CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill Pt 1

* The Rocky Mountain News: announced today's debate on BEL between CRTL and WRTL.

* Hear part 2: next week.

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* Wyoming RTL President: Steven Ertelt, founder and editor of, defends NRTL's plan to address a problem of fetal pain by requiring abortionists to offer anesthesia for late-term abortion.

* Colorado RTL President: and Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough exposes NRTL's Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act as a violation of God's enduring command, Do Not Murder, since complying with its requirements then permits the killing of a late term baby. Also, Rohrbough shows that giving painkillers to the fetus will alleviate the concern of some mothers sufficiently enough to convince them to abort their babies.

YouTube comment shows that fetal pain regulations actually promote abortion

* Host Bob Enyart: sides with CRTL against NRTL and Republicans whose law would make even late-term abortion more "humane" and socially palatable, and might even keep such killings legal for decades, well after Roe v. Wade's eventual demise.

* Enyart & Rohrbough Break In: to the debate with comments taped immediately afterward, quoting directly from HR 6099 itself and from Ertelt's own editorial to refute his claims supporting this tragic proposal.

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