2015 Archive

December 2015
Date Title
Dec 31 Theology Thursday: Who is the Weaker Brother?
Dec 30 McBurney's BIG 2016 Predictions
Dec 29 Bob Passes Doug's Pastor Pop Quiz
Dec 28 Bob & Doug at War
Dec 25 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 24 Theology Thursday: God Became Flesh
Dec 23 Bob & Doug to Tampa and Beyond!
Dec 22 How Should CRTL Reply to the Billy Graham Association?
Dec 21 Robbers & The (Not so) Lost Ark
Dec 18 The Real Science Radio Christmas Show
Dec 17 Theology Thursday: Daniel & Nebuchadnezzar
Dec 16 Ed Hanks: How Your Politician Trains You
Dec 15 The Heterosexual Medical Doc Fired from a Boston Hospital
Dec 14 NYT: Government Might Knowingly Welcome Jihad Supporters (Apparently)
Dec 11 ICR's Dinosaur Tissue Expert Brian Thomas on RSR
Dec 10 Theology Thursday: The Book of Isaiah
Dec 9 Gators, Nukes, Salvation & Immigration
Dec 8 Another Radio Host Interviews Bob Enyart
Dec 7 ISIS in California, Personhood at the Clinic, and Jackson in the Studio
Dec 4 RSR: Breaking News on Shootings and Science
Dec 3 Theology Thursday: Crisis in the Church
Dec 2 BEL's Top 12 Contributions Over 25 Years
Dec 1 If you're a personhood supporter you try to save lives at abortion clinics. It's what you do.
November 2015
Date Title
Nov 30 Pothead Kills at Planned Parenthood
Nov 27 RSR on Memory Lane with Skull Pt. 2
Nov 26 Theology Thursday: Thanksgiving at Denver Bible Church
Nov 25 Being Thankful for Some Rather Different Things
Nov 24 Protecting Your Family from Films and the Web
Nov 23 Leftys, Lawyers & Loons
Nov 20 RSR: The Skull 1470 Dating Saga
Nov 19 Theology Thursday: Nehemiah the Builder
Nov 18 Raqqa: From Genesis Chapter One to Today's Headline News
Nov 17 8th Army PFC Russell Siefkes from the DMZ to BEL
Nov 16 Which of These Things is Not Like the Other
Nov 13 RSR: Liberty University’s Marcus Ross in Studio
Nov 12 Theology Thursday: Tithing or Giving?
Nov 11 The Devil & The Details
Nov 10 Blood in the Water
Nov 9 McBurney's Apology to Young Lili
Nov 6 RSR Debates a 1611 Bible Translation
Nov 5 Theology Thursday: The Coming of the Lord
Nov 4 Doug McBurney Sits In!
Nov 3 Ken and Jo Scott Sit in for Bob
Nov 2 BREAKING NEWS: The King James Only Debate Begins!
October 2015
Date Title
Oct 30 RSR in the UK with University of Liverpool's Steve Taylor
Oct 29 Theology Thursday: The God Who Humbled Himself
Oct 28 Callers Help Bob Air Today's Show
Oct 27 Reason #1001 to Keep Your Kid Out of Public School
Oct 26 Romney Out of Dan Rather's Closet
Oct 23 RSR in the UK with a Research Professor from Leeds
Oct 22 Theology Thursday: Exodus Code Pt. 3
Oct 21 Theology on BEL: Exodus Code Pt. 2
Oct 20 Theology on BEL: Exodus Code Pt. 1
Oct 19 And talkin' about that Trey Smith video..
Oct 16 RSR in Portsmouth UK with Genesis Expo
Oct 15 Theology Thursday: Should We Have Treaties?
Oct 14 Jurassic Dinosaur Soft Tissue DVD from Trey Smith & Bob Enyart
Oct 13 Bob Schools Newsweek's Nina Burleigh
Oct 12 Pelosi & Nat'l RTL Agree
Oct 9 The Hungary Geneticist: Trends Contradict Darwinism
Oct 8 Theology Thursday: An Eleven Day Journey
Oct 7 Prepare for Last Days Financial Collapse Pt. 2
Oct 6 Other Side of Cannabis mom/filmmaker on BEL
Oct 5 The Martyrs of Syria & Roseburg
Oct 2 Finding Noah's Brent Baum on RSR
Oct 1 Theology Thursday: The Mystery Revealed
September 2015
Date Title
Sep 30 For the End Times Financial Collapse: Get KGOV Bucks!
