All "Hell-on-Earth" Rejoicing Over Rush's Death

Dan's Bake Sale cupOn today's program Bob Enyart quotes missionary to China C.T. Studd from a hundred years ago, "My prayer is that when I die, all hell rejoices that I am out of the fight." Well, that's sure true about the hell-on-earth left regarding Rush Limbaugh's passing. Bob shares his thoughts about Rush including the significant ways in which the famous talk show host paved the way for BEL and how there were some minor interactions between Rush and this program over the years, including the unprecedented radio ads  running on Rush's own program for three months in 1992 promoting a competing radio program that aired on a competing radio station, Bob Enyart Live! There was also a BEL connection with Rush's 1993 Dan's Bake Sale and when Bob stood at Rush's studio door in 1999 trying to get the famed host to cover the evidence that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick.

As to Rush Limbaugh's personal salvation, he did say this on October 19, 2020, "I mentioned at the outset of this — the first day I told you — that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ." I remember hearing that during a "driveway moment" sitting in my car before going into the house, waiting for Rush to complete that program segment. Of course, if he was sincere, he will enjoy the Lord and the fellowship of the saints forever in heaven! (Perhaps he'll agree to host a daily radio show in heaven. Milllions would love that! And, it could even be broadcast down into hell as part of Hillary's punishment. Hmm.) February 22 Update: We'll know more when Rush's brother David Limbaugh runs the column he's promised about the passing of his brother. (Rush was a huge promoter of George W. Bush and 43's conversion story is disallusioning. But of course that doesn't mean that we need to be on guard or jaded as to Rush's own testimony.)

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