Bend Don’t Break

*Artur Strong:  KGOV guest host Doug McBurney reminds the audience that Pastor Artur Pawlowski is bent, but not broken.

*Reason # 1,210: …to get or keep your kids out of the government schools:  the sexually deviant curriculum at Minnesota's Richfield Government Schools cannot be repeated on the air.

*Whiffing on Triality:  Atheists are trying to understand why they seem to understand things…

*Treason Invasion:  We discuss the massive illegal alien invasion headed our way.

*Encouragement vs Mandate: Are we supposed to replace the term “people” with “vaccinated and unvaccinated people”?

*Et tu Barack? the Brown Shirts & Black Lives Matter, (or Ernst Röhm & Chivona Newsome).

*Psycho-Justice: John Hinckley Jr’s release is teaching America that shooting the president can lead to some inconvenience.

*Tell it to The Marines: the Marine who rescued that baby at The Fall of Kabul (Lance Corporal Hunter Clark) is learning that the enemy has taken the Corps.

*Pop Quiz: Listen in, you might win… which of America's biggest international airports has the funniest "mandate order requiring mask wearing”?