RSR Solves 2-Slit Experiment (Hey, where's our Nobel Prize?)

Two-slit experiment solved! Graphic: Stargazing & 2-slit experiment configuration

Real Science Radio hosts Bob and Fred Williams make science history by explaining why scientists get the results they do from the startling two slit experiment. Consider the WHY and the HOW. With the double-slit experiment results seeming to be physically impossible, last year the guys aired two broadcast series that go to the question of HOW the double-slit results could possibly occur. The first series was our List of Things that are Not Physical, and the second series, on quantum mechanics, was The Wave-Particle Duality is a Triality. The observations made in these groundbreaking series remove the seeming impossibilities and contradictions and address HOW it is that the double-slit experimental results can occur! (They also address how quantum tunneling can occur, how the instantaneous decoherence of vastly separated entangled particles can occur, etc.) On today's program, the guys combine the following:
- the size of a single photon's wave form
- the distance of the closest and furthest visible stars, and
- the purpose of God's work on Day Four of creation.
Then with the HOW of the double-slit experiment already addressed, by adding these three factors, the guys can now explain the WHY!

* Prerequisites: RSR suggests the following prerequisites to best understand today's program.

- RSR's List of Things that are Not Physical
- Know the Double-Slit Experiment
- RSR's Wave-Particle Duality is a Triality

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