The God-Is-Now-Here Ministry, Part II - How to Prove God with One Word

Fred Williams and Daniel Hedrick continue revisiting the highly effective and no-holds-barred GodIsNowHere ministry that Daniel led for many years. Daniel recounts several of his many interesting encounters, including the tarot card lady that tried to have him arrested and the priceless aftermath, the time Daniel got on his hands and knees to worship someone, and other enthralling encounters! Daniel then shares one of his most effective witnessing tools with skeptics, which is "How to prove God with one word". Daniel reveals the word and how he uses it to show that the only possible conclusion is that there must be a Creator God.

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Note: We're lifting up Darla from Ohio in prayer. We pray that God is with her, and gives her peace, comfort, and wisdom. We're asking you to pray for her as well! More details to come on Monday's program. Godspeed.