Did the Filth of these Six US Women's Basketball Players Enter God's Mind?

Update: Cuomo Resigns! Now New York Sure To Get Even Worse Governor.

What things never entered God's mind? How about that half of the US Women's Basketball team would put in their biographies that they are lesbians who are married, engaged, or otherwise in a relationship to other women. Perverts. Sins like stealing, adultery, perjury, murdering one's neighbor, those that are prohibited in the Ten Commandments, certainly entered God's mind as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were planning the creation and developing the contingency plans for how God would respond if mankind rebelled and what He would do given the kinds of sins mankind would commit. But the Bible lists one sin that is so very horrific that God said that it never even entered His mind, that men would do such a thing. See this at opentheism.org/vv#category-6. So, that in a fallen world men might begin acting like pigs and dogs and forsake the natural use of the woman and burn in their lust male for male, draining the cup of filth to its dregs, that was a practice that, very likely, God thought through as a possibility. But that men would commit one particular sin (so much worse than even homosexuality) isomething we read about in Jeremiah, is presented in Category 6.

Today's Resource: Predestination & Free Will Seminar
Predestination%20%26%20Free%20Will%20set%20.jpg__06743.1412612118.pngSo much is at stake when people consider predestination and free will. Strong emotions often surface with a discussion of this topic. That passion points to our critical need to understand the truth regarding whether or not God has predetermined who will go to heaven and who will go to hell.

Also, the question of whether or not God has planned out each person’s life affects us. Does God have a plan for your life? Does a blueprint exist for your future? Did God predetermine whether or not you would get married, and to whom? Did God plan whether you would be wealthy or poor, happy or sad? If God does plan your life, does He do so in minute detail or in general themes? If God has a plan for your life, are you able to alter that plan? This topic directly influences people concerning how they live their lives. As Christians, we must seek God to accurately portray the LORD to others. For any misrepresentation of God will dishonor Him and perhaps bring harm to those misled.

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