Sep 29 NASA: Possible global flooding on Mars!
Sep 28 King James Only Debate: Translators never-before-seen hand-written testimony
Sep 25 Once Again: Brought to You by the Number Three
Sep 24 Theology Thursday: Ps. 78 Give Ear, O My People Pt. 1
Sep 23 Jackson & McBurney to Mat Staver
Sep 22 Again: The Harbinger's Jonathan Cahn on BEL
Sep 21 Again: RSR vs. The Blood Moon Prophecy Fad
Sep 18 RSR: How the Flesh is like Gravity
Sep 17 Theology Thursday: How Long?
Sep 16 Liars, Cheaters, Killers & Thieves
Sep 15 McBurney Addresses the European Migrant Crisis
Sep 14 Kim Davis: I'll help you issue these without my help
Sep 11 Patterns of Evidence filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on RSR
Sep 10 Theology Thursday: What Happens after Death?
Sep 9 Kim Davis: I'll help you issue these without my help
Sep 8 Live Report from Rowan County KY on BEL
Sep 7 Rerun: Love is Greater than Knowledge
Sep 4 John West and Darwin Day in America on RSR
Sep 3 Theology Thursday: Galatians 2 - The Jerusalem Council Pt. 2
Sep 2 Another KLTT Conservative on Bob Enyart Live
Sep 1 From "Just Leave Us Alone" to "Arrest that Woman!"
August 2015
Date Title
Aug 31 Winning Trumps Principle for Evangelicals
Aug 28 RSR: Bob and Fred Report on Flood Model Progress
Aug 27 Theology Thursday: Galatians 2 - The Jerusalem Council Pt. 1
Aug 26 15 Letters to Conservative Churches in Denver
Aug 25 Bob & Jo Air More Audio from the 7th Video
Aug 24 7th Viral PP Video Audio on BEL
Aug 21 Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans
Aug 20 Theology Thursday: Feelings-based Forgiveness
Aug 19 Archbishop Cupich vs. Archbishop Chaput and BEL
Aug 18 Bob and BEL Producer Darrell Birkey on our Resources
Aug 17 Bob Reviews Huckabee and Rubio Debate Answers
Aug 14 RSR's List of Evidence Against Global Warming
Aug 13 Theology Thursday: Hebrews 1
Aug 12 Audio Track from the 6th Viral Abortion Video
Aug 11 A Matter of Faith Film in Denver on Friday!
Aug 10 The Making of the Patterns of Evidence Film
Aug 7 David Rives: Creation in the 21st Century on RSR
Aug 6 Theology Thursday: The Bible is True
Aug 5 Bob Enyart Calls KNUS Radio on the Republicans
Aug 4 Viral Body Parts Video 4: The Denver Connection
Aug 3 Drone Wolf Attacks
July 2015
Date Title
Jul 31 Eric Hovind on Real Science Radio
Jul 30 Theology Thursday: Culture Clash
Jul 29 Fear & Loathing in Little Rock (& in Space)
Jul 28 Third Body Parts Video on BEL
Jul 27 How to Deter a Lone Wolf Terrorist
Jul 24 RSR's List of Solar System Formation Problems 2
Jul 23 Theology Thursday: Got Wisdom?
