God, Science, and Savants Pt. 2

* Here's How Savant Syndrome Occurs: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams have corrected and expanded the definition of "savant" and have explained conceptually how the savant syndrome occurs. The secular world is uncomfortable with savants because of what their condition suggests, as discussed on today's broadcast. Hear also a clip from a documentary about Kim Peek, the model for the Rain Man character played by Dustin Hoffman. And the guys present the corrected meaning of the word savant from rsr.org/definitions: a person with a physiological break in the barrier that formed after Man's Fall, that break opening partial access through the barricade designed to block access to our greatest intellectual potential. Hear also a news report about a slingshot savant, Rufus Hussy, who like Annie Oakley, almost never misses and hits quarters out of the air, bugs without damaging the leaves they're sitting on, and can slice tall weeds to fall, as requested, to the right or left. Finally, to give more context to understand their expanded definition of savant, the guys share audio from neuroscience professor Dr. Michael Egnor presenting scientific evidence for dualism, that the mind is not the brain, but that these are distinct entities with the mind not being physical.

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-Bob Enyart's Bible Study: The Tree: Whatever Happened to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil rsr.org/savants (part 1 of this 2-part series)
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Today’s Resource: Whatever happened to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? The answer is fascinating and can be found in this fun and amazingly educational 3-part video. Available on DVD (and audio download or MP3 CD).

* Creationist Darryl Sletten on the Mind Brain Process: Mr. Darryl Sletten, 81, of Wyoming, Minnesota sent to Real Science Radio his worthwhile 4-page paper,  A Perspective on Our Mental Processes Versus Our Physical Brain.

* Unrelated, but Fun: Bob Enyart on the global flood...