Criminal Regulation

*There Oughtta be a Law:  KGOV guest host Doug McBurney quotes God, alongside one of the drug addled, sex pervert, cult members who’ve seized America regarding a law to control the bad behavior of men toward women.

*Body Count: Listen in to hear how victory in the culture war should be counted. And why Christians, (and godless judges) regulating murder in Texas does not count as a win.

*Killing Hugh Hefner: The ubiquitous availability of realistic pornography should have ended with Hugh Hefner’s arrest in the 1950s, (not with Christians criticizing Playboy in 2021).

*Revival: Bishop Wellington Boone is calling for a revival at 10, on 10/10 for 10 hours. All well and good. But the revival starts in your house, and hopefully goes 24/7!

*Fauching: It is true that Anthony Fauci and his minions have been hoping for a “disruptive event” to focus attention on them. But they don’t seem bright enough to have actually planned all this...