2010 Archive

December 2010
Date Title
Dec 31 Rerun: Enyart Exhumes Eugenie Scott rerun
Dec 30 Gregg Jackson with John Haskins Pt. 2
Dec 29 Judge Bob & Judge Will
Dec 28 Chicken Little, Elton John, and Tragedy
Dec 27 What is Money?
Dec 24 Christmas Sermon at DBC
Dec 23 Gregg Jackson with John Haskins
Dec 22 Earth To Disney: Kids Film Directed by Convicted Child Molester
Dec 21 The Weather Didn't Agree With Me
Dec 20 Eclipse & Reason
Dec 17 RSR: Dawkins Proves a Creationist Right!
Dec 16 Rerun: RSR: Microbiologist Kevin Anderson in Studio
Dec 15 Hemant Mehta Admits Being an Evolutionist by Faith
Dec 14 I Sold My Soul on BEL
Dec 13 No Homicide Charge for Hit-and-Run Baby Killer
Dec 10 RSR: Now Sponges are 70% Human :)
Dec 8 Why is Wikileaks Jailed Founder a Hero?
Dec 7 Obama says He'll Negotiate with Terrorists
Dec 6 Eat-Don't Eat; Give a Hoot & Pollute
Dec 3 RSR Takes On Nature's 15 Gems
Dec 2 Chaplain Klingenschmidtt on BEL
Dec 1 Ron Panzer vs. the Hospice Killing Fields
November 2010
Date Title
Nov 30 The Pagan Christmas Tree is OK
Nov 29 Cyber Monday at BEL
Nov 26 RSR: Gorillas, Chimps, Baboons, Ann Gibbons
Nov 25 Rerun: Show on Glenn Beck with Updated Info
Nov 24 TSA Agent Covers Man In Urine
Nov 23 Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
Nov 22 Peter Boils Over Gay TSA Pat Downs
Nov 19 Rerun: Earthquakes Created 365-Day Year
Nov 18 Rerun: Caller Supports Killer Repubs
Nov 17 Best BEL Interview of 2010
Nov 16 Tea Party Seduced by Homosexual RE-publicans
Nov 15 Missionary to Mars
Nov 12 RSR: Dinosaur Fossils Swimming in Clams
Nov 11 KGOV's Political Spectrums
Nov 10 Dressing Down the Wolf
Nov 9 Caller Supports Repubs Who Kill Some Kids
Nov 8 Caller Debates War Principles vs Cliches
Nov 5 Denver Post's 3-to-1 is Wrong; It's 2-to-1
Nov 4 Bad that Bennet Won, Good that Buck Lost
Nov 3 30% Vote YES Even WITH Pro-Life Opposition
Nov 2 Election Day at K-GOV
Nov 1 Bob and Doug on The Day Before
October 2010
Date Title
Oct 29 Bob Enyart's 2010 Voter Guide
Oct 28 CNN's Mad Cow Bumbles Tiller Report
Oct 27 Personhood Mississippi Slugs ACLU in Court
Oct 26 Missy Smith Ticks Off Washington
Oct 25 The Campaign Manager's Last Week's Needs
Oct 22 RSR: Fruit flies have gyroscope function
Oct 21 Glenn Beck on Colorado's Personhood Amendment
Oct 20 Cheryl Enyart on Use of Graphic Photos
Oct 19 What's in the News, and Who Should Lose
Oct 18 LifeNews Confused on Embyronic Research
Oct 15 Spike Psarris on Astronomer Phil Plait & Evolution
Oct 14 Bob Reviews Blog Against Ken Buck
Oct 13 Rerun: DPost: Buck Loses RTL Endorsement
Oct 12 Denver Post: Buck Loses RTL Endorsement
Oct 11 Don't Throw the Bums In
Oct 8 RSR: Honey Baby and Discover Mag's Phil Plait
Oct 7 Hoshiko and Kiessling on BEL
Oct 6 41 of 100 Births to Unmarried Women
Oct 5 The Smothers Mother
Oct 4 Denver Post Misplaces 71% of Voters
Oct 1 RSR: Science Fun Facts Just Too Much Fun
September 2010
Date Title
Sep 30 Connie from Denver, Joe from Indy
Sep 29 CRTL Speaker Walter Hoye on BEL
Sep 28 Wayne Grudem on BEL
Sep 27 Colorado Personhood Emissary in NYC
Sep 24 What's Important When Death Hits?
