Is God Brilliant? Not According to Calvinists…

But is He living, personal, relational, good, and loving? According to Calvinism… also no. Today, Dominic Enyart is joined on air by Chris Fisher, to discuss God’s attributes, specifically those He shares with King David. These attributes aren’t ones that Calvinists will readily acknowledge, though they’re seen in Scripture plain as day. We see that both Christ and David disregard popular opinion, and have a strong sense of integrity. Also, they are both: 


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Today's Resource: God's Biblical Attributes
Biblical Attributes
You may have been told that the five primary attributes of God are immutability, impassibility, omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience. We refer to these as the Greek and Latin philosophical OMNIs and IMs. They are quantitative. However, the actual five biblical attributes of God are that He is living, personal, relational, good and loving. These are qualitative. And as we will see, quality trumps quantity.

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