Jul 22 Harper on Netanyahu, NW Nazarene, Psychology and Sin
Jul 21 2nd Planned Parenthood Undercover Body Parts Video
Jul 20 Stu Epperson on the Last Words of Jesus
Jul 17 RSR's List of Problems with Solar System Formation
Jul 16 Theology Thursday: Atheists Overplaying their Hand
Jul 15 Pluto Overshadows Iran and even the Abortion Cover-Up
Jul 14 1st Undercover Planned Parenthood Video on the Radio
Jul 13 Referencing Pluto Predictions & The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Jul 10 Race on Real Science Radio
Jul 9 Theology Thursday: Jesus Was Sent to Israel
Jul 8 The First New Testament Book and Two Drudge Headlines
Jul 7 Michael Brown and Bob Enyart Discuss Homosexual Marriage
Jul 6 Solving Illegal Immigration Now
Jul 3 NASA Rocket Scientist on Real Science Radio
Jul 2 Theology Thursday: Things that Differ
Jul 1 Headwaters: Why and How to Illustrate the Bible
June 2015
Date Title
Jun 30 BEL Resupply Operations in July
Jun 29 #DontRegulateMurder
Jun 26 RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 4
Jun 25 Theology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 4
Jun 24 A Cup of Wrath and a Vat of Greece
Jun 23 A Storm, A Message, A Bottle on BEL
Jun 22 Michael Brown Rebukes Tony Campolo
Jun 19 RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 3
Jun 18 Theology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 3
Jun 17 CPAC Legend Ryan Sorba's Undercover Videos
Jun 16 Mark Crutcher: Family Beat Pregnant Teen
Jun 15 BEL's Big Ugly List of Liberals Supporting Pedophiles
Jun 12 RSR: June is Whale Month Pt. 2
Jun 11 Theology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 2
Jun 10 More Soft Tissue Confirms RSR Dino Prediction
Jun 9 Out of Compton: Former Caller Johnnie
Jun 8 Bob Heading Out to Greet Bill Clinton in Denver
Jun 5 RSR's List of Evidence Against Whale Evolution
Jun 4 Theology Thursday: Qualifications of Elders Pt. 1
Jun 3 Money, Fame, Sports Can't Make Bruce Happy
Jun 2 Inside the BEL Studio
Jun 1 Politics Should Not Trump Morality
May 2015
Date Title
May 29 RSR's Software Invention: The Omniscient Display.exe
May 28 Theology Thursday: How God Works Today
May 27 Jo Scott & Leslie Hanks discuss today's hot topics
May 26 The Jihad Against Police & Marriage
May 25 Travis Barlock: Please Retract Your Rodhocetus Claim
May 22 NYC Endocrinologist Dr. Joel Brind on RSR
May 21 Theology Thursday: Church Splits
May 20 Big News and an Invite to Join us in the Memorial Day Parade
May 19 Jesse Lee Peterson about the Baltimore Mom
May 18 Homos, Drones & the End of Evolution
May 15 Bill Jack is Back, Now at DU Debating Evolution
May 14 Theology Thursday: When Did Creation Happen?
May 13 Coming Soon: The Genesis Game from Covenant Media
May 12 Enyart, Deace, Jackson, All on Fire
May 11 STDs, Sermons & Screenings
May 8 B.S. in Forest Mgmt; M.S. in Environment; Doctor in...
May 7 Theology Thursday: When Did Cain Kill Abel?
May 6 Which of these Malibu Celebrities will see Bob's Ad?
May 5 Trading Genesis: Bob's Talk on the Pepperdine University Campus on Theistic Evolution
May 4 Dobson & The Fall of Western Civilization (circa 1992)
May 1 Fired Jet Propulsion Lab Admin on RSR
April 2015
Date Title
Apr 30 Theology Thursday: Divisions
Apr 29 Brad from Vancouver laments Canada's moral demise
Apr 28 Harper on Netanyahu, NW Nazarene, Psychology and Sin
Apr 27 Who's more confused: Jenner or Beck?
Apr 24 Oxford Prof: Central Darwinian Assumptions Disproved
Apr 23 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 7
Apr 22 Former Audio Guy for Denver's ABC 7News on BEL
Apr 21 Gay Weddings, Government Schools & Legalism
Apr 20 Tebow Comes Back; RE-publicans Admit Failure
Apr 17 RSR: Darwin vs Bee Vomit & Mosquito Reproduction
Apr 16 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 6
Apr 15 McBurney Talks Gov’t Schools with Ray Fournier
Apr 14 McBurney talks “Questions Jesus Asks” with Israel Wayne
Apr 13 The Real War On Women
Apr 10 RSR vs. The Blood Moon Prophecy Fad
Apr 9 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 5
Apr 8 Bob & You: Making a Video Against the Big Bang
Apr 7 Bob Going to a Creation-Evolution Event at Pepperdine
Apr 6 Huffington Post Contributor Jason Salzman on BEL
Apr 3 Real Science Radio's Case Against Pot: 2015
Apr 2 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 4
Apr 1 National Atheists Day on BEL for 2015
March 2015
Date Title
Mar 31 Republican Senate President Bill Cadmen Should Stop Affirming Abortion
Mar 30 Brave Men: Klingenschmitt & Noffsinger
Mar 27 What is the Firmament of Day 2?
