Jun 26 Megan's Call Part I
Jun 25 The Gay Pride (Oxymoron) Parade
Jun 24 Personhood Bill Introduced in US Senate
Jun 23 7 Reasons Why George Carlin Did Not Go To Hell
Jun 20 Preparing to Fight SB200 Censorship
Jun 19 Media: Pro-lifers Blast Colo GOP Chairman
Jun 18 Barry Lynn and Enyart Debate Free Speech
Jun 17 American RTL and Focus in WND
Jun 16 Bob with Janet Folger on Faith2Action
Jun 13 WND Generates Many Interviews
Jun 12 WND and Enyart on Anti-Christian 'Gay' Law SB200
Jun 11 Sheets of Shame for the DNC!
Jun 10 Focus on the History - of Homosexual "Rights"
Jun 9 Bob on Colorado's Fox TV 31
Jun 6 Real Science Radio - Brain Size Cartoons
Jun 5 Homeschool Advantage & Gender Bias
Jun 4 SB200, SB192 - Time to Get Rid O' Ritter
Jun 3 Bob in Montana, Jo and Curtis in Studio
Jun 2 Bob in Montana, Jo in Studio
May 2008
Date Title
May 30 RSR: Insects have No Souls
May 29 Personhood Amendment Makes Colorado Ballot
May 27 Indiana Talk Host Peter Heck on Personhood
May 26 Re-run: 131,245 Personhood Signatures Submitted
May 23 American RTL Road Trip to Billings
May 22 Colorado 'Gay' Law Bans the Bible
May 21 American RTL Offers National $10,000 Prize
May 20 31,000 Scientists Reject Global Warming
May 19 Persecuted Indonesian Pastor on BEL
May 16 Cow's Milk in Health Food Stores
May 15 Personhood Talking Points 101
May 14 Hillary and the Dead Parrot
May 13 131,245 Personhood Signatures Submitted
May 12 Tomorrow is the deadline for personhood, get your signatures in!
May 9 Bob out getting signatures; Jo Scott in studio
May 8 Eduardo Verástegui Endorsed Colorado Personhood
May 7 Phase II: No Signature Left Behind
May 6 Pedophiles, Priests, & Privacy: The Denver Archbishop Writes to a Molestation Victim's Sister
May 5 Planned Parenthood Shrinks Black Population
May 2 Bob out getting signatures; Steve, Leslie and Lolita in studio
May 1 Bob out getting signatures; Vic Lopez in studio
April 2008
Date Title
Apr 30 Bob out getting signatures; Jo Scott in studio
Apr 29 Republican Bob Schaffer in the Twilight Zone
Apr 28 Bob out getting signatures; Hanks & Scott in studio
Apr 24 Bob's Grandmother, Bob Schaffer & Shiu Yon Zhou
Apr 22 LifeCommercials.com Fourth Annual Founders Dinner
Apr 21 Dawkins Validates the Intelligent Design Argument
Apr 17 Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks say See Expelled!
Apr 16 EXPELLED Release refers to ARTL Marathon!
Apr 15 Founders Dinner Expels Senate Bill 192
Apr 14 See You at the Movies!
Apr 11 Expelled Exec Producer Walt Ruloff on BEL
Apr 10 BEL Mutiny: TOL Promotes Atheist Debate
Apr 9 March 31, '08 rerun: Judge Jack Berryhill
Apr 8 NRTL & Republicans for Choice endorse same candidate
Apr 7 Arizona Full-page Ad: No Mitt for Vice President!
Apr 4 Real Science Radio
Apr 3 ExpelledTheMovie.com
Apr 2 Collaborators Project in Oregon
Apr 1 MorningAfterPillInformation.com
March 2008
Date Title
Mar 31 Judge Jack Berryhill
Mar 28 Real Science Radio: Caterpillar Kills Atheism
Mar 27 Anti-Homeschool Judges Are Republicans
Mar 26 The Big Bang is Coming!
Mar 25 $15,000 for Personhood in One Day!
