The Chosen's Dallas Jenkins renews Bob's Anti-Mormonism

* He's NOT the Same Jesus: A month ago Bob gave The Chosen rave reviews (and still does). However, the series producer Dallas Jenkins, cruelly, has given Mormons false hope, claiming in a podcast that they are saved, they are brothers and sisters in Christ, and that they "worship the same Jesus". Mormons score three in the three ways to recognize cults: they add to the Bible, they deny the Trinity, and they deny that Jesus is the only way to heaven. That the Mormon "church" has long taught that God the Father was once a man we learn from their founders Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and one of their early presidents, Lorenzo Snow. One of their more recent presidents, Gordon Hinkley, couldn't outright deny this and so equivocated in the San Francisco Chronicle. See the quotes at and our now-updated page

* Brigham (liked-'em) Young: Consider also that Brigham (liked-'em) Young and so did Smith, with 55 wives for Young (the youngest 15 when he was 42) and 40 wives for Joseph Smith (the youngest 14). See this documented at Dallas Jenkins gives Mormons false hope and practically blasphemes when he claims that Mormons "believe in the same Jesus" as evangelicals do, for their church has taught that Jesus' Father was once a man as we are, and that He had a Father God, and that Father God had a Father God, and so on. Bob also mentions from the Bible's spot-on genetic predictions and the Book of Mormon's errors, for example claiming that American Indians are descendants of Jews, and that anciently they had built iron and steel tools, machinery, covered the land with great cities (in reality they didn't even use the wheel), allegedly used (bogus) monetary units. herded oxen, cows, sheep, and used donkeys, horses, and elephants. All false and condemning of Joseph Smith's wild fabrication called the Book of Mormon.