Canadian Polish pastor kicks out the covid cops

Bob Enyart talks with DBC member Chris from Poland about where the Calgary pastor was coming from when he yelled, "you Gestapo Nazi communist fascists!" It was the day before Easter when Artur Pawlowski kicked out the covid police out of his church. The guys also mention the Denver Bible Church covid, the federally-imposed injunctions against masks and capacity limits at DBC, and the covid that we nailed to our own church doors!


Today's Resource: The ACLU Debate

ACLU_Debate_converted__94430.1570564249.jpgBob squares off against the Executive Director of the Colorado ACLU, Jim Joy in a televised debate on a Denver PBS station. Watch as joyless Jim hesitantly admits to the ACLU’s support for the sale of child pornography. And which of the two opponents do you suppose will better know (or admit) the ACLU’s own role regarding Jack "The Dripper" Kevorkian and his killing of sick people? Ultimately, the two men debate who is most qualified to govern, pagans, or biblical Christians. Another must see video!