2016 Archive

December 2016
Date Title
Dec 30 Kevin Lea Answers the "Geometry Problem" Hydroplate Objection
Dec 29 ThThurs: Book of Ezra Pt. 1
Dec 28 Woe! What's Doug McBurney's Show Doing on BEL?
Dec 27 George Michael Breaks With Jesus Deniers
Dec 23 RSR: The Star of Bethlehem
Dec 22 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 10
Dec 21 Recording of Bob Enyart and Jehovah's Witnesses Pt 3
Dec 20 Recording of Bob Enyart and Jehovah's Witnesses Pt 2
Dec 19 Secret Recording of Bob Enyart talking to Jehovah's Witnesses
Dec 16 RSR Shares Jonathan Sarfati's Editorial Pt. 2
Dec 15 ThThurs: Acts of the Apostles Pt 9
Dec 14 Bob Interacts at Forbes.com with Adam Smith Institute's Tim Worstall
Dec 13 'Tis the Season to Not Always Give
Dec 12 Venezuela's Collapse: Overview
Dec 9 RSR Shares Jonathan Sarfati's Editorial
Dec 8 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 8
Dec 7 Bob Enyart's Just Another News Reader
Dec 6 Hi, Alaska Calling. Isn't BEL Wrong on Obamacare?
Dec 5 Minarets Broadcasting Alex Jones!
Dec 2 Benjamin Dancer Scares the Daylights Out of RSR
Dec 1 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 7
November 2016
Date Title
Nov 30 Two Years Later, Check Out a Classic RSR Show!
Nov 29 RSR's 2016 BB Show
Nov 28 Feel the Hate
Nov 25 Deep Magma Can't Rise but Sinks: The Crossover Depth!
Nov 24 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 6
Nov 23 Something's Brewing in Mike Pence' Indiana
Nov 22 Donald Trump Promises to Break Campaign Promises
Nov 21 Top Five Who Got Trump Elected
Nov 18 RSR's The Wasp Show
Nov 17 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 5
Nov 16 Amazing Ongoing Targeted Antibodies Cancer Trials
Nov 15 CRISPR Gene Editing Tested in a Human Being
Nov 14 Earthquake lights, a cooling earth, lethal drugs, & Trump's 60 Seconds
Nov 11 Geologist and Tour Guide Dave Nutting on RSR
Nov 10 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 4
Nov 9 Forecast: Buyer's Remorse
Nov 8 Reading the Denver Post on a Slow News Day
Nov 7 "No matter who you vote for, you're doomed. Doomed I tell you. DOOMED!"
Nov 4 RSR: Human 2 Is Not 2 Fused Chimp Chromosomes
Nov 3 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 3
Nov 2 Bob & Doug Knock Curt Schilling Fastballs Over Fence
Nov 1 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Vote
October 2016
Date Title
Oct 31 WikiLeaks Verses and God Versus Donald Trump
Oct 28 RSR's List of Problems with "Lucy" as an Upright Walker
Oct 27 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 2
Oct 26 2016 Voters' Guide BEL Style
Oct 25 Dr. Vecchio: No on Single Payer Amendment 69
Oct 24 Nicer than the Hillary's Fear
Oct 21 Glacier National Park: Geology of Catastrophism
Oct 20 ThThur: Acts of the Apostles Pt 1
Oct 19 Nicer than an STD...
Oct 18 Nicer than a Telemarketer, than God, than...
Oct 17 Launched: National Hunt for Bill Clinton's DNA
Oct 14 First airing of our magma? program. (See the 2019 update!)
Oct 13 Theology Thursday: Revelation Pt. 3
Oct 12 Dan Caplis: Guess Which Bodily Organ Isn't Mature Until...
Oct 11 Google Dehumanizing Blacks
Oct 10 I Can't Believe I Watched the Whole Thing
Oct 7 MRI Inventor Damadian's Neurodegenerative Breakthrough
Oct 6 Theology Thursday: Revelation Pt. 2
Oct 5 Karner, the 1941 Film I Accuse, and No on 106
Oct 4 Danney Chelseas-Bro-Williams-Blythe-Clinton
Oct 3 Bill Clinton's DNA and the Infamous Public Toilet
September 2016
Date Title
Sep 30 Pat Roy of Jonathan Park Fame now with Genesis Apologetics
Sep 29 Theology Thursday: Revelation Pt. 1
Sep 28 A Warning from Loretta Lynch to Angel's Deliverance
Sep 27 Last Night's Poets for Change Event
Sep 26 Bob & Doug Preview Monday Night's BIG Event!
