Superman, Pronouns & Paternity

*Missing the Point:  KGOV guest host Doug McBurney takes note that while “conservatives” criticize Pete Buttigieg for his paternity leave during the supply chain melt down, they fail to condemn his gross sexual immorality & child abuse.

*Validating Insanity: When Texas became the 8th state to pass a law ostensibly designed to keep the boys off the girl’s basketball team, what they ended up doing was codifying the insane notion that birth gender might somehow differ from a person’s sex.

*Queer of Steal: PJ Media might not care if the morality play of Superman is stolen & turned into a immorality play. But we do!

*Reason 1,216: to get or keep your kids out of the government schools: social workers and teachers will lie to you about, (while contributing to the corruption of) your child’s mental health.

*Dad’s Awake Now: We go to Loudoun County Virginia where the school board covered up the rape of a girl at school, and the parents are beginning to notice that there seems to be a problem with government education.

*Ambush: A Houston deputy was murdered in a parking lot, where his blood flowed along with the blood of the millions murdered in our neighborhoods.