Reminder: It's Not Always Wrong to Criminalize Opposition

Bob Enyart mentions the current conservative lament that the left is trying to criminalize opposition, and how right they are. Conservatives are wrong however, and this is systematic with our side, when they try to reduce matters of right and wrong into process issues. For example, when gun control tyrants activate after a mass shooting, conservatives will make a process objection and claim (wrongly) that "It's wrong to use a crisis to promote whatever your issue is." If you've spent years trying to convince nations to build a tsunami warning system, and then in 2004 the Indian Ocean tsunami killed 200,000 people, there's absolutely nothing wrong with immediately going into high gear to accomplish your goal. So the primary factor in whether it's right or wrong to use a crisis to promote a cause, is whether the cause is just or unjust. Likewise, just because the left today is trying to criminalize political opposition, doesn't mean opposition should always be legal. Bob gives examples on today's program of when political opposition is, or should be, criminal. Finally, we've reached $14,750 of our $50,000 goal! If you can, please check out or call us at 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) to make a one-time or monthly donation, or to browse our great resources or sign up for a subscription. And btw, the $1,000 offer was MATCHED! Hear more about that on today's show, thanks so much!

What We Believe & Why We Believe ItToday's Resource: What We Believe & Why We Believe It (Blu-ray, DVD, or Video Download)

This is an update of our "Christianity 101" series in eight parts!

1. The Bible Itself (revelation, inspiration, illumination, canon)
2. God (attributes, trinity)
3. The Created Beings (angels and man; then the animals)
4. The Old Testament (overview)
5. The New Testament (overview)
6. The Overall Plot of the Bible (dispensations; law and grace; Israel and the Body)
7. The End Times and Hell
8. Eternal Life and Heaven