2014 Archive

December 2014
Date Title
Dec 31 BEL's Three Big 2014 Accomplishments
Dec 30 From Noah’s Ark to a Fervent Heat
Dec 29 Pornography: The nation-approved church-tolerated Destroyer
Dec 26 RSR: Y-chromosomal Adam, mtEve, and the Dispersion
Dec 25 Theology Thursday: Christmas & the Incarnation
Dec 24 A Christmas Gift to Denver Bible Church
Dec 23 Against Democracy: The Biblical Argument
Dec 22 Palestinian Israeli Vote Can Doom Nation
Dec 19 RSR's The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem
Dec 18 Theology Thursday: The Plot: The Tree
Dec 17 Pastor Bob Enyart's Most Embarrassing Moment
Dec 16 Islamic Terrorists Kill 132 At School; Purists To Save One
Dec 15 KGOV.com/hate ...O'Reilly
Dec 12 RSR: Creation Magazine's Year-End Edition
Dec 11 Theology Thursday: The Plot: The Law of Moses
Dec 10 How To Train Your Politician: Ed Hanks on BEL
Dec 9 Trying To Get People Executed, In Christian Love
Dec 8 All Pastors Work for Bob Enyart Live
Dec 5 Dr. Carter on Evolution's Achilles' Heels Pt. 2
Dec 4 Theology Thursday: The Plot: Overview
Dec 3 Police Behavior Irrelevant to Black Rage
Dec 2 ESPN's Curt Shilling Tweets a Link to Real Science Radio!
Dec 1 The Discovery Institute's Wesley J. Smith on BEL
November 2014
Date Title
Nov 28 RSR: Rob Carter on Evolution's Achilles' Heels
Nov 27 Theology Thursday: Thanksgiving Abounding or Abased
Nov 26 Michael Brown: Suicide by Cop
Nov 25 RSR's BB Predictions Pt. 2
Nov 24 RSR's List of Big Bang Predictions
Nov 21 Spike: Multiverse Absurdity and Boltzmann Brains Pt 2
Nov 20 Theology Thursday: Our Five Senses
Nov 19 Ed Hanks on BEL on Status of Senate
Nov 18 Such Were Some Of You on BEL
Nov 17 Global Flood Hits High; Obamacare Hits Low
Nov 14 What is the Multiverse: Real Science Radio Answers
Nov 13 Theology Thursday: 4/10 & The Culture
Nov 12 Hip Hopper Je'kob from jekob.com on RSR
Nov 11 A Conversation About Marijuana & Sin
Nov 10 Potheads with Shrunken Brains, Democrats, Etc.
Nov 7 RSR on Ebola with Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
Nov 6 Theology Thursday: Bob and a Liberal Pastor
Nov 5 100% of New GOP Senators for Obamacare Repeal
Nov 4 Happy Birthday Heather Surovik!
Nov 3 Supreme Court Follies & Road Trip Radio!
October 2014
Date Title
Oct 31 RSR on Geocentrism & Delano's Film: Pt 2
Oct 30 Theology Thursday: Jesus Schools the Scholars
Oct 29 2014 Drudge SHOCK REPORT (on BEL in 1996)
Oct 28 Planned Parenthood Is Having A Hystericalectomy
Oct 27 Bob Attends A Tremendously Confusing Conference
Oct 24 Geocentrism Rebuttal by Real Science Radio
Oct 23 Theology Thursday: Bible Humor
Oct 22 GordonForColorado.com
Oct 21 BEL Now Digging Beneath Planned Parenthood
Oct 20 Doug's First Assignment 17 Years Ago
Oct 17 RSR's List of Biological Material in Space
Oct 16 Theology Thursday: Fishers of Men
Oct 15 Rerun: Matt Wilder on Mormons on BEL
Oct 14 The Economics of Marrying Young
Oct 13 BEL's Superfluous List of "Christian Leaders" and "Conservatives" Going Gay
Oct 10 RSR Debates Alleged Eye Evolution Pt 3
Oct 9 Theology Thursday: The Bible is a History Book
Oct 8 Diggin' the concert, dreadin' the league
Oct 7 Bob to Speak to the League of Women Voters
Oct 6 Justice Roberts Strikes Again!