Mar 26 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 3
Mar 25 Film Producer Coming to Denver Saturday for Screening
Mar 24 The Doctrine of the Lesser and Greater Magistrates
Mar 23 Home Depot Employee's Open Letter re: Promoting Homosexuality
Mar 20 Overpopulation, RSR, and Wanted: More People!
Mar 19 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 2
Mar 18 How To Get Out Of Jury Duty
Mar 17 The End is… Near
Mar 16 Rev. Legislator on Bob Enyart Live
Mar 13 RSR: Now, Rocks Make Life! Huh?
Mar 12 Theology Thursday: The Stephen Chronicles Pt. 1
Mar 11 Christian Linguini College & Reason #476
Mar 10 Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic
Mar 9 Bob’s Back with Doug!
Mar 6 RSR: Another missing link, or just a bad set of teeth?
Mar 5 Theology Thursday: Defending God's Goodness Pt. 2
Mar 4 No Political Solutions for Spiritual Problems Pt. 2
Mar 3 No Political Solutions for Spiritual Problems
Mar 2 McBurney in for Bob
February 2015
Date Title
Feb 27 RSR: Noted Physicist John Hartnett Our Big Bang List Pt 2
Feb 26 Theology Thursday: Defending God's Goodness
Feb 25 The Purpose of Christ's Earthly Ministry?
Feb 24 Brian Enyart Jr. Sittin' In
Feb 23 The Benham Brothers Banned from HGTV; Welcomed to BEL
Feb 20 Noted Physicist John Hartnett on Our Big Bang List
Feb 19 Theology Thursday: Love is Greater than Knowledge
Feb 18 Denver Bible Church Now a Church with a Church
Feb 17 Rerun: To the Right of Right
Feb 16 Psychoses of the Left & the RE-publicans
Feb 13 RSR: Historical & Observational Science Equally Good
Feb 12 Theology Thursday: The Volume of the Book
Feb 11 Slate: The Undead Babies at Denver Children's Hospital
Feb 10 1% to own 50%: What's taken 'em so long?
Feb 9 All Out War for Judge Roy Moore
Feb 6 RSR on Euthanasia, Dawkins, & Eagle Eggs
Feb 5 Theology Thursday: Fighting the Culture War with Daniel
Feb 4 Bob Interviews Truth Truck Driver Ron Brock
Feb 3 Truth Truck Driver Ron Brock's Accident
Feb 2 Beiber, Baptismals, and the Big Bang
January 2015
Date Title
Jan 30 RSR: Every (Comet) Scientist Works for Walt Brown!
Jan 29 Theology Thursday: God's Eternal Past
Jan 28 The Return of James White & the Eagle Eggs
Jan 27 Another Asteroid with Moon Consistent with RSR Prediction!
Jan 26 Focus on the Family Wants Abortionists to Use Modern Medical Standards
Jan 23 Two Fathers of Evolution Theory and Natural Selection
Jan 22 Theology Thursday: The Bible's Criminal Code
Jan 21 Nat'l March Backfiring Against the Unborn with H.R. 36
Jan 20 If Japanese are like pandas, what group is like rabbits?
Jan 19 Foundations Under Attack
Jan 16 RSR Enjoys Don Batten's Creationist Contributions
Jan 15 Theology Thursday: The Plot Boys
Jan 14 Three Days Out & Three Time Loser Mitt
Jan 13 Jeb Bush: Gay Parents Are Role Models
Jan 12 Nat’l Abortion Federation Aligns with Nat’l RTL
Jan 9 RSR: Jesus & Anne Habermehl Use the Septuagint
Jan 8 Theology Thursday: The Plot: Details Galore
Jan 7 In Solidarity with those Insensitive to Islam
Jan 6 Here's How God Crossed An Actual Infinity: The Past
Jan 5 2015: The Year the Straight Church Fights Back!
Jan 2 RSR: Renowned Scientist Sternberg on Junk DNA
Jan 1 Theology Thursday: The Plot: The Last Days