Diamonds again disappoint evolutionists, and Multicellular animal from flood revived!

Real Science Radio's Fred Williams is joined by guest host Ryan Williams to share the latest headlines from the current issue of Creation Magazine ( The biggest headline comes from a study that shows diamonds are once again a creationists best friend. Scientific analysis of gas bubbles in diamonds reveal the earth’s atmosphere hasn’t changed since the diamonds were formed. That’s a serious problem for evolutionists who think it took billions of years just for our atmosphere to support life. But it makes perfect sense from a Biblical view of creation. The diamonds were formed in the basement rock during creation week and some of them were expelled to the surface by the fountains of the great deep during Noah’s flood. Some in fact are found on meteorites! (see Then there’s the multicellular rotifer that was found in supposed “24,000 years old” permafrost that when thawed, revived and started reproducing! Fred & Ryan discuss why C14 dates on objects that existed before the flood will show older ages, and also talk about the true ice age following the flood when this little critter was entombed. 

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