Mar 24 145,000 visits to KGOV.com
Mar 21 Pro-Choice Justice Antonin Scalia
Mar 20 ABC Hatchet Job Against Denver Christians
Mar 19 Lunchbox at the Public School Zoo
Mar 18 FoundationRebuilders@gmail.com
Mar 17 No Matter How Small
Mar 14 Bob Testified Today at the Colorado Capitol
Mar 13 Tomorrow Hear Bob & Pro-Abort Sen. Ward
Mar 12 Bob Testified Today at the Colorado Capitol
Mar 11 Over Three Millions Teenage Girls Have STDS
Mar 10 Cal Zastrow Updates us on the Personhood Effort
Mar 7 Real Science Radio & 99 Plots Sold!
Mar 6 50 Plots Sold in One Show!
Mar 5 That "BLANK" Should Be Regulated by the States
Mar 4 Obama & Bush Same on Same-Sex Unions
Mar 3 Bob runs full page ad against Ron Paul in his district
February 2008
Date Title
Feb 29 RSR: CRS Quarterly Fall 2007 Edition
Feb 28 $14,900 of the BEL Telethon Goal of $25,000!
Feb 27 $11,850 of $25,000 BEL Telethon Goal!
Feb 26 $11,100 of $25,000 BEL Telethon Goal!
Feb 25 $10,000 of $25,000 BEL Telethon Goal
Feb 22 Libertarians are Immoral Conservatives (see the party, Ron Paul, etc.)
Feb 21 We’re at $7,500 of 25,000 Telethon Goal!
Feb 20 We're at $6,900 of 25,000 Telethon Goal!
Feb 19 Jo Scott in Studio Reporting on Leaders Summit
Feb 18 Missionary: Enyart's "Plot" Working in Costa Rica
Feb 15 Untitled BEL Show 2-15-08
Feb 14 Government Spends $27,000 per Senior per Year
Feb 13 Untitled BEL Show 2-13-08
Feb 12 andthenyoucankillthebaby.com
Feb 11 Tony Perkins of Washington Watch Helping
Feb 8 More Danger from Pro-Gay Leaders than Osama
Feb 7 Romney Exit to Transform Pro-life Endorsements
Feb 6 Pro-abort Romney is Done, So says BEL
Feb 5 Super Tuesday- Romney's Bad, CRTL's Good
Feb 4 Republican Judicial Crisis
Feb 1 Weitz hit with PCS, Romney with ARTL
January 2008
Date Title
Jan 31 T-Minus 9 Hours till Weitz Permanent Collaborator Status
Jan 30 T-Minus 1 Day for Weitz, Two Judies Pt II
Jan 29 T-Minus 3 Days... Now, T-Minus 2 Days
Jan 28 T-Minus 4 Days till Weitz Permanent Collaborators Status
Jan 25 T-Minus 7 Days till Weitz PCS & Real Science Radio
Jan 24 T-Minus 8 Days? Till Weitz Collaborator Status
Jan 23 T-Minus 9 Days? Two Judies Part I
Jan 22 T-Minus 10 Days... Till Weitz Collaborator Status
Jan 21 CRTL watching for Weitz Permanent Collaborator Status
Jan 18 Real Science Radio: New Island, Old Look Pt 2
Jan 17 Deadline Letter to The Weitz Company
Jan 16 Julie Makimaa in Denver Saturday, on BEL Now
Jan 15 ARTL in the News--Everywhere
Jan 14 US News & World Report on Strategy Rift
Jan 11 Real Science Radio: New Island, Old Look
Jan 10 Bob and Vick Lopez in Studio!
Jan 9 ARTL Strategy Talk with Nathan Sheets Pt. II
Jan 8 Nathan Sheets - Know their Fruits
Jan 7 Planned Parenthood in Bed with United Airlines
Jan 4 A Show so Nice, We Played it Twice!
Jan 3 Leading libertarian admits Ron Paul is pro-choice state-by-state
Jan 2 U.S. Congressional Libertarian Candidate Criticizes Enyart