2013 Archive

December 2013
Date Title
Dec 31 Be Careful What You Watch!
Dec 30 Stuck in Antarctica and Safer than...
Dec 27 ICR's Fresh Fossils List Pt 2
Dec 26 This One Was Born There
Dec 25 Rerun: The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 24 The Salt in the Season
Dec 23 Duck Dynasty: Conservatives Quack Up.
Dec 20 RSR Reports on ICR's Fresh Fossils List
Dec 19 Why Liberals Hate the Holidays
Dec 18 Activist Rusty Lee Thomas' book Abortion Violation
Dec 17 Re-Run: Biblical Science & Child Rearing
Dec 16 Bob's Back with the Globals (flood & warming :-)
Dec 13 The Real Science Radio Christmas Show
Dec 12 The Forerunner
Dec 11 Finding Your Identity
Dec 10 Ray Comfort on BEL on Evolution vs God
Dec 9 Satanists in the Public Square!
Dec 6 RSR: How Many Animals Were on the Ark?
Dec 5 What is a Church?
Dec 4 CDC Newsflash: Homosexuals are Dangerous
Dec 3 Obama's Black Churches & Republican White Ones
Dec 2 The President (and the Evolutionists) Lied!
November 2013
Date Title
Nov 29 RSR's List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
Nov 28 The Pastor's Prerogative
Nov 27 Former BYU Professor Leaves Mormonism Pt. 2
Nov 26 Former BYU Professor Leaves Mormonism
Nov 25 The Swedes are coming, the Swedes are...
Nov 22 If it looks like baloney, and tastes like baloney...
Nov 21 On How to Make a Rooster Crow
Nov 20 Star Wars in Nonfiction; Bible in Fiction Section
Nov 19 GordonForColorado.com
Nov 18 Library books test positive for herpes; librarians for cocaine
Nov 15 RSR with the QED Guy on Logic Lessons
Nov 14 Predestination & Free Will Intro
Nov 13 What's the Problem with Romneycare? Really.
Nov 12 Victory in Court! Victory in Jesus!
Nov 11 Rerun: If My People
Nov 8 How Do Strata Form? Berthault's Geology Guy on RSR
Nov 7 Two Covenants: Genesis 15 & 17
Nov 4 Biblical Science & Child Rearing
Nov 1 Jericho and the Archaeological Evidence for the Bible's Account
October 2013
Date Title
Oct 31 Prayer Pt. 3
Oct 30 The Barber of Sir-ville
Oct 29 Dr. Michael Brown on the Absurdity of Sex-Change
Oct 28 Not Willing to Lose? You’re a Loser
Oct 25 List of C-14 Everywhere It Shouldn't Be; Etc.
Oct 24 Prayer Pt 2
Oct 23 The Final FINAL Reason
Oct 22 Death Panels Catch Up with Warren Hern
Oct 21 The FINAL Reason to Save Your Kids
Oct 18 Don Johnson on Programming of Life Pt 2
Oct 17 Prayer Pt 1
Oct 16 Reasons #489, 490, 491...
Oct 15 Star Wars in Non Fiction; Public School Teacher in...
Oct 11 Don Johnson on Programming of Life
Oct 10 Christian Worldview
Oct 9 Rerun: List of Scholars Doubting Darwin & the Big Bang
Oct 8 Rerun: Genesis Anew
Oct 7 Rerun: Hermeneutics & Christianity 101
Oct 4 Triceratops Soft Tissue: Osteocytes with filipodia no less!
Oct 3 Genesis Anew
Oct 2 Close Encounters of the Worst Kind
Oct 1 If I Knew You Were a Murderer, I'd a...
September 2013
Date Title
Sep 30 140,000 Personhood Signers Can't be Wrong
Sep 27 RSR's List of the Fine Tuned Features of the Universe
Sep 26 Automatic Forgiveness
Sep 25 Calling all Sinners
Sep 24 BEL's Hermeneutics & Christianity 101
Sep 23 D-Day in Colorado: No Signature Left Behind
Sep 20 RSR: Brought to You By the Number Three
Sep 19 Defending God's Honor
Sep 18 The Liberal Dog Rules
Sep 17 Bill Maher, Bill Nye, Evolution Just Don't Fly
Sep 16 BEL on Floods, Fires, & Superstition
Sep 13 CMB: Real Science Radio on the Axis of Evil
Sep 12 If the Son Had Not Risen
Sep 11 Brady's Mom in Studio
Sep 10 Recall Election is GOLD for Personhood
Sep 9 Baby = Consumer Product
Sep 6 RSR: Dragons are Evidence Man Lived with Dinosaurs
Sep 5 The Lessons from Job
Sep 4 Bob & Doug, Kerry, Castro & God
Sep 3 Ambassador Alan Keyes on Bob Enyart Live
Sep 2 A Labor of Love
August 2013
Date Title
Aug 30 RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin & the Big Bang
Aug 29 A Clean Conscience
Aug 28 Reasons # 572, 573, & 574...
