"Required Guidelines" says the State of Colorado

Sounds like a contradiction to us here at BEL. On today's program you can listen in to a call from the county health department to Bob Enyart. Steve relates a complaint about Denver Bible Church where Bob is the pastor. Meanwhile, on Friday, Colorado's attorney general filed a 17-page motion in our lawsuit, a federal case in which DBC so far has won round after round including injunctions against the governor's office and the state department of health from enforcing their mask and capacity restrictions. Their motion, like their so-called "emergency orders", repeatedly use the contradictory phrase "required guidelines." Are they guidelines? Or are they required? In a previous motion in our case the same attorney general mocked Christians by writing, "houses of worship [are] in the same category... as trash processing..." Yet then, a victorious lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court, on behalf of Brooklyn churches against New York governor Andrew Cuomo, cited DBC six times by name! So, seeing the writing on the wall, Colorado conceded and withdrew its appeal in the 10th Circuit, so that they're continuing to fight other parts of our lawsuit but gave us the victory on the injunctions. Well, our lawsuit challenges the lack of a lawful basis on which the state has been issuing its edicts. So, even though the state has filed multiple proceedings in our case, and even though a federal judge has ruled in our favor, and even though our case argues that the government constantly contradicts itself in its coronavirus pronouncements, and even though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on behalf of churches citing our DBC lawsuit, shockingly, the state has not even attempted to answer our argument that it has no legal basis for its COVID actions. Perhaps that's why they continue to refer to their restrictions using the contradictory "required guidelines", instead of saying, as Steve did, "it's the law in Colorado." No, really, it's not.

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