Use Policy


(Effective 1991-2018 and beyond.)

We permit broad use of our resources, as described below for audio, video, artwork and written content, for Bob Enyart Live ( and for our family of programs and websites including Theology Thursday (.com), Open Theism (.org), Real Science Radio (.com &, Dinosaur Soft Tissue (.com), 360 Day Year (.com) and Young Earth (.com).

The content on our sites, while copyrighted, can be used easily following these requirements.


You are welcome to republish online virtually any of our original web content (audio, video, writings, and artwork) whether for promotion or criticism, if you:
- Link the content back to its original web page and credit it appropriately, such as Copyright,, etc.
- Present any artwork in its entirety.
- Present any writing or audio in its entirety or in excerpts not designed to misrepresent the original.
- Limit your republishing to fewer than fifty of our online web pages, radio programs, etc.
- Have not specifically been asked to cease and desist.

You are also welcome to reproduce our online written content in print if you include copyright statements.


For our current subscribers, if you want to republish content from any of our DVD, Blu-ray, MP3-CD, or Audio CD subscription services (Monthly Bible Studies, BEL Televised Classics, etc.), you have permission to duplicate, in their entirety, up to fifty of our resources in quantities of up to fifty each, for your own distribution of any of our originally produced subscription materials. (Our Monthly Topical Videos subscription includes DVDs clearly produced by third parties, so those 3rd-party DVDs of course are excluded from this use policy.) Also, you might save money by requesting from us here at BEL a bulk purchase of the items you are interested in.


For other requests, including if you seek to republish any original artwork, photograph, article, etc., in another publication (such as in the Jerusalem Post, when they ran the artwork, right, from one of our CD labels), please contact us. And of course, if we change our Use Policy, that would then apply only to future usage.

Since we began broadcasting in April 1991 and webcasting in 1998, we have purchased licenses for and otherwise acquired permission to use hundreds of copyrighted resources. If you want to republish something that we have not produced ourselves, please contact the original copyright holder for permission.

Please consider also our radio program on intellectual property rights at And thank you for your interest in our outreach. May God richly bless you!

In Christ,

Bob Enyart