Aug 27 Full Time Job Just Correcting Glenn Beck
Aug 26 On the way to the Coliseum, male stewardesses, and China families
Aug 23 RSR Reports on the ICC Pt 2
Aug 22 The Role of a Man
Aug 21 An Eternal Investment Opportunity
Aug 20 The 7 Genders Revisited
Aug 19 From the BEL Prediction File
Aug 16 RSR Reports on the Int'l Creation Conference
Aug 15 Do Not Steal Intellectual Property
Aug 14 Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks continue their discussion from last week
Aug 13 Reason #596 To Pull... Out Your Hair
Aug 12 Bob Interviews Imprisoned Pastor’s Wife
Aug 9 Nuclear Chemist, Stephen Meyer & Radiometric Dating
Aug 8 How is God Working Today?
Aug 7 Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks
Aug 6 Obama's Presidential Retreat
Aug 5 Prophecy of the Flagman
Aug 2 Stephen Meyer & Darwin's Doubt on RSR
Aug 1 Profound Questions
July 2013
Date Title
Jul 31 Oh Yeah: And Bake Us A Cake
Jul 30 Another Chaplain Chastised for the Lord
Jul 29 “Who are You to Judge?” Well for starters, you’re the Pope.
Jul 26 RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Theory Objections
Jul 25 Freedom (of God and Man)
Jul 24 London Arrestee Tony Miano on BEL
Jul 23 Helping the “Hani-capped”
Jul 22 NBC: Zimmerman Tells 911 Op "Black SUV"
Jul 19 Dr. Giem Grades the RSR 14C Report an A-
Jul 18 Are You Good Enough?
Jul 17 Rerun: Dr. Giem Grades the RSR 14C Report
Jul 16 Texas' HB2: Has 2 Backfire
Jul 15 "Measure the distance" with T. Russell Hunter
Jul 12 Dr. Paul Giem Grades the RSR 14C Report
Jul 11 List of Ways to Reduce Crime
Jul 10 Nuclear Chemistry Ph.D. Jay Wile on BEL
Jul 9 “Well” Regulated Murder
Jul 8 Back o’ the Bus
Jul 5 RSR Butterflies & Bogs
Jul 4 Love is Stronger than Knowledge
Jul 3 Passages: The Bible Experience
Jul 2 Head Transplant at Focus on the Family
Jul 1 Focus Promotes Gay Rights; Catholic Priest Beheaded
June 2013
Date Title
Jun 28 Astronomer Danny Faulkner on the 360-Day Year
Jun 27 Casting Lots in the Bible
Jun 26 Supreme Court Says Marriage is Hateful
Jun 25 Green Berets in Negligees
Jun 24 Boy Scouts Become Girl Scouts
Jun 21 The Genius of Ancient Man: Don Landis on RSR
Jun 20 The Death Penalty at the Heart of God
Jun 19 Dennis Prager & the Kids Who Don't Feel Pain
Jun 18 Kevin Swanson, author of Apostate
Jun 17 Enyart vs. Glenn Beck and Natural Law
Jun 14 RSR: Dobzhansky Deconstructed Pt. 4
Jun 13 Can God Make a Rock So Big that He Can't Lift It?
Jun 12 Bob Talks to Starr from Alabama
Jun 11 Nurse Challenges Biola University's Rhetoric
Jun 10 See the Future - Pats Sign Tebow!
Jun 7 RSR: Dobzhansky 40 Years Later Pt. 3
Jun 6 On Non-Christian Jews
Jun 5 Hamming It Up
Jun 4 Yuma's Pastor David McQuisten is Right On!
Jun 3 DNA Swabs Test Rapist's "Courage"
May 2013
Date Title
May 31 RSR: Dobzhansky 40 Years Later Pt. 2
May 30 Jeremiah 2
May 29 You Might Be A...
May 28 A Balanced Approach
May 27 Rerun: The Bride
May 24 Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution?
May 23 If My People: 2nd Chronicles Always Misunderstood
May 22 Child-killer Hickenlooper Spares Life of Child-killer Dunlap
May 21 Scandals Great & Small
May 20 Texas Gosnell: House of Horrors II
May 17 2013 List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Finds
May 16 Our Difference
May 15 Reason #698: Principally Centaurus High School
May 14 Ken Scott in the NY Times and BEL Studio
May 13 Abortionist Convicted of Murder
May 10 RSR Update: The Search for Noah's Ark
May 9 The Bride of Christ: Israel or the Body
May 8 The Donning of a New Dawn
May 7 Traveling eastbound on 17th Avenue
May 6 Denver Bible Buying a Church!
May 3 RSR: Another Not So Old Thing... Reefs!
May 2 Cain and Abel Pt 2
May 1 Kelly Clinger, Klingenschmitt v. Left-wingers All Unfit
April 2013
Date Title
Apr 30 ESPN's Chris Broussard in Falwell's Footsteps
Apr 29 Tebow Free! Collins in Prison.
