Hearing out the guy who called Bob a heretic

Can God think a new thought? Did you know that if you answer Yes, classical theologians will call you a heretic? Hear the thread from our YouTube channel that began when a Mr. Cory Albright called Bob a heretic. We call Cory "Heretic Guy". He's not a theologian but has learned a lot from them. Bob also reminds listeners that pro-homosexual Curt kgov.com/Schilling, who we've sparred with, World Series MVP pitcher, has been "canceled" by his own insurance company, AIG. Wow. (Wish we'd thought of doin' that!) [Update: AIG released a statement saying they did not drop Schilling and whatever interaction he had was with his independent agent who is not an AIG employee.] Also, Bob requested listener suggestions of tactics for trying to persuade someone in today's mostly non-existent marketplace of ideas. Traditional tools of persuasion such as evidence, logic, reason, and consistency, have become mostly useless. One idea is to begin such a discussion asking, "Are you the kind of person who is willing to be corrected if evidence and reason show that your position is wrong?" Also, breaking news: Libs don't care if China interfered with the election. :) And, more breaking news: James Dobson, as with 100% of conservatives in 2021, suggests our federal government is made up of only two branches. (Bob explains why conservatives do this, and why they misunderstand that democracy isn't a victim of the left but its ally.) Finally, we invite you to hear also, Heretic Guy Pt. 2 and Pt. 3.