Sep 23 Pro-lifers Hijack Pro-abort Rally
Sep 22 Bob Throws Liberal Arguments At 'Em
Sep 21 Claire Culwell Survived, Now on BEL
Sep 20 Ken Buck Breaks All Pro-life Promises
Sep 17 Dinesh D'Souza on Obama in Forbes
Sep 16 Upright and Locked Position just ain't Helpin'
Sep 15 Former Police Officer Rescuer in Studio
Sep 14 Ben Goss Gave Ballot Access to Tom Tancredo
Sep 13 Andrew Breitbart is Not Pro-Life
Sep 10 Where there's smoke, there's a Koran
Sep 9 The Promise of Jonadab
Sep 8 College Students Barefoot for the Unborn
Sep 7 Here's What's Happened So Far
Sep 6 Rerun: Anti-62 Rally Backfires
Sep 3 Oops: Cell Shows Up a Billion Years Early
Sep 2 Sept 2, 2010 Headlines
Sep 1 Anti-62 Rally Backfires
August 2010
Date Title
Aug 31 Same Old People, Same Old Lies
Aug 30 Bob on Fox News Channel on Schools
Aug 27 Bob Talks to Kids about Evolution
Aug 26 See A62 Booth at State Fair
Aug 25 The Aughenbaugh Saints
Aug 24 Wisdom, Knowledge & The Ruling Class
Aug 23 Ann Coulter and Bed Buggery
Aug 20 CRTL Apologizes for Dan Maes
Aug 19 Warning, Warning Dan Maes!
Aug 18 Cue the Eye Roll
Aug 17 Rick Wiles of TruNews on BEL
Aug 16 Obama's Top Priority - all 10 of 'em
Aug 13 RSR: Bird Brains and Trains
Aug 12 Two Reasons for Early Puberty
Aug 11 Personhood Wins Colo Primaries
Aug 10 Headline News with Bob Enyart
Aug 9 Former CRTL Director Greg Golyansky
Aug 6 RSR: How Earthquakes Gave Us a 365-Day Year
Aug 5 Repub. Judge Strikes Down Marriage in California
Aug 4 Global Warming Saves Gulf From Spill
Aug 3 Discover Matt Ryan - the movie
Aug 2 Gregg Jackson and Bob on the War
July 2010
Date Title
Jul 30 Real Science Radio Quake Dry Run
Jul 29 Author Sharon Sebastian of Darwin's Racists on RSR
Jul 28 Parental Alienation - Kids as Weapons
Jul 27 More Audio - A62 Press Conference
Jul 26 A62 Press Conf w Keyes & Goss
Jul 19 Birthers Anonymous on BEL
Jul 16 RSR: Bearded Ladies & Flowering Plants
Jul 15 Mike Mattia on the Detroit Car Show
Jul 14 BEL Archives - Mangopoulos on Mengele
Jul 13 Sin Makes Relatives of Criminals Unreliable
Jul 12 Walter Hoye & the A62 Pastors Tour
Jul 9 The Age of Accountability
Jul 8 Dating is a Failed Modern Experiment
Jul 7 The Most Bizarre Save Since 1967
Jul 6 Leslie Hanks & Bob Explain the Tracker
Jul 5 Bonhoeffer and Eric Metaxas on BEL
Jul 2 July 4th Launch of MyCampaignTracker.org
Jul 1 Pastor David Meek on Fightin' for Freedom
June 2010
Date Title
Jun 30 Denver Det. Marcus Chavez Back on BEL
Jun 29 Denver Detective Marcus Chavez vs Grandma Jo
Jun 28 The Messenger's Lesson
Jun 25 Reason 433 to Pull Kids Out of Public School
Jun 24 Christians arrested in Mecca... er, um... Michigan
Jun 23 ProlifeProfiles.com/NationalRTL
Jun 22 PZ Myers Responds to RSR's Trochlea Challenge
Jun 21 And the Parade Played On
Jun 18 RSR: Bergman, Bats, and Bellybuttons
Jun 17 Prayer for a Firing Squad
Jun 16 Guess What's Happenin' Tonight
Jun 15 The Silence of the Stupid
Jun 14 Donna and the Death Penalty
Jun 11 RSR: Jerry Bergman on Slaughter of the Dissidents
Jun 10 Jo Scott vs. a Cute Cop
Jun 9 Shoot Joran Van Der Sloot
Jun 8 Bob Enyart Live Talks with Hearst Heiress
Jun 7 Viacom Blasphemes while China Burns
Jun 4 Dr. Diane Dike is Back!
Jun 3 Amendment 62 Talking Points Pt. 2
Jun 2 Amendment 62 Talking Points
Jun 1 Pelosi Holds a Bible Study - Hostage
May 2010
Date Title
May 28 Leslie Hanks on Personhood Pt. 2
May 27 Leslie Hanks on Personhood Pt. 1
May 24 Rerun: Bonhoeffer and Eric Metaxas on BEL
May 21 Keep Your Government Cheese
May 20 RSR: Montana's Fabulous Fossil Museum!
May 19 Markey Makes "No Brainer" Resolution
May 18 Looking for Justice... and Some Good Chocolate
May 17 Tolerating the Ridiculous
May 14 RSR: Steve Austin on Mount St. Helens
May 13 Silence Isn't Golden...It's Yellow
May 12 Stand Up for the Unborn Children Pt. 2
May 11 Another Squirrely Endorsement
May 10 Stand Up for the Unborn Children
May 7 Real Science Radio on Frozen Mammoths
May 6 Can Kent Alterman Get a Witness?
