The God-Is-Now-Here Ministry

Joining Fred Williams on the Real Science Radio is Daniel Hedrick, founder of the legendary GodIsNowHere ministry. Daniel is a former intelligence officer for the US military and currently works as an Information Security engineer. He recounts the grass roots behind the renowned GodIsNowHere ministry that spent 15 years travelling to numerous fairs & festivals, including an annual tent at the Downtown Denver People's fair. The ministry started with a heavy emphasis on "Creation vs Evolution" but eventually branched into a bastion of apologetics for the Bible and a Christian worldview, taking on everything from heretical theology to non-Christian religious organizations such as the Denver Islamic Society, and challenging cults such as the JW Watchtower and LDS Church. Tune in for this interesting walk down memory lane, and a special appeal to listeners regarding this powerful ministry that has ministered the gospel of grace to thousands of people.

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The ministries of so many Godly leaders, authors & preachers have been magnified tenfold, or even a hundredfold after their passing. Think of C.S. Lewis, and how he still, today, has such an impact on millions. We have no doubt Bob could have a similar impact, and your sponsorship of just one show a month will be the force to magnify this ministry, and the Gospel. So if you can help, and sponsor just one show a month, that would be a massive blessing. Thanks so much, Godspeed!

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On today's show, Fred Williams mentioned Bob's incredible memorial service. That can be found here.

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