DBC files US Supreme Court brief to preemptively oppose vaccine passports

Plot_Cover.jpg[For our false teaching and "The Key 3", just listen to today's broadcast and see our note below.]

On May 14, Colorado executive orders laid the foundation for a vaccine passport by distinguishing between the unvaccinated and "any fully vaccinated individual [who] may go without any type of face covering in any setting" and by declaring that "managers of any business or service may, at their discretion, continue to require individuals entering or within their locations to... show proof of full vaccination." And on May 12 the state Democrats stopped the Republicans from preemptively blocking such a "passport". So Rebecca Messal, lead attorney in the Denver Bible Church and Community Baptist Church covid lawsuit, responding in the U.S. Supreme Court to an objection filed by the state attorney general, presented our own preemptive strike against the passport. Bob also describes the sad fall of the Pacific's Darwin's Arch as a metaphor for the collapse of the guy's theory.

* False Teaching on BEL: Bob Enyart warns and then delivers on his promise to present to our audience false teaching. As the pastor of Denver Bible Church and in rare form on today's program, Bob may just have delivered the best false teaching in the history of false teaching! See also from the last couple weeks these broadcasts:
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