May 5 Bob the Builder
May 4 Where Are Our Shepherds - Pt II
May 3 Where Are Our Shepherds - Pt I
April 2010
Date Title
Apr 30 Stu Epperson is OK with the IRS gag rule on pastors
Apr 29 James Hannam on Theistic Evolution - 3 of 3
Apr 28 James Hannam on Theistic Evolution - 2 of 3
Apr 27 RSR: Jonathan Sarfati vs. Richard Dawkins
Apr 26 RSR: Stephen Hawking is a Lunatic
Apr 23 Jacksonian Remarkracy
Apr 22 Judgment Day Trumps Election Day
Apr 21 DO Right!
Apr 20 Leslie Hanks, Jo Scott & Eve Silver
Apr 19 Leslie Hanks and Jo Scott Take Over
Apr 16 Bob and Nick Brittin Conclude Their Talk
Apr 15 Enyart Debates Hannam on Theistic Evolution
Apr 14 Nick Brittin is Back
Apr 13 Bob Talks Homeschool with CHEC
Apr 12 The Elephant in the Room
Apr 9 RSR: Saved Lakes and Snowflakes
Apr 8 Army Not Prosecuting Officer Re: Obama
Apr 7 Prosperity in Peril
Apr 6 Missing Links, Birth Certificates, etc
Apr 5 Bonhoeffer and Eric Metaxas on BEL
Apr 2 RSR: Moving Zebra-like Stripes
Apr 1 RSR: God's Philosophers & James Hannam
March 2010
Date Title
Mar 31 Remembering Terri Schindler (Schiavo)
Mar 30 Ken Hoagland vs. Bob on Nat'l Sales Tax
Mar 29 Bob Kicks Back, at Bug Worshippers
Mar 26 Real Science Radio: Comets Pt. II
Mar 25 Under Threat of Death
Mar 24 Boulder CO Under Siege
Mar 23 Postal Clerk Rejects FRI Newsletter
Mar 22 Angry Caller Kelly Converts!
Mar 19 Origin of Comets (& Asteroids & TNOs) on Real Science Radio
Mar 18 Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
Mar 17 Penultimate Petition Party
Mar 16 Pro-Choice Scott McGinnis & Jane Norton
Mar 15 Captain Caucus
Mar 12 RSR: A Horse is a Horse Of Course
Mar 11 Shotgun Advice
Mar 10 Illegal Shepherds of Armageddon
Mar 9 Hakapiks, Clubbers & Open Rebuke
Mar 8 Gloves Off on Mitt
Mar 5 Personhood Rallies This Weekend
Mar 4 The Exceptions Calculator!
Mar 3 The Warming Debate Really is OVER!
Mar 2 Miscarriage: An Eternal Perspective
Mar 1 Interview with Dr. Diane Dike
February 2010
Date Title
Feb 26 Energy Order of the Universe Pt 2
Feb 25 Legend of CPAC Ryan Sorba on BEL
Feb 24 Stopping Criminals (Mentally Ill or Not)
Feb 23 Nat'l Cancer Inst Researcher ADMITS
Feb 22 Tax Resisters & Tight Vests
Feb 19 Beyond the Edge of The Universe
Feb 18 Near Death Experience
Feb 17 Signature SWAT Team
Feb 16 The Worm Tongue Diary
Feb 15 A Stick in the Eye
Feb 12 80,000 Jesus Fans Can't Be Wrong
Feb 11 Live From Personhood Colorado
Feb 10 Personhood, Creation and the Law
Feb 9 Of Stupidity and Sin
Feb 8 Schizo Light Bulb Maniacs
Feb 5 Bob OutFOXes the Comedian
Feb 4 Recovering Conservatism
Feb 3 Personhood Trumps Shenanigans
Feb 2 Green Berets in Negligees
Feb 1 Telethon Tremor as Obama Bows
January 2010
Date Title
Jan 29 A Class on Personhood Petitioning
Jan 28 Draft Gregg Jackson
Jan 27 The Mice Will Play
Jan 26 Killing Jews Banned Except for Nazis
Jan 25 While the Cat's Away
Jan 22 Colorado March For Life!
Jan 20 Miracles & the Monkgay Trial
Jan 19 A Tale of Two Movements
Jan 18 Christian & Heathen Superstition
Jan 15 Tea Party Pact With the Devil?
Jan 14 Al-Qaeda & Suicide Stalk America
Jan 13 Haiti & Home-School Hillbillies
Jan 12 Scott Brown & Joel Osteen vs. Gabe
Jan 11 Stephanie Gray and the Abortion Holocaust
Jan 8 RSR: The Energy Order of the Universe
Jan 7 RSR: Nat'l Cancer Inst. Researcher Admits ABC Link
Jan 6 U.S. Study Recommends Spanking
Jan 5 Brit Hume on Jesus; Asha on BEL
Jan 4 All Roads Lead to God