Bob thanks Ken Ham for Rebuking Major Christian Adoption Agencies

Can you help BEL purchase our next generation studio workstation? If so, please call!When good and evil compromise, evil always wins. In this special edition of Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart thanks the founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, for rebuking Bethany Christian Services and Holt International for placing children into homosexual households. (Bob shares excerpts from Ken's most recent newsletter.) AiG has canceled Holt's sponsorship this summer at the Ark Encounter! As a board member with Colorado Right To Life, Enyart had to do something similar with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association for their support for killing unborn children (as documented at Today's broadcast, airing on America's most-powerful Christian radio station, Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT, references BEL's Superfluous List of "Christian Leaders" Going Gay (at and has been informed by the Bible verses listed at

Today's Resource: Bob Debates a Catholic
bob-debates-a-catholic.pngIn the KGOV studio, Bob Enyart, as the Pastor of Denver Bible Church, debated a Roman Catholic on the teachings of the Vatican and the text of the Bible. In the two decades since, the respectful and wide ranging discussion has brought many thanks from folks trying to understand better evangelical criticism of the Vatican's doctrine.