The Muslim who Murdered Ten in Boulder's King Soopers

When a Muslim murders Christians, the media explores and promotes every alternative motive, from mental illness on down and they're pained to acknowledge any anti-Christian Koranic motive. Likewise, by the left's deadly game of motive shuffling, their knee-jerk reaction ( mphasis on the jerk) to any racially motivated crime committed by a non-caucasian is to deny it was racially motivated, and any interracial deadly incident with a white perpetrator they insist was racial especially when the non-racial motive is overt. So the jerk of the leftist culture will be to claim that the Muslim who murdered ten people yesterday in Boulder was basically not responsible because he did this out of mental illness. Yet as documented at, Muslims have committed more than 38,820 deadly terrorist attacks since Sept. 11, 2001. So we can understand anyone who suspects that Ahmad al-Issa's murders were vengeance against his perceived Islamophobia.



Today's resource: God's Criminal Justice System:

Does the Bible support the death penalty before the crucifixion? How about after the crucifixion? The death penalty forms the centerpiece of the Gospel. The first and last books of the Bible deal with execution, as do the Old and New Testaments generally. Enjoy this presentation of God's ideas about criminal justice. Many Christians pray for an open door to share the Gospel with a friend. That door opens with almost every newscast and social media headline, for those who benefit from God's Criminal Justice System.

Learn about:Gods_Criminal_Justice_System.jpg

• The Bible’s list of capital crimes.
• Altered and repealed criminal laws.
• Bible prescription for property crimes.
• Bible teaching on corporal punishment.
• Presumption of innocence.
• Judge selection and appeals.
• Admissibility of evidence.
• Perjury and contempt of court.
• Attempted crime.
• Correcting modern law principles
• Incarceration.
• Unintentional and justifiable homicide.
• Civil disobedience and more...



And learn also that:

• Jesus supports the death penalty.
• Revelation supports the death penalty.
• Paul supports the death penalty.
• Acts supports the death penalty.
• Hebrews supports the death penalty.
• Christians should support the death penalty.

And learn how to biblically answer those who claim that:

• Jesus repealed an-eye-for-an-eye punishment. • Christians must forgive the murderer.
• Christians should not judge.
• Christians should not repay evil for evil.
• Only those without sin can enforce a death penalty.
• Thou shall not kill.