2018 Archive

December 2018
Date Title
Dec 31 Parents Starve 4-year-old Dylan to Death
Dec 28 What did one plant say to the other plant?
Dec 27 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 12
Dec 26 Why the Christmas (2004) Tsunamis?
Dec 25 Ringing in a Merry Christmas Tree
Dec 24 It's a Matt Slick Christmas
Dec 21 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 20 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 11
Dec 19 Pop's $454,000 Hospital Bill for His 1.5 Day Stay
Dec 18 Technicalities & Process
Dec 17 Monday Reality Check
Dec 14 Dr. Silvia on the Tall el-Hammam Destruction Event
Dec 13 Theology Thursday: 1 Thessalonians Pt. 4
Dec 12 Rerun Norma Rogers Pt 2
Dec 11 Re-run Broaddrick Friend Norma Rogers on BEL
Dec 10 Re-run Juanita Broaddrick Interview: Rare Media Appearance
Dec 7 RSR on the Day-Age and Gap Theories
Dec 6 Theology Thursday: 1 Thessalonians Pt. 3
Dec 5 Bush Legacy, Les Moonves and the Unabomber Syndrome
Dec 4 Ph.D in Pot & the G.H.W. Bush Legacy
Dec 3 Tom Healey on the Bible and Criminal Justice
November 2018
Date Title
Nov 30 RSR Previews Next Week's Show on Gen 1:1-2
Nov 29 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 5
Nov 28 Trump's Secretary Acosta Gave Pedophile Epstein Ultimate Deal
Nov 27 No His & Her AutoComplete Coming from Google
Nov 26 Leighton Flowers Journey from Calvinism
Nov 23 Fountains of MAGMA (?) of the Great Deep. Huh?
Nov 22 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 4
Nov 21 Tom Healey says Let's Understand Salvation and Security!
Nov 20 BEL scores interview with Dr. Leighton Flowers!
Nov 19 Miscarriage of Justice
Nov 16 Meteorites with diamonds in them had to come from...
Nov 15 Theology Thursday: 1 Samuel Pt. 6
Nov 14 Facebook's Auctioned Girl and More WhatsApp Murders; Pain in Pot's Wake
Nov 13 Explaining Yesterday's Anger, Bob Enyart Gets Angrier
Nov 12 Scouting, Spanking & War
Nov 9 Dust (Bunny) Satellites & The Sound of the (Grammar) Police
Nov 8 Theology Thursday: 1 Samuel Pt. 5
Nov 7 "It's Your Time." Tom Healey says "No!" Er, "Yes." But then, "No!"
Nov 6 The Second-Best Election Show Ever!
Nov 5 The #1 Best Election Show in America
Nov 2 RSR: How the Flesh is like Gravity
Nov 1 Theology Thursday: 1 Samuel Pt. 4
October 2018
Date Title
Oct 31 Tom Healey on Why Supernatural Physical Healing Doesn't Happen
Oct 30 Dom Enyart: Easy (KGOV) Way to Present Vital Info to Others
Oct 29 On the Anti-Semites and Their Lies
Oct 26 That Moon Just Won't Go Away!
Oct 25 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 8
Oct 24 Doctors tell Healey he has two months left; So Tom tells us...
Oct 23 Audio of Antifa Pro-aborts at Denver's Planned Parenthood
Oct 22 Humility vs Humanism
Oct 19 Vatican Arrests of BEL Paesanos; Vortex Rings & Pocahontas
Oct 18 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 7
Oct 17 AND NOW, Spaghetti!
Oct 16 Doug Welcomes Bob Back!
Oct 15 Stop Fluidofiling!
