RSR's 14c Everywhere Pt. 4

Diagram of a carbon atomNote: If you approve of Pastor Bob's 95 (covid) Theses as at please consider commenting on the LifeSiteNews article about Denver Bible Church's posting of these on their own church doors!

Bob and Fred have more fun than should be allowed in chemistry class! Real Science Radio's Enyart and Williams start with a statement on Carbon-14 that ALL physicists agree with, and then they address an observation, made ALL over the earth, that most physicists really would rather not think about. (For our full written show summary see The guys talk about predictions regarding carbon 14 and other predictions regarding the ongoing Mars exploration. And they announce two new RSR videos, one of a strange object seen on the Martian landscape (well, just kiddin', but it's fun!) and the other answering the question, What is the Firmament of Day 2 in Genesis? Finally, the guys announce a special guest and a special program next week to conclude this series!

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