Major creation group extends olive branch to Walt Brown's supporters

* After the Friday Night Massacre: Post-show Update. Google and Apple have just thrown Parler off their app stores. For years on BEL we've warned against a church phenomenon in England in the 1800s which we call "secondhand excommunication", that is, excommunicating Person A and then excommunicating others, Persons B, C, & D, because have refused to excommunicate Person A. The left has now crossed over into that same twilight zone in what we can call "secondhand cancel culture". So it's time to use Google against Google. RSR created and offers free use of these two custom Google search tools, the first of which can be used to find news about current events that Google will supress.

Conservative multisite news search buttonClick to save a ton of time and find what you're looking for fast! This service provides a time-saving customized multi-site Google conservative news search! Let's say you're looking for a particular report on 2020 election fraud and Google doesn't want to show it to you. Well, here's how to get what you want and to use Google against Google! Just click on this Multiple Conservative Site Search and enter whatever conservative news story you're interested in. And viola! You'll have it in your search results in a second! 

When Googling: Try RSR's Multiple Creation Site Search!For origins, creation, and evolution you'll be simultaneously searching Real Science Radio along with the Web's four largest and most popular creation sites! This tool bypasses the confusion and noise of the Internet and let's you search simultaneously the thousands of science articles written by friends of RSR from the websites of Creation Ministries International, Answers in Genesis, the Institute for Creation Research, Dr. Walt Brown's Center for Scientific Creation, and of course from our own RSR resources. Enjoy!

With social media platforms openly turning against conservatives, perhaps privately-run online forums will come back into common use. For example, BEL/RSR owns and operates We invite you to click on over there and participate in the Creation Science forum!

* Today's Program: Praise God! Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams share a fabulous article from ICR's new president, Randy Guliuzza in which he expresses love and appreciation for a couple dozen creation organizations including CSC, that is, Dr. Walt Brown! This is in the same spirit of humility of the founder of the Institution for Creation Research, Henry Morris who "passed the torch of creation" to Dr. Brown! See to understand why reconciliation was (and with many others, still) needed.) The guys also discussed RSR being booted this week from Google Podcast, and far more significantly, the breach of the capitol this week. And with a prayer at the Capitol ending with "a-men and a-women", the guys present the etymology of the word amen! And they also promoted three things. One, an upcoming RSR interview with a scientist who spoke recently at the NIH. Two, that out RSR Multiple Creation Site Search has now reached 2,500 searches! And three, a Jerry Bergman novel that's about to be published by an imprint of HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson/Zondervan! Go Jerry! UPDATE: RSR is back on Google Podcast. Go figure! See more at and

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