Oct 12 RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
Oct 11 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 6
Oct 10 Nicer than God Pt. 3
Oct 9 The Saved, The Wilde & The Damned
Oct 8 Prizes, Politicians & Public Relations
Oct 5 RSR's List of Not So Old Things
Oct 4 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 5
Oct 3 Nicer than God Pt. 2
Oct 2 An Unfair Share of Abuse
Oct 1 Something Other Than Brett Kavanaugh
September 2018
Date Title
Sep 28 Calling on Travis Barlock to Retract Rodhocetus Claim
Sep 27 ThThurs: The Gospel of John Pt. 4
Sep 26 Nicer than God
Sep 25 Sex Without Responsibility Motivates the Big Liberal Issues
Sep 24 Lyin' Christine Ford Can't Ruin Kavanaugh's Career; He Did That Himself
Sep 21 Quantum Biology: Doing what standard chemistry and physics can't
Sep 20 ThThurs: Revelation Pt. 6
Sep 19 Bishop Cleaning Up Priest Abuse Before Getting His $2.3M Home
Sep 18 KRKS and Calvary Chapel's Ed Taylor & BE
Sep 17 Indeterminism and Valuable Lessons from Poor Examples
Sep 14 RSR's Science News Headlines and a Bit More
Sep 13 ThThurs: Revelation Pt. 5
Sep 12 Friday’s RMCF Speaker Dave Nutting on Costa Rica’s Design Evidence
Sep 11 17 Yrs Later our 9/11 Christian Worldview Response Still Solid
Sep 10 The Appropriate Use of Reality
Sep 7 Stigler's Law Aside, Shouldn't Darwinism Be Wallacism? Pt 2
Sep 6 ThThurs: Revelation Pt. 4
Sep 5 The Democrats are Confused about Kavanaugh
Sep 4 Starry Who’s-a-Whatsis
Sep 3 RSR's List of Evidence for the Global Flood
August 2018
Date Title
Aug 31 Stigler's Law Aside, Shouldn't Darwinism Be Wallacism?
Aug 30 ThThurs: 2 Corinthians Pt. 3
Aug 29 Piling on the Pope Pt. 2
Aug 28 Piling On the Pope
Aug 27 Hidden Mic at 7News Picks Up the Real Story
Aug 24 RSR Trying to Launch Flat-earther into Space. Really!
Aug 23 ThThurs: 2 Corinthians Pt. 2
Aug 22 Venezuela & Africa Goin' South; Miami Aliens & Earthers Up
Aug 21 Interview with gofundme.com/homeschooling-mother
Aug 20 Flat-earth LAUNCHED! Priests LOST! Chicago's TOAST.
Aug 17 Rebutting Hawaii's "Hotspot" Origin: The Grand Finale
Aug 16 ThThurs: 2 Corithians Pt. 1
Aug 15 The News Keeps Affirming Our Christian Worldview
Aug 14 Show tunes, the Show, and a Flat-earther's Show and tell
Aug 13 Our Grand Baby-Saving Project (30 grand, that is)
Aug 10 Rebutting Hawaii's "Hotspot" Origin Pt. 2
Aug 9 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 3
Aug 8 BEL Pet Peeves (mental health balance to some real bad news)
Aug 7 Gofundme.com/homeschooling-mother
Aug 6 Do Right and Risk the Banning of Alex Jones
Aug 3 Hawaii Hotspot Hypothesis Widely Discredited
Aug 2 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 2
Aug 1 What Sportscaster Starr Yelland Son's Death Tells Us About Miracles
July 2018
Date Title
Jul 31 Enyart: Alex Jones Should Be Taken for Every Dollar He Has
Jul 30 Our Crowdfunding Goal to Launch a Flat Earther into Space!
Jul 27 Hawaii's Kilauea Volcanic Eruption, Uniformitarianism & the Young Earth
Jul 26 ThThurs: 1 Peter Pt. 1
Jul 25 Who Loves Donald Trump? Pastor Bob talks to Pastor Jeff
Jul 24 Atheist Michael Newdow Debates Christian Bob Enyart
Jul 23 Probable Cause: Search James Gunn’s Home
Jul 20 NASA Admits Water is a Problem for the Origin of Life
Jul 19 ThThurs: Leviticus Pt. 2
Jul 18 Hear the Democrats Gnash their Teeth
Jul 17 Bob's Question Put to NASA Scientist Today
Jul 16 Art, you owe Connie a hundred bucks.
Jul 13 Huge Genetic Study: Recent Appearance of Animal Life!
Jul 12 ThThurs: Leviticus Pt. 1
Jul 11 The Earliest Archived Bob Enyart Radio Program!
Jul 10 Bob Talks to 1.2 Million Part 2
Jul 9 Bob Talks to 1.2 Million Part 1
Jul 6 Einstein's Is and Ought
Jul 5 ThThurs: Ecclesiastes Pt. 3
Jul 4 You're a Political Drunkard
Jul 3 Loving Donald Trump (straight to...)
