God, Science, and the NBA's Steph Curry

He's a savant. Of course we're not using the standard deficient dictionary definition of savant but an expanded and more accurate one as at rsr.org/definitions. Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss various famed savants and then expand the discussion to include people like Annie Oakley, Roger Federer, and the NBA's greatest shooter of all time, and a believer, Stephen Curry.

Savant: /noun/
1a) a person who can access some of the originally-created, extraordinary capabilities of the mind and the brain which, because of sin, are now mostly latent
1b) a person with a physiological break in the standard barrier that formed automatically after Man's Fall, that break opening partial access through the barricade designed to contingently block access, while Mankind is in a fallen state, to our greatest intellectual potential.

A traditional savant:

A savant by the more accurate and expanded definition: 

Savants are rare, but there are plenty of examples:

Even Annie Oakley...

And did we mention this guy Steph...?