Oct 3 RSR Debates Alleged Eye Evolution Pt 2
Oct 2 Theology Thursday: The Divorce Alternative
Oct 1 Four Singers from NBC's The Voice In Denver!
September 2014
Date Title
Sep 30 Motherhood in Decline, Pot #1 Cash Crop
Sep 29 A Tale of Two Coreys
Sep 26 Problems with the Evolution of Vision Systems/Eyes
Sep 25 Theology Thursday: If You Were God...
Sep 24 Robyn McLean: I told him no more...
Sep 23 God Raqqa the Earth and Now We're Bombin' It
Sep 22 Chelsea’s Choice
Sep 19 RSR on the Origin of Trans-Neptunian Objects
Sep 18 Theology Thursday: Are You a Moral Anchor?
Sep 17 Denver Police Let Suspect's Loaded Gun Go Unmentioned
Sep 16 Antisemitism on the Rise: Never By Us
Sep 15 David Limbaugh’s Sermon
Sep 12 Finally, Behemoth Discovered! Plus a Genome Update.
Sep 11 Theology Thurday: Teaching Kids to Obey
Sep 10 Before You Die, 40 Things
Sep 9 I Love the Smell of Rain
Sep 8 Bob & Doug on Divorce, Insanity & Romney
Sep 5 Cal State Scientist Fired for Dino Photos, Now on RSR
Sep 4 Theology Thursday: Sour Grapes
Sep 3 Advice for Corey Gardner & an ISIS Strategy
Sep 2 New BEL Video Gets Reviewed at Examiner.com
Sep 1 Travon Clifton fighting to savethe1
August 2014
Date Title
Aug 29 Hear the BB Doubters List at 24:40 In
Aug 28 Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress on BEL
Aug 27 Rebecca Kiessling In Studio and On Target
Aug 26 Another Republican Judge Wanting to Lynch Christians
Aug 25 Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Marijuana
Aug 22 RSR: Europa, the Pig, and his Family
Aug 21 Theology Thursday: Tyrant Dad
Aug 20 Pawlik: Conceived in Rape, Pregnant by Rape
Aug 19 Paul Cameron & the Truth About Homos
Aug 18 A Biblical View of Ferguson, MO
Aug 15 Now Oil Goes On the List of Not So Old Things
Aug 14 Theology Thursday: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
Aug 13 Singer from NBC's The Voice on BEL
Aug 12 Don't say Robin Williams is in a Better Place
Aug 11 Cal Zastrow & Corrie in a Crash, Dec. 15, 2015
Aug 8 Intelligent Design & Discovery Institute Scientist Interviews
Aug 7 Theology Thursday: Crisis in the Church
Aug 6 BEL is Soaring in Discoverability
Aug 5 Which Is More Wicked: Israel or America?
Aug 4 The Beginning of the End?
Aug 1 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 7
July 2014
Date Title
Jul 31 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 6
Jul 30 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 5
Jul 29 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 4
Jul 28 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 3
Jul 25 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation Pt 2
Jul 24 Richard Holland: God, Time, and the Incarnation
Jul 23 Palestinians, Illegal Aliens & Republicans
Jul 22 James White vs. Bob Enyart: Closing Statements
Jul 21 James White Cross-Examines Bob Enyart
Jul 18 Sproul & White deny Incarnation after Bob's Brown Palace debate
Jul 17 Theology Thursday - Seven Stories of Communion
Jul 16 James White (and Arminians) vs. Bob Enyart: Cross Examination
Jul 15 James White vs. Bob Enyart: The Rebuttals
Jul 14 James White vs Bob Enyart on Open Theism on BEL
Jul 11 RSR's List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections Pt. 2
Jul 10 Theology Thursday: Do You Know the Bible?
Jul 9 Jo Scott And Guest Discuss Last Night's Debate
Jul 8 Jo Scott Sits in For Bob As He Prepares For The Debate Tonight With James White
Jul 7 Rerun: James White to Debate Bob Enyart on Open Theism
Jul 4 Stephen Meyer Rebutting Critics on RSR
Jul 3 Theology Thursday: You Say That You Believe?
