Traitors and the Just-a-System

Blessing Bob's Wife
Blessing Bob's Wife Cheryl (see below)

Blessing Bob's Widow Cheryl:
If you'd like to bless Cheryl, please consider praying for comfort and wisdom, or giving to help ease her financial burden. (Read more below today's show summary.)

*ANTIFA Tranny Skips Court:  Hear KGOV guest host Doug McBurney as he rips into the California Just-a-system over their release of a peeping tom, tranny friend of ANTIFA, who’s now on the loose!

 *Traitor in Chief:  Benedict Arnold and General Mark Milley should be remembered together after Milley’s Court Martial.

 *Fruit of Columbine: And a poison fruit it is that follows when we tolerate any public display memorializing the infamous acts of the Columbine killers.

 *The Fall of Kabul America: When a mass killer like Nidal Hasan is allowed to celebrate the fall of Afghanistan, you know that the Just-a-System is beyond fallen, it’s broken.

Blessing Bob's Wife, Cheryl
Pastor Bob Enyart, known for his unwavering Pro-Life work, daily radio show, and Christian ministry, has gone to be with the Lord at the age of 62. After a week of caring for his wife, who had recently contracted COVID-19, Bob was admitted into Lutheran Medical Center, where he passed away. We are all devastated by his loss.

Everyone who knew Bob, knew that his dedication to serving the Lord and serving others was immense. Always willing to drop everything, and run to help anyone in need. Even as he neared death, he cared for his family. He honored the Lord his entire life, bringing untold thousands to Christ. Before heading into the ICU, the last thing Bob reminded us was that, "God is good, all the time."

His death leaves his wife, Cheryl, in a difficult financial situation. She's unprepared for the high cost of a funeral service, medical bills, and living expenses. We want to give Bob the memorial he deserves, and to bless his wife by removing any financial burdens.

We humbly ask for your prayers and financial support, if you are at all able. We are so very grateful for every donation during this difficult time.