BLM Activists Are Morons. #IncreaseThePolice

Autocomplete: School makes me... depressed, suicidal, anxious, cry, feel stupid, sick, sad, so stressedIf Black Lives Matter (aka Burn Loot Murder) activists are actually afraid of the police, they have an odd way of showing it. Today, D. Enyart echoes a few points from Matt Walsh about BLM before going on a beautiful rant against teachers in America and shares a few stories about his interaction in the public schools.

* Autocomplete School Makes Me: depressed, suicidal, anxious, cry, feel stupid, sick, sad, so stressed.

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Today's Resource: God's Principles of Government
Join Bob Enyart as he explores God's Principles of Government. From Against Democracy where we look at the biblical principles related to the idea of majority rule, to a Representative Republic and its similarities with democracy, to a real Alternative to Democracy, to what a Bible-based Constitution actually looks like, after this series, the Scriptures' principles of governance will permeate your thinking like never before! Or your money back. (Really.)