Second-hand Cancel Culture

* Bowser' Emergency: Bob and guest host Doug McBurney report on DC Mayor Bowser’s Emergency Declaration, on top of her existing emergency declaration.

* Nobody Walks in LA: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared that, just like for the last 30 years or so, stepping outside in LA is risky... 

* Hat Trick: Hear how the casting of lots in a Texas election left everyone in a decidedly better mood down there, than in the rest of the country. 

* Mostly Peaceful Portland: Except for the hundred or so rioters in Tigard last week after police shot another armed criminal.

* Schumer Shills for Tyranny: Chuck Schumer says the most recent breach of capital “will live in infamy”, partly because he’s not very creative, and mostly because he is determined to use the incident at the capital last week to undermine our God given rights.

* Cancel to the End: Bob warns the leftists that their cancelation of anyone they disagree with at the moment will lead them to the same place John Darby found himself after short-sightedly cancelling his denomination.

* Louder with Crowder "Change my mind" meme for Biden:
Louder with Crowder change-my-mind meme for Biden, Change my diaper.