God, Science, and Savants

* God, Science, and Savants like the NBA's Steph Curry: He's a savant. Of course we're not using the standard deficient dictionary definition of savant but an expanded and more accurate one as at rsr.org/definitions. UPDATE: Eleven days after this broadcast in the Warrior's pregame show against the league's #1 team the Utah Jazz, whom Golden State beat, the host said, "Well, we know that Steph Curry is an offensive savant." Update to the Update: Okay, okay, back in 2019 a Canadian sportswriter called Steph an "offensive savant". Still, we like spreading the word! :)

On today's program, Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss various famed savants and then expand the discussion to include people like Annie Oakley, Roger Federer, and the NBA's greatest shooter of all time, and a believer, Stephen Curry. If interested, see also our conclusion at rsr.org/savants-2.

Savant: /noun/
1a) a person who can access some of the originally-created, extraordinary capabilities of the mind and the brain which, because of sin, are now mostly latent
1b) a person with a physiological break in the barrier that formed after Man's Fall, that break opening partial access through the barricade designed to block access to our greatest intellectual potential.

Steph Curry vs the Entire NBA: Ten 3-pointer games

A traditional savant:

A savant by the more accurate and expanded definition:

Savants are rare, but there are plenty of examples:

Even Annie Oakley...

And did we mention this guy Steph...?

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* And Speaking of Lost Original Functionality: Consider the Tree of Life and limb regeneration. From ScienceDaily, June 2, 2021, Scientist identifies signaling underlying regeneration. Scientists say that we humans have an untapped ability to regenerate body parts as they make advances in understanding limb regeneration regarding. "the discovery of differences in molecular signaling that promote regeneration in the axolotl, a highly regenerative salamander, while blocking it in the adult mouse..." Here at RSR, we surmise that this may relate to the reason for the fruit and leaves on the Tree of Life both in Eden and on the New Earth. A researcher "compared immune cells called macrophages in the axolotl to those in the mouse with the goal of identifying the quality in axolotl macrophages that promotes regeneration. The research builds on earlier studies in which Godwin found that macrophages are critical to regeneration: When they are depleted, the axolotl forms a scar instead of regenerating, just like mammals. The recent research found that although macrophage signaling in the axolotl and in the mouse were similar when the organisms were exposed to pathogens such as bacteria, funguses and viruses, when it came to exposure to injury it was a different story: The macrophage signaling in the axolotl promoted the growth of new tissue while that in the mouse promoted scarring." The journal Developmental Dynamics published Distinct TLR Signaling in the Salamander Response to Tissue Damage. So, just like the originally-created extraordinary capabilities of the mind and the brain that savant syndrome gives access to, limb regeneration may similarly be an originally-created now latent capability that may be more recoverable in animals than in humans. For the super nutrients in the leaves and fruit of the Tree of Life could bring about recovery from severe biological damage. So, God may have made us human beings in a way that repair for major bodily harm requires both the proper internal molecular functioning and dietary supplements available only from the Tree of Life.

And speaking of Dirac: