The fall of Darwin's Arch heralds the collapse of his theory

Darwin's Arch fell (as a metaphor for his theory's collapse)
Darwin's demise 2021

In the Galapagos Islands this week, the collapse of the gnarly looking "Darwin's Arch" became a metaphor for the collapse of the guy's theory. After all, as documented at, Charles Darwin's finches can adapt in 17 years, not needing the 2.3 million presumed by evolutionists. A single finch species introduced to a U.S. Bird Reservation in the Pacific in only 17 years had diversified their beaks, related muscles, and behavior to fill various ecological niches, just like Darwin's finches. And see RSR's List of Collapsing Natural Bridges! The guys also give an update on Bob's Tuesday night presentation on the scientific predictions that flow from the fountains-of-the-great-deep flood model. They also condemn Twitter for hiding the video of the Palestinian leader calling for Israeli Arabs to behead Jews. And the guys talk about their preemptive strike against Colorado Democrats working to introduce a vaccine passport. But first, prompted by a call from a reporter with the AFA News Network, the guys air audio of a Colorado news report about the sacred burial on government land of a dead baby eagle pointing out the hypocrisy that the state permits the killing of unborn children. So Bob and Fred air a BEL audio clip from nearly 30 years ago that prompted the state's Division of Wildlife to call the station regarding complaints that Bob had fried and eaten eagle eggs on the air!