CRTL & WRTL Debate Fetal Pain Bill - Pt. 3

Today, on Bob Enyart Live, we’re giving a telethon update and continuing our debate series with Wyoming Right to Life about abortion. They, along with most pro-lifers in America, believe we should be fighting for laws which compromise on the abortion issue. They will fight tooth and nail to get laws on the books that end with, “and then you can kill the baby.” All of that and more, today on Bob Enyart Live.

 * The Problem of Pain: The debate concludes between Colorado Right to Life and Wyoming Right to Life over the terrible unintended consequences of "pro-life" HR 6099 which would actually encourage some women to have abortions by offering fetal pain killer for late-term abortions.
 * Joe from New York: thanked CRTL's Brian Rohrbough for opposing Nat'l Right to Life's harmful legislation, and he pointed out that when Christians compromise on God's command, Do not murder, you enter a world where nothing makes sense, and everything is twisted and wrong.
 * Steven Ertelt: would not admit that if Roe v. Wade were overturned tomorrow, that various "pro-life" abortion restriction laws, such as informed consent and 24-hour waiting periods, would actually keep abortion legal, and pro-lifers would then have to repeal our own laws in order to stop abortion.
Today's Resource: Please consider watching Focus on the Strategy, and sharing this DVD with a friend, or putting it in your church library! So, strap on a seatbelt and start up the DVD player!

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