Jul 2 Missionaries to America? Hear Kenya's Bishop William Wachira on BEL
June 2018
Date Title
Jun 29 Hydroplate Theory Explanation for the Grand Canyon
Jun 28 ThThurs: Ecclesiastes Pt. 2
Jun 27 States Rights: Not Principled but Can Be Opportunistic
Jun 26 It's ALL about that Abimelech Guy. No?
Jun 25 Ut oh! RSR's spilling over onto BEL
Jun 22 The Grand Canyon’s Initial Conditions (& plagiarism)
Jun 21 ThThurs: Ecclesiastes Pt.1
Jun 20 MTV & Pratt; MeToo & Paige; Rush & Plan B
Jun 19 Did You Catch Matt Walsh at the Western Conservative Summit?
Jun 19 Did You Catch Matt Walsh at the Western Conservative Summit?
Jun 18 Bob E and Doug McB Run the Headlines
Jun 15 List of Problems with 'The Flood Carved the Canyon'
Jun 14 ThThurs: 2 Kings Pt. 1
Jun 13 Western Conservative Summit Debrief & Sylvia's Email
Jun 12 The UnTrump Summit, Taking Out Hitler, and Being Good Enough
Jun 11 Condemning New Testament Verses and Reverse Thinking
Jun 8 List of Problems with the Canyon's Millions of Years
Jun 7 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt. 2
Jun 6 YOU CAN'T EAT YOUR CAKE AND HAVE pop in your purse TOO
Jun 5 Conservatives siding with Hillary, Harvey, Hollywood, Humanists, and Homos
Jun 4 Feel like cake?
Jun 1 RSR's List of Problems with 'The River Carved the Canyon'
May 2018
Date Title
May 31 ThThurs: 1 Kings Pt. 1
May 30 Evidence for the Flood Pt. 3
May 29 Hear an Oklahoma Pro-life Politician Repent
May 28 Bob & Brian Enyart talk news and Rome, but no Poem
May 25 RSR's Evidence for the Flood Pt. 3
May 23 ThThurs: Book of Ruth Pt. 2
May 23 Alveda King on BEL on Roe V. Wade (The Movie)
May 22 (Boy) Scouts of America Now Providing Condoms for Campout
May 21 Bob with Steffan Tubbs and Matt Bevin with a liberal
May 18 RSR's Evidence for the Flood Pt. 2
May 17 ThThurs: Book of Ruth Pt. 1
May 16 How To Turn Perfectly Good Scripture into Bad Predictions
May 15 How the Jews Have Survived for 4,000 Years
May 14 How These 70 Years Fit into God's Calendar
May 11 List of Evidence for the Global Flood
May 10 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 2
May 9 World Mag's Lynn Vincent Debates Bob Pt. 2
May 8 World Mag's Lynn Vincent Debates Bob Pt. 1
May 7 A new BEL prediction; another bear kills somebody; and the end times
May 4 YouTube-censored RSR Big Bang video back on YouTube!
May 3 ThThurs: Judges Pt. 1
May 2 Bob's teacher Chuck Missler is now with the Lord
May 1 Two (Awesome) Black Gals Get Ken Scott Charged with a Crime
April 2018
Date Title
Apr 30 From Bill Cosby to the Golden State Killer: What's Right What's Not
Apr 27 Slaying the Iron Maiden II: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability
Apr 26 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 2
Apr 25 Bible Questions III: Perry from Ferguson, New Mexico
Apr 24 Bible Questions II: Perry from Ferguson, New Mexico
Apr 23 Bible Questions from Perry in Ferguson, New Mexico
Apr 20 Slaying the Iron Maiden: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability
Apr 19 ThThurs: Joshua Pt. 1
Apr 18 #1208, No Sales Tax, NAZI = Leftwing, A WhatsApp Fingerprint
Apr 17 Which Talk Hosts Know Why Sales Tax Is Immoral?
Apr 16 Let Me Take a Shot at This
Apr 13 Brian Enyart Live now for RSR
Apr 12 ThThurs: Exodus Code Pt. 3
Apr 11 Democracy, Sex Assault in School, & the Boy from Heaven
Apr 10 Pope Still in Hell; No Att'y-Client Privilege; Reason #...
Apr 9 Brian Enyart Live
Apr 6 India's Oldest Language Rewrites Human History
Apr 5 ThThurs: Exodus Code Pt. 2
Apr 4 Ohio Science Teacher Mr. Rudder Now Standing Before God
Apr 3 Too Late To Pray for Mr. Rudder who Passed Away
Apr 2 Pope Denies Hell; Now In It
March 2018
Date Title
Mar 30 Another WWB Discovery: Nature's Mediterranean Megaflood!