Jul 2 BEL World Exclusive Interview with Juanita Broaddrick
Jul 1 Broaddrick friend Norma Rogers on BEL Pt 2
June 2014
Date Title
Jun 30 Juanita Broaddrick friend Norma Rogers on BEL
Jun 27 RSR's List of Shocked Evolutionists
Jun 26 Theology Thursday: Body & Soul Link
Jun 25 What Do Thorns Have To Do With It?
Jun 24 James White to Debate Bob Enyart on Open Theism
Jun 23 Leslie and Jo Cover while Bob is on other business
Jun 20 John Hartnett on Surface Brightness and the Expansion
Jun 19 Theology Thursday - Hats Required
Jun 18 BEL Welcomes OpenTheism.org to the Family
Jun 17 Hillary Clinton: Plague on Earth
Jun 16 Melinda Gates, O.J., Bill & Hillary
Jun 13 RSR: When Did Adam and Eve Sin?
Jun 12 Theology Thursday: Faith is Evidence
Jun 11 Bob Enyart on the True Political Spectrum
Jun 10 Liberal & Conservative Political Spectrum Claims
Jun 9 Canadian Graphic Arts Firm To the Rescue!
Jun 6 Real Science Radio Goes To Math Class
Jun 5 Theology Thursday: Daddy's Letter
Jun 4 Political Spectrum and More Darwin Is Dead Scientists
Jun 3 Love is Overrated
Jun 2 Christian Baker Forced to Marry Homosexual
May 2014
Date Title
May 30 Earth & Mercury's Decaying Magnetic Fields
May 29 Theology Thursday: Politically Incorrect
May 28 Iranian Guards Beat Pastor Abedini, again
May 27 Jason Jones & the Motion Picture “Persecuted”
May 26 God Wins Where “Natural Law” Fails
May 23 The Soft Tissue (i.e., Science) Deniers
May 22 Thou Doest Protest Too Much
May 21 ReRun: The High Price of Paganism
May 20 Matt Wilder of Adam's Road on Mormons
May 19 Getting to Know Mormons
May 16 Darwinism: The Universal Acid
May 15 What's in a Name?
May 14 Rerun: No, We Can't All Just Get Along
May 13 Rerun: Not Willing to Lose? You’re a Loser
May 12 Project FRONTLINES Coming to East High
May 9 RSR: Hitler and the NAZI Darwinian Worldview
May 8 How Many Christians Does it Take?
May 7 Pastor Clark Mad at Bob for Dobson Breaking Pledge to God
May 6 Return of the Eagle Eggs
May 5 Breaking: Leading Whale Fossils Faked
May 2 RSR Wound Up Over a Molecular Clock
May 1 Theology Thursday: The High Price of Paganism
April 2014
Date Title
Apr 30 Rerun: Earthquakes, the Bible & Suicide at D.U.(h)
Apr 29 Rerun: Chosen: It’s not Just A Reservoir in Korea!
Apr 28 Deviants, Dope & the Death Penalty
Apr 25 RSR's List of Missing Transititional Fossils
Apr 24 Theology Thursday: Blaming God for Columbine
Apr 23 Bob's Friend and Nat'l RTL Get Schooled
Apr 22 Cory Gardner Decreases, Chinese Christians Increase!
Apr 21 Bob & Doug LIVE on Judgment Day!
Apr 18 RSR: Eyewitnesses Not Needed for Execution
Apr 17 Theology Thursday: Die for a Lie?
Apr 16 Relative of Victims at Jewish Community Center on BEL
Apr 15 Anti-Personhood laws (and Other Hate Crimes)
Apr 14 On Tonight's Blood Moon and John Hagee
Apr 11 Creation Mag Headlines & Another Prediction Confirmed!
Apr 10 Theology Thursday: And This Shall Be No More
Apr 9 Regis Nursing Student Interviews Bob Enyart On Air
Apr 8 You mean food and water? Dick Lamm: Yes.
Apr 7 RSR Offers Bet to Governor; Neonatologist on Our Side
Apr 4 The Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!