Sep 23 RSR's List of the Fathers of Science Pt. 3
Sep 22 Theology Thursday: 1 Thessalonians Pt. 2
Sep 21 The Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio
Sep 20 "Will You Support the Eventual Nominee?" or Christ?
Sep 19 Trannies vs Terrorists
Sep 16 RSR's List of the Fathers of Science Pt. 2
Sep 15 Theology Thursday: 1st Thessalonians Pt 1
Sep 14 The Parable of the Colon Polyp
Sep 13 BEL's Doctrine Of Popularity for Evolutionists
Sep 12 Unconfirmed: ABC Journalism and Camel-Swallowing Credentials
Sep 9 RSR's List of Creationist Fathers of the Physical Sciences
Sep 8 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 3
Sep 7 Another ISIS Military Commander Trained by U.S. State Dept
Sep 6 Simpsons Back on BEL for Yet Another Election
Sep 2 Summer 2016 Creation Magazine Headlines on RSR!
Sep 1 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 2
August 2016
Date Title
Aug 31 Automating the Trucking Industry
Aug 30 Bob Enyart Live Is Moderate
Aug 29 Huma-liation
Aug 26 Doug Axe on RSR on his Historic Discovery of Protein Structure
Aug 25 Theology Thursday: 1 Corinthians Pt. 1
Aug 24 Baptist Ethicist to Anti-Gays: You Have Been Warned!
Aug 23 88% of Egypt's Muslims Support Death for Leaving Islam
Aug 22 Huma Abedin's Muslim Journal Blames U.S. for 9/11
Aug 19 Patrick Henry College Geology Prof. David Lee on RSR
Aug 18 Theology Thursday: 1 Samuel Pt. 3
Aug 17 Caller Ted from Florida Doesn't Believe in Hell
Aug 16 BEL Headline News: You Report, We Decide
Aug 15 Official Lawlessness
Aug 12 Ray Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSR
Aug 11 Theology Thursday: 1 Samuel Pt. 2
Aug 9 Rusty Thomas of OR/OSA on Judge Roy Moore
Aug 8 The Judge On Trial: Roy Moore
Aug 5 Albright's Flood Model Controversy Pt 3: VCT, CPT, & HPT
Aug 4 Theology Thursday: 1 Samuel Pt. 1
Aug 3 Parable of the Madmen Sean Penn & Mel Gibson
Aug 2 Beware Ann Arbor's Victory Inn!
Aug 1 Why Dems and Muslims Rape Women and The View Doesn't Care
July 2016
Date Title
Jul 29 CPT - Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (Albright's Flood Models Controversy Series Pt 2)
Jul 28 Theology Thursday: Gospel of John Overview Pt. 3
Jul 27 Avi Lipkin/Victor Mordecai on Israel's Wall
Jul 26 HeavenFest V.P. Sterling Copeland on BEL
Jul 25 The "Link" to Terror is the "Justification"
Jul 22 Vapor Canopy and the Hydroplate Theory (Albright's Flood Models Controversy Series)
Jul 21 Theology Thursday: Gospel of John Overview Pt. 2
Jul 20 Prof. Charles Rice on BEL a Decade Ago
Jul 19 Headline News BEL Style
Jul 18 The Sheriff vs The Radicals
Jul 15 Hey Brian Thomas, "Why Is Carbon 14 everywhere it shouldn't be?"
Jul 14 Theology Thursday: Gospel Of John Overview Pt. 1
Jul 13 Gross Guy Targeting Women in Dressing Rooms
Jul 12 Cause of Death? Coroners Often Ignore Suicide by Cop
Jul 11 Rules of Engagement Find Their Own Level
Jul 8 Brian Thomas: Two Bird Wings in Amber Means...
Jul 7 Theology Thursday: Solomon's Wisdom
Jul 6 Life & Death in America
Jul 5 Another Family Detonation
Jul 1 Molecular Biologist Kevin Anderson on iDino and Target Antibodies
June 2016
Date Title
Jun 30 Theology Thursday: What We're Facing Pt. 2
Jun 29 Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy III
Jun 28 Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy II
Jun 27 Audio Track of Focus on the Strategy I
Jun 24 West Virginia's Best-Known Enemy of Evolution on RSR
Jun 23 Theology Thursday: What We're Facing Pt. 1
Jun 22 Judah from Southern California Asks Bob & Doug...