Mar 29 ThThurs: Exodus Code Pt. 1
Mar 28 Sweden is Nuts & Boulder Parents are Rough
Mar 27 An "H" interviews a "W" about an "A".
Mar 26 Dolan, Flowers, Minutes, Clinton, Trump
Mar 23 Dear NASA, Water is the Enemy of the Origin of Life
Mar 22 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 3
Mar 21 Problems with dogs, bombers, and homosexuals
Mar 20 Uber Software To Decide Who Dies
Mar 19 ALL NEW! GOD 6.0! Brought to you by...
Mar 16 Real Science Radio and Stephen Hawking
Mar 15 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 2
Mar 14 Fearmonger Stephen Hawking Used Manipulation to Promote Space Travel
Mar 13 Bob Slams Racist, Sexist, Bigoted National Geographic
Mar 12 BEL burns memorabilia; decades later OJ confession airs
Mar 9 RSR's List of Six Problems with Eye Evolution
Mar 8 ThThurs: Exodus Story Pt. 1
Mar 7 How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic Pt. 3
Mar 6 How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic Pt. 2
Mar 5 How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic Pt. 1
Mar 2 Bob & Fred Ask for Help to Bring RSR Through 2018
Mar 1 ThThurs: Eternal Life & Heaven Pt. 5
February 2018
Date Title
Feb 28 Three Things on Eternity and More on School Shootings
Feb 27 Why Billy Graham Never Confronted Other Leaders
Feb 26 BEL catches up with eternity (and the news)
Feb 23 Special on RSR: Theology Thursday's Eternal Life & Heaven
Feb 23 ThThurs: Eternal Life & Heaven Pt. 4
Feb 22 ThThurs: Eternal Life & Heaven Pt. 3
Feb 21 ThThurs: Eternal Life & Heaven Pt. 2
Feb 20 ThThurs: Eternal Life & Heaven Pt. 1
Feb 19 Pops is now with the Lord
Feb 16 Fred Williams and Pete Fiske on the Flat Earth Movement
Feb 15 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 4
Feb 14 Rerun While Bob is With His Mom...
Feb 13 Rerun While Bob Attends to a Family Crisis
Feb 12 Freedom is the Enemy of Equality
Feb 9 Dr. Ann Gauger on Darwinism's Six Enzyme Problems
Feb 8 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 3
Feb 6 TRAGEDY: Not 30 minutes after yesterday's show...
Feb 5 Super Bowl Lessons and the Half Time Show
Feb 2 On China's Cloned Monkeys with Biologist Ann Gauger
Feb 1 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 2
January 2018
Date Title
Jan 31 Of the Many Important Things Trump Said Last Night, the Most Telling Was That About Abortion
Jan 30 The Babylon Bee Launches New Fake News Site
Jan 29 Never Trumpers, his Supporters, and the Third Way
Jan 26 Re-airing Genius
Jan 25 ThThurs: Exodus Symbols Pt. 1
Jan 24 Warren Hern's Been on Trial in Denver. Really.
Jan 23 Five New Videos Coming: Resources Galore! :)
Jan 22 Abolitionist Jonathan Sutherland Speaks at Denver's 2018 March
Jan 19 Rewriting Human History Again? Say It Isn't So!
Jan 18 ThThurs: The Book of Isaiah Pt. 2
Jan 17 Saturday Colo RTL's March for Abolition 10 a.m. at Planned Parenthood
Jan 16 Who Woke Up On An Autopsy Table? Not the Denver Post...
Jan 15 Filthy Language Takes a Hit Via Trump Criticism
Jan 12 On UFOs: RSR 2, Demons 0
Jan 11 ThThurs: The Book of Isaiah Pt. 1
Jan 10 Don't Plunge with the Church into Immorality
Jan 9 Bob asks Jo Scott to urge you to get involved. Yes, you! :)
Jan 8 Four Important Announcements from BEL
Jan 5 The Fine-Tuning of the Universe, Solar System and Earth
Jan 4 ThThurs: Paul's Epistle to the Galatians Pt. 4
Jan 3 Secret Recording of Bob Enyart talking to Jehovah's Witnesses (Full Audio)
Jan 2 The Short-term Purpose of Code Talk in the Parables
Jan 1 Rerun: The Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio