Cuomo, MeToo History, and Not the Brightest Audience Member

(Update: One week after this broadcast, Cuomo announced his resignation.) Enyart first gives a thumbnail sketch of pre- and post- MeToo and then shares Bob Unruh's article on the 168-page report from the New York attorney general corroborating accusations against Governor Andrew Cuomo of a sexual assault and extensive sexual harassment. The MeToo movement is the most significant positive moral movement in America since the rescue movement with its 60,000 non-violent civil disobedience arrests in attempts to save children from being dismembered by abortionists. Bill & Hillary announced open season on women, all of whom could be sexually harassed and even sexually assaulted by powerful men in government, entertainment, academia, and industry. That came to a screeching halt in 2017 thanks to the #MeToo movement that burst open when a few courageous women went after one of Hollywood's most revered producers. But then, after taking down scores of big-name progressives across all walks of life, the women protected by the MeToo movement were stabbed in the back by those determined to destroy the worthiness of Tara Reade, office staffer for former Senator Joe Biden.