Jun 21 Mississippi Mom Makes Our Day
Jun 20 The Legendary Creationist Dave Nutting on RSR!
Jun 17 RSR on Facebook Bias, the Gorilla, and the Cancer Care Revolution
Jun 16 Rerun: DBC Statement of Faith Pt. 2
Jun 15 The Ballad of Hillary & Vlad
Jun 14 "Conservatives" Exploit Slaughter to Normalize Homosexuality
Jun 13 Orlando's Muslim Terrorist and What To Do
Jun 10 What's a Molecular Biologist Like Kevin Anderson Doing Studying Dinosaur Bones?
Jun 9 Theology Thursday: DBC Statement of Faith Pt. 2
Jun 8 Kevin Anderson, Dino Soft Tissue Hunter & Molecular Biologist on RSR
Jun 7 Vote Gordon Klingenschmitt for Colorado State Senate!
Jun 6 Janet Huckabee Responds to Doug McBurney
Jun 3 The Multiverse is a Yardstick to Measure the Strength of the Fine-Tuning Argument
Jun 2 Theology Thursday: DBC Statement of Faith
Jun 1 Reasons #1061, 1062, 1063, & 1064 from Bob and Doug
May 2016
Date Title
May 31 Spanking: If it Saves Just One Gorilla, it's Worth it
May 30 Rerun: BEL Explains Targeted Antibody Cancer Treatment Revolution
May 27 Apologist Frank Turek on Real Science Radio
May 26 Theology Thursday: The Bible's 360 Day Year
May 25 DNA of Dopes: How pot causes mutations and cancer
May 24 BEL YouTube Channel Growing: Bob Airs Some of Our #1 Video
May 23 BEL is the Sole Source of Regular Updates on the Targeted Antibodies Cancer Treatment Revolution
May 20 Multiplied Claims that Things Evolved Multiple Times Destroy Darwin's Tree
May 19 Theology Thursday: Discipline
May 18 Personhood, Justice, Insanity & Pot
May 17 Denver Post Runs Prostitution Advertisement
May 16 9News revisionism on Baby Aurora by Anastasiya Bolton
May 13 Hydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer Pt 2
May 12 Theology Thursday: DBC Predictions
May 11 The Republic & the Russian Front
May 10 Pro-aborts protest moms & children conceived in rape
May 9 Facebook Rejects Conservative Pastor's Drivers License as Valid Form of ID
May 6 Bryan Nickel Hydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer on RSR
May 5 Theology Thursday: From Abel to Noah
May 4 The First Three Lessons of Trump: KGOV Style
May 3 Bob Calls into Kelley & Kafer Opposing Equal Pay for Equal Work
May 2 Tonight! Climate Hustle at a Theater Near You
April 2016
Date Title
Apr 29 RSR's Report on the 50th Anniversary of the Wistar Conference
Apr 28 Theology Thursday: Death Penalty at the Heart of the Gospel
Apr 27 Two Lessons from Republicans Apoplectic over Trump
Apr 26 RSR's List of Shocked Evolutionists
Apr 25 Boulder Public School Staffer Exposes Queer Stuff to BEL
Apr 22 RSR Explains Targeted Antibodies
Apr 21 Theology Thursday: One Life, One Chance
Apr 20 CRISPR Gene Editing Life Saver and Ghoulish Threat
Apr 19 Indy NBC News Reporter Stumbles onto the Truth about the Mike Pence Abortion Regulation
Apr 18 Pirated movies, songs, software, and now 48 million science papers
Apr 15 American College of Pediatricians on RSR
Apr 14 Theology Thursday: Thou Shall Not Murder - Sandy Hook
Apr 13 Bob Challenges Other Denver Radio Hosts On Equal Pay
Apr 12 Drunk Canadian Gal Tries to Call Bob Enyart Live
Apr 11 El presidente prohíbe secadores eléctricos
Apr 8 Spring 2016 Creation Mag Headlines Pt 2
Apr 7 Theology Thursday: Hebrews Verse by Verse
Apr 6 Put in the Position of Defendin' Palin
Apr 5 The N Double A Double A, Pot, Debt, and the Enabler in Chief
Apr 4 Hillary Confesses Personhood!