Apr 3 Theology Thursday - Overpopulation
Apr 2 Earthquakes, the Bible & Suicide at D.U.(h)
Apr 1 National Atheists Day & Craig Silverman
March 2014
Date Title
Mar 31 The World Vision Fallout with Michael Brown
Mar 28 The Most Informative Neanderthal Show Ever!
Mar 27 Judging the Judges
Mar 26 World Vision Embraces Homosexuality; Mocks Christians
Mar 25 Republican History Lesson
Mar 24 Cory Gardner: Save Self, Sacrifice Child
Mar 21 RSR's 2014 BB Show
Mar 20 Theology Thursday: How to Tempt God
Mar 19 ASO Denver's Jonathan Sutherland Not Interviewed
Mar 18 Former Palestinian Terrorist Walid Shoebat on BEL
Mar 17 Just Leaving Homosexuals Alone Not That Easy!
Mar 14 Philosopher of Science Paul Nelson on Bird Flight
Mar 13 The Perfect Ten Commandments
Mar 12 Bible Thumper (Bob) Outpredicts Astrophysicist
Mar 11 Bob vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Mar 10 Another Pro-Choice Rapist: Dead
Mar 7 RSR: Schooling National Geographic on Camels
Mar 6 Theology Thursday: Numero Uno
Mar 5 Sportscaster Starr Yelland Tragedy Then and Now
Mar 4 Abolitionist Society of Denver
Mar 3 Complete Oscar Coverage & Today’s Headlines
February 2014
Date Title
Feb 28 RSR Listeners Weigh In On Creation Debate
Feb 27 Theology Thursday: To Tithe or Not to Tithe
Feb 26 After the Boy Scouts, Bob Learns of Trail Life USA
Feb 25 Chosen: It’s not Just A Reservoir in Korea!
Feb 24 Superstition, the Death Penalty & Just Good Radio
Feb 21 RSR's List of Creation Science Predictions
Feb 20 Theology Thursday: The Sixth Commandment
Feb 19 The Blackest and Bluest Sore in the World
Feb 18 Bob and Doug Together Again!
Feb 17 Why Bob, Paul, and Others Don't Like Collections
Feb 14 RSR Nye/Ham Debate Analysis Pt. 3
Feb 13 Theology Thursday: The Flesh
Feb 12 Bob & Gregg Jackson on the United Methodists
Feb 11 Abortion industry, but not hospital, covering for pedophiles
Feb 10 Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate RSR Analysis Pt. 2
Feb 7 RSR Analysis of the Bill Nye-Ken Ham Debate
Feb 6 Justice
Feb 5 3M Watch Nye/Ham Debate including Gordon
Feb 4 Bob Enyart Tries to Focus a Laser on the Bible
Feb 3 Ken Ham on RSR Prior to Bill Nye Debate
January 2014
Date Title
Jan 31 Asteroid Challenges Naturalism, Supports Walt Brown
Jan 30 When God Kills Kids
Jan 29 Obama & Pot Dealer Both Get Hammered
Jan 28 Christians “Manning” Up
Jan 27 Pro-abort Kathleen Draws Straws, Gets Bob
Jan 24 RSR's List of Not So Old Things
Jan 23 DBC Pulpit: On Faith
Jan 22 Pro-abort Fred Draws Straws, Gets Bob
Jan 21 NY Gov: Pro-lifers Not Welcomed
Jan 20 God’s Double Agent Part II
Jan 17 RSR: Another Terrific Creation Magazine Issue
Jan 16 Government
Jan 15 God’s Double Agent Part I
Jan 14 Happy Marriage, Happy Retirement
Jan 13 When Anything Goes…
Jan 10 Hundreds of Moms & Babies Survive Ectopic Pregnancy
Jan 9 What is a Family?
Jan 8 Revealed! Who Can Save America...
Jan 7 Satanists and the Freedom of God
Jan 6 Neonatologist on RSR about Jahi McMath
Jan 3 Deep Wells--Deep Time? 14c There Too!
Jan 2 The Real New Years
Jan 1 RSR: The Case Against Pot