Apr 26 Ant Bee May Bury Darwin in Mold
Apr 25 Cain and Abel Pt. 1
Apr 24 How to Protect Your Family Online Using Net Nanny, etc.
Apr 23 Cops, Robbers, & Now the D.A. Chasin' Tony Massey
Apr 22 Distinguishing Terrorism from Crime and War
Apr 19 RSR Reviews the History Channel's The Bible
Apr 18 Giving to Church
Apr 17 Live from the Front Lines
Apr 16 What Made Boston Vulnerable & Most Wicked?
Apr 15 Terrorism, Gold & Personhood
Apr 12 RSR: What's a Gland?
Apr 11 Suicide and the Cross
Apr 10 Economics & Creation
Apr 9 Focus on the Family's Jim Daly Cancels Call
Apr 8 Pastor Don Veazey and the Brady Amendment
Apr 5 The Journal Nature and the Bible: 200 Generations
Apr 4 Hierarchy of Hermeneutics
Apr 3 They Want to Fire Our Pro-life Friend Bill Diss
Apr 2 Dark Irony
Apr 1 Jail Saves and Happy Atheist Day
March 2013
Date Title
Mar 29 RSR: Evidence Against the Big Bang Pt. 2
Mar 28 Tempted in All Ways
Mar 27 Matt Barber: Homosexuality is Perverse
Mar 26 Hurtling Toward Gommorah
Mar 25 Who's Your Friend, the Boom or the Bust?
Mar 22 RSR's 2013 List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
Mar 21 Where Do We Go When We Die?
Mar 20 Cops & Robbers are Chasin' Jo Scott
Mar 19 The End Times, The Harbinger, and Jonathan Cahn on BEL
Mar 18 Prophecy & Jonathan Cahn's "Harbinger"
Mar 15 Real Science Radio: Is God Outside of Time?
Mar 14 Are All Sins Equal?
Mar 13 It's Eat an Extra Animal Day at BEL!
Mar 12 Criticizing Lawyers, Teachers & Dating
Mar 11 Kids & Dogs, Guns & Feet, Pop, Austrians and...
Mar 8 RSR: Perceptions Beyond the Five Senses
Mar 7 The Romans Road
Mar 6 Leading Cancer Researchers Blaming Abortion
Mar 5 The Tension Between Peter and Paul
Mar 4 From a Conservative Christian Pastor to the Paranoid Conspiracy Crowd
Mar 1 A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Too Far Away
February 2013
Date Title
Feb 28 Authority in the New Testament
Feb 27 Stupider & Stupider
Feb 26 Bob Answers Life's BIG Questions
Feb 25 Tebow's Turnover
Feb 22 Not Vestigial (including whales' "leg" and "pelvic" bones)
Feb 21 Authority in the Old Testament
Feb 20 Agreeing with Those You Disagree With
Feb 19 Matt Niedzielski in Studio
Feb 18 Asteroid and Meteoroid a Coincidence?
Feb 15 Real Science Radio Loves the Journal Nature
Feb 14 Those Who've Never Heard Pt 2
Feb 13 Notice to KHOW's Michael Brown
Feb 12 Bob on Ben Carson on Barack
Feb 11 Personhood, Politics, Polls & the Pope
Feb 8 Liquefaction Made Most of the Paper Thin Fossils
Feb 7 Those Who've Never Heard Pt 1
Feb 6 Rerun: Emancipation Proclamation 150 Years Later
Feb 5 Iowa Rep. Tom Shaw on his Murder Bill
Feb 4 Due to Technical Problems Here's a Rerun...
Feb 1 RSR's 2013 List of Not So Old Things Pt 3
January 2013
Date Title
Jan 31 The Rightly Divided Dietary Law
Jan 30 The Ramsey Case Pt 2
Jan 29 The Clue that Breaks the Ramsey Case
Jan 28 Beating Back the Barbarians
Jan 25 2013 List of Not So Old Things Pt 2
Jan 24 The Sabbath is a What?
Jan 23 They Left the Theater but were Still in the Movie
Jan 22 40 Years in the Wilderness
Jan 21 Celebrations Marred by Bloodshed
Jan 18 2013 List of Not So Old Things
Jan 17 No Divorce, said Jesus, Except for Immorality
Jan 16 Pointing Fingers at Invisible Guns
Jan 15 Cowboy Bob and The Question Evolution Project
Jan 14 Alabama Supreme Court: Unborn Child a Person
Jan 11 Plate Tectonics: Subduction Doesn't Happen
Jan 10 Verse by Verse in Galatians Chapter 2
Jan 9 "You can die in there," says Marla. "I did."
Jan 8 Be on the Lookout for This Man!
Jan 7 At Least Dave Sirota Inspired Something
Jan 4 The Cosmological Principle & the Center of the Universe
Jan 3 Why Was Canaan Cursed?
Jan 2 Colorado's Anasazi Fiscal Cliff Dwellers
Jan 1 The Painful Truth about the Emancipation Proclamation