Apr 1 More Polish Kids Surviving Cerebral Palsy: RSR Knows Why
March 2016
Date Title
Mar 31 Theology Thursday: Meeting the One that Made the Moon
Mar 30 The Virgin Mary is Not in the BEL Studio
Mar 29 Rumors, Allegations & Sure Things
Mar 28 Private Email Server Granted Immunity; Avoids Jail Time
Mar 25 Rerun: Creation Magazine Headlines
Mar 24 Theology Thursday: Palm Sunday 2016
Mar 23 The Trouble with Hillary
Mar 22 Terror, Abuse & Prison
Mar 21 Two Angry Men
Mar 18 Spring 2016 Creation Magazine Headlines on RSR!
Mar 17 List of Doubts that Christians Have
Mar 16 Shaming the Pop Culture
Mar 15 Breitbart's Insufficient Warning About Homosexuals
Mar 14 AHA's T. Russell Hunter on Oklahoma's Heroic Fight
Mar 11 RSR's List of the TEs of the Solar System Pt 2
Mar 10 Theology Thursday: Exercising Your Senses
Mar 9 The Homeless & the Beast
Mar 8 Breath of Life Haiti
Mar 7 Hillary, Trump & Other Social Diseases
Mar 4 List of the Transient Events in the Solar System (TESS)
Mar 3 Theology Thursday: Back to Basics Evangelism
Mar 2 Pastor on BEL: Stop Forgiving (so much!)
Mar 1 BEL Collecting Restraining Orders; One for Eagle Forum?
February 2016
Date Title
Feb 29 CPAC Legend on BEL: Now CPAC Going Gay
Feb 26 The Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio Pt 2
Feb 25 Theology Thursday: What is a Legalist?
Feb 24 CRTL's Lobbyist in Studio to Explain the Caucus Process
Feb 23 Janet Folger Porter: Ohio RTL has become Ohio Right To Regulate
Feb 22 A Cure for Cancer and another for Cyberstalking
Feb 19 The Inventor of the MRI on Real Science Radio
Feb 18 Theology Thursday: The Hidden Truth
Feb 17 Autopsies Released for Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik
Feb 16 What should Bob share with Deepak Chopra?
Feb 15 Mr. Scalia, Meet Jesus Christ
Feb 12 Dr. Spencer Answers HPT Objections Pt. 2
Feb 11 Theology Thursday: Answering Dishonest Questions
Feb 10 Dealing with Bad Memories, High School, and Worshipping the Dead
Feb 9 Jeb In His Sweet Spot, His Bloody Red Sweet Spot
Feb 8 Teens Condemn Not Recycling But Not Porn
Feb 5 Dr. Josh Spencer Answers HPT Objections
Feb 4 Theology Thursday: Our Enemies Vanquished
Feb 3 Cruz Signed Pledge But Now Opposes Personhood Laws
Feb 2 The 50th Anniversary of the Untold Story
Feb 1 Suicide by Democracy
January 2016
Date Title
Jan 29 RSR Kicks Back with some Science News
Jan 28 Theology Thursday: Nicodemus Comes to Jesus
Jan 27 Presidential Candidate Tom Hoefling on BEL
Jan 26 BEL's New Spiritual Advisor: Broncos Defensive End Antonio Smith
Jan 25 The Definitive Ted Cruz Broadcast
Jan 22 crev.info headlines on RSR with David Coppedge
Jan 21 Theology Thursday - The Plot Boys
Jan 20 Back In Time!
Jan 19 Coral Island Adventures on BEL
Jan 18 Doug's Happy MLK Day Show!
Jan 15 The 360 Day Year on RSR Pt. 3
Jan 14 Theology Thursday: Jethro's Great Advice
Jan 13 Hey GOP, You're Getting Warm, Warmer, and...
Jan 12 Mom of Saved Baby Dies, Jo Scott Tells Bob
Jan 11 Advice for Bowie Fans, Hillary & the NFL
Jan 8 The 360-Day Year on RSR Pt. 2
Jan 7 Theology Thursday: Was Jonah Predestined to Disobey?
Jan 6 Why Dems and Muslims Rape Women and The View Doesn't Care
Jan 5 Bob & Doug Question Obama's Faith
Jan 1 The 360-